Friday, December 18, 2020

the most exquisite, perfect poem, ever: Is a stark soulscape less so with the eyes of Monet?

Yesterday, an Alabama amiga said she saw something I had posted online that she did not understand. I replied that I write in plain English, and there is nothing not to understand, but I hear that a lot, and so I wonder if those people do not believe me? Or, if they are like what I read once: that when the sailing ships first showed up in the Americas, the native people had no frame of reference and did not see the ships?

I told my amiga of sitting one pretty April day on my side porch in Colorado with my wife, her son and a friend of ours. My wife and the friend were clinical social workers. I happened to look up and saw white, oblong space ship parked beside a cloud maybe a mile and a half up. I told them what I was looking at, and to look up. "Yeah, right, Sloan," said my wife and our friend. I told them again to look up at the space ship. "Yeah, right, Sloan." The  space ship darted behind the cloud. I reported that. "Yeah, right, Sloan." Then, the cloud started being stretched across the sky like a super wide vapor trail. I reported that and told them to look at it. "Yeah, right, Sloan." 

My amiga asked, they didn't look up? No, I said. And, that night, my stepson came to me alone and asked if I had really seen a space ship? I asked him if he had ever known me to make something like that up? He said, No. I said he didn't look up, because of what his mother and our friend my think and say. Yes, he said. I told him that had happened for him. I already knew ETs were around, and I bet the next time I tell him to look at a space ship, he will look up. Yes, he said. There was no next time while I was trying to help raise him.

I said, my wife and our friend knew I was not joking. They didn't look up, because they didn't want to see a space ship. Really?, my Alabama friend asked. Really, I said. She said she would have looked up. 

I stopped shooting off my mouth and went to my Facebook page and found this below and read it to my amiga:

All want the security of the well fed pig.
Horror at the baseness unrecognized.
A lifetime spent in shirt stuffing.
And pen comparison.
Is truth more palatable when honeyed?
Is a stark soulscape less so with the eyes of Monet?
May my affectations always be known and understood.

I asked my amiga if that was what she had not understood on my Facebook page? Yes, she said. I wondered how anyone near my age, or a lot younger, could not understand that poem? I remembered when I did not understand poetry, a foreign language my brain did not recognize. 

I said the poem is the most exquisite, perfect poem ever written. So compact, only a few words, telling so much. The poet hopes she will always be plainly understood. I said the poet lives in south  Alabama. She told me that she was really angry about America's war policy when she wrote the poem.

I said the poem could refer to Donald Trump, sticking out his chest and boasting his dick is bigger and better than anyone else's. Does the truth about him have to be dripped in honey to be accepted and appreciated? Is a stark soul like his made less stark by having the eyes of the French artist, Monet?

My amiga said she did not vote for Trump in 2016, she voted for America, when she voted Republican. I said she voted for Trump. No, she said, she voted for America. I said, in God's eyes, she voted for Trump. She said she could not vote Democrat and destroy America.

A Florida Keys Democrat amigo responded to yesterday's One nation, under God? post at this blog, in which I was not honeyed with some Trump supporters on Facebook:

Anyone who believes in trump is ignorant and a Satanist !!!

I replied:

My recollection is, in the Bible, God told Moses he was Moses' God and to have no other gods before him nor any graven images. I see Democrats worshipping Joe Biden.

I very reluctantly voted for Joe Biden. I hope I didn't create a lot of bad karma for me. I don't think Biden will, or even has the ability, to save America. But I hope my daughters and their husbands and children will be safer with Biden in the White House.

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