Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Well, Sloan Elizabeth Bashinsky, do ya think Heaven knows what it has gotten itself into?

Facebook chat initiated by a friend of my niece, Sloan Elizabeth Bashinsky, who recently relocated to Heaven.

Sloan knew it was Heaven. She told me she couldn’t wait to be in the arms of her mother and hug her. She told me her dad was there. And she gave me that smirk and said “I know, right”. But we had already had a few convos about her accepting him. And she was good. And dare I say even looking forward to seeing him. She found herself healed from those wounds I think. The one great gift she gave me was acceptance. And I do. On Wednesday night I spent a good four hours with her and told her I was going to hug her again soon. She said yes. But not really. Not real soon. But in the end it will only feel like 45 minutes ya know? I probably looked at her a little wistfully or sad. And said no, I’ll be in Auburn soon. (My family lives there). But then I said yes I know. We were very honest and frank with each other. And then she made me a personal promise that would be her job from heaven for me. 
I won’t forget it. Even if something like that never happens. It was the most best intentioned thing that she knew I needed. Always thinking of others. And yes, Uncle Sloan, she spoke of you often. And loves you so. You and her mom. And her stepdad. But, I know who you are. I wanted you to know that. 
Thanks, Stephanie. Sloan's in the arms of God, too. Angels are singing. I wonder if they know what they have gotten themselves in to?

Lol. Oh I’m sure they are “knowing”. But also definitely not
And I know she is there. I have no doubt. She loved with a fierceness and loyalty without judgements like no other.

Unless you were a snobby shithead asshole or did something really wrong to someone she loves

glad you added the last part, otherwise, I would have had to correct you 

I just feel compelled to reach out to a few who she talked a lot about super recently
We’ve both had loss in our lives. And dealt with jerks from time to time. So she would always ask me how I felt about something and then compare it to how she felt
Our bond was truth without pretension. Although I was much more high maintenance outwardly than her. She got a kick out of it. Made fun. Im not the kind that would get my feelings hurt over being picked on. She liked that. And dry sarcasm. We had that. And definitely same taste in live music and shows.
Filled our souls

do you have a favorite photo of just her you can send me? I want use it in my blog post going up late today in a little while.

Queen VID
Very Important Duchess
That was our “thing”
How we always signed off to each other


Rest in peace? Sloan Elizabeth Bashinsky is regaling, entertaining, challenging and blessing Heaven

It is beautiful. Thank you for sharing that with me. 
I appreciate it
Gah. What a stinker. I sure do love her

Perhaps we should pray for Heaven - a unicorn has landed there.

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