Thursday, December 24, 2020

Facebook is where future archeologists, social workers, mental health practitioners, historians will spend a lot of time trying to understand what in the hell went wrong?!?!

Stumbled across this Facebook Christmas Eve cheer:

Wow just got blocked by someone for disagreeing with them over wearing masks. Wasn't rude or mean just disagreed.

He was just trying to tell you that that orange mask you're wearing is not working for you in a fashion sense

it was a she

well that makes even more sense

Larry hear in lies the problem... everyone just gets mad at each other... no one wants to have a real conversation about what’s bothering everyone... doesn’t matter who you backed.

i once got dropped from a Hot Tuna page for saying that Jerry Garcia was a heroin addict

Sad, but it is happening all too often. Some people are way too polarized by what has happened the past 4 yrs, and the past year especially as the rhetoric has escalated. Hugs!

Fuck ‘em. It’s only Facebook. Not real life.

New world order!!!

There was a time when people gathered for town meetings without the influence of politicians.... it’s where town hall meetings came from... once a consensus was achieved... then they invited their politicians

Sloan Bashinsky
You are pro or against masks, Larry?

I am a devout mask wearer

Sloan Bashinsky
Based on what I see on Facebook, about half of Americans view having to wear facemasks as violation of their Constitutional and God-given rights. I view such people as bioterrorists, if they don't wear masks in crowded places. I wear a mask when I go places indoors. Where I live, that is required and enforced, including Walmart, Home Depot, grocery and drug stores, doctor offices, hospitals, banks, church funerals, etc. 
Am not impressed with Joe Biden or the scientists' coronavirus acumen, however. I take zinc and quercetin daily, to make my body inhospitable to coronavirus, in this way. Quercetin transports zinc into body cells, and coronavirus cannot replicate in zinc environment. (Hydroxychloroquine also transports zinc into body cells, but requires a prescription and FDA does not allow prescribing hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus.) For months, I have taken 25 mg zinc daily, and 500 mg quercetin every other day. If I start having symptoms of coronavirus, I will go to 225 mg zinc and 1000 mg coronavirus a day, until symptoms abate. I will do this to save me from having to rely on doctors, hospitals, ventilators, starring in M*A*S*H reruns, and having permanent lung, heart, other organ damage. Someone just starting this protocol should take the higher (saturation) dosage for one week, then go to the maintenance dosage, and go back to the saturation dosage if symptoms appear. If all Americans do that, the country can safely reopen. I found on Facebook that most blues and most reds were not open to using zinc and quercetin together. Most could could not grasp how the two work together, that coronavirus does not like zinc. I have over 1,500 FB friends. I think maybe I sent maybe 50 friend requests that were accepted. The rest sent me friend requests, which I accepted. I came to see that most people who send me friend requests do not seem to know much, if anything, about me. I have found that some of them do not care much for my views, and I wonder why they even sent me friend requests.

I didn't get blocked but I was asked my opinion on a post yesterday because it was from an Australia news source. I was about to go to bed so I did a quick google and of course it's a Murdoch outlet and I did a little more digging. I said I wouldn't trust the source. He said no it was NPR. I checked and NPR did debunk the story in May. I was never rude because I couldn't really tell that he was a Trumper actually and it had been civil and I said please send me a link. It went very very quiet like he was hunting wabbits. You mean it took me four years to learn that I should have just asked for a link to shut them the hell up!

Sloan Bashinsky
I read somewhere that Gloria Steinem said, "The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off." Looks to me that Facebook posts and discussions is where future archeologists, social workers, mental health practitioners, historians will spend a lot of time trying to understand what in the hell went wrong?!?! Y
ears ago I stopped saying "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance, because it didn't look to me that America was under God, and now I will not say "one nation, indivisible", because America is fractured into two large and many smaller shards.

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