Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Perhaps we should pray for heaven - a unicorn has landed there, Sloan Elizabeth Bashinsky

The Sloan Elizabeth Bashinsky posts at my blog are getting far more page views than anything else I posted there.

Sloan Elizabeth Bashinsky: What a life-loving, fun, often hilarious, unabashedly straight-shooting, wry, beautiful, authentic human being

a beautiful, hilarious, irreverent, salty angel went home yesterday, we knew her as Sloan Elizabeth Bashinsky

Rest in peace? Sloan Elizabeth Bashinsky is regaling, entertaining, challenging and blessing Heaven

Well, Sloan Elizabeth Bashinsky, do ya think Heaven knows what it has gotten itself into?

A Key West friend responded to the last of those posts:

Sloan, I am so sorry. Tears in my eyes, even through the most upbeat gloss you could put on this tragedy.

I replied:

4 posts, progressed from down to up beat; I didn't do that when my son died; Sloan Elizabeth like daughter to me; hope I don't bury any more of my children.

Sloan Elizabeth's memorial service 2 p.m. tomorrow, invitation only, due to covid, is in the Episcopal church my mother joined when I was maybe 11. Will be livestreamed.


My mother took her children with her and caught living hell from her Baptist parents and their minister, who also was my Bashinsky grandparents' minister. My grandfathers were deacons in that church, in which my mother and father had grown up. 

St. Luke's was a small, new church, started in an old farm house by a young Episcopal priest. His church grew rapidly. And kept growing. To another location, then to the present location. I wrote about Lee Graham in "He Was a Parish Priest" chapter of A FEW REMARKABLE ALABAMA PEOPLE I HAVE KNOWN: 

As you know, few things I get involved in go "normal". I have no coat and tie to wear. Just blue jeans, polo shirt, sweat shirt, wind jacket, sports shoes. That's as far as I've gotten with it.

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