Monday, December 28, 2020

cosmic joke: $600 per American Covid relief bill

Facebook retorts to the cosmic joke: $600 per American Covid relief bill.

If you have seen where 75% of the money is going you need to look, $250/million to Palestinian economic aid. $500 million to Israeli defense, $10 million to gender studies in Pakistan, $1.3 BILLION to Egypt for military aid!!  $25 M. to the Smithsonian Institute to big a new museum..  Come on guys,  The list is 5,500 pages LONG with one page giving the American people $600.  Turn off ABC< NBC< CBS<CNN< All of them Watch the news from other countries, they are laughing at us!  They call it "The Covid Relief Bill" Congress is giving our $ away. This is not Blue or Red. Stand up as an American!

Stupid shit like this, is why I literally laugh right back in the face of every person ever who mocks me for voting Libertarian.

Right wing and left wing = same damned money hoarding bird

A Charlie Brown Xmas  sticker

And yet so many are still in denial.

The Covid relief bill was tagged upon the Omnibus spending bill not the reverse.
You need to understand what you’re talking about. Basically there was an end-of-the-year bill that the Covid relief was tagged on to not the other way around.

And he signed it today

Sloan Bashinsky
What does it matter, what the massive spending bill is called, or what was tagged onto what? America’s money needs to take care of suffering American people in these distressed times. They should be helped first, given everything they need. Cut, or scrap, everything else, including Congress and President Trump and VP Pence and Biden and Harris for not demanding it. 

Sloan Bashinsky
Turn off FOX, too.

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