Friday, December 4, 2020

Key West: national proxy for Heaven's covid waiting room?

Two days ago, a good friend in Key West told me that 5-term city mayor, now county commissioner Craig Cates, his wife, Cheryl, and one of their daughters, native Conchs, born and raised in Key West, came down with Covid 19 and were helicoptered to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, because they were too sick to be taken care of by the Key West hospital on Stock Island. Cheryl died. Craig was on a ventilator, then he was doing better and was taken off the ventilator, and then he relapsed. Their daughter is on a heart and lung machine and is looking at a long, rough recovery, if she survives. Craig was for businesses staying open and he did not care for facemasks. I said that's an anomaly, one family, especially that family, being hit that hard by the coronavirus. 

I wondered what was the meaning?

I called my Key West friend this morning. He said the situation with Craig and his daughter was unchanged. I wondered out loud if the Cates were not given the same medical treatment President Trump and his family received after they tested positive? Did the Cates wait too long before seeking medical treatment?

I did some things and then took a nap and woke up with extreme shortness of breath, it was frightening. I wondered if I had caught Covid-19? My breathing recovered, I felt alright. After a while, I wondered if the shortness of breath was a message from Above? Due to its great racial, ethic and international diversity, and being a popular tourist destination, I had long viewed Key West as a proxy for all of America.

Two Facebook Covid-19 posts, under which I was commenting today:

🌞’Y’all Come on Down now . . . Ya hear!’🌞

He called Florida "heavens waiting room"...he's filling it nicely.

5-term mayor, now county commissioner Craig Cates, his wife and their youngest daughter were helicoptered to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami with COVID-19. Cheryl died, Craig went on ventilator, came off it, relapsed, their daughter on heart and lung machine. Heaven’s waiting room. 

Where's the Party Key West

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Louie C Rock
 shared a link.

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Mayor Teri Johnston Wants To The Entire City Of Key West To Shut Down @ 10 Pm Operation #OutVoteTeri Has Launched I need 1000 People To Call 305 809 3844 and Let Your Commissioner Know How You Feel... POWER TO THE PEOPLE ...

Some of the comments:

Teri should retire

Calling my commissioner to make sure he knows I am for shutting down at 10:00 PM

I heard there's a protest today at 5 City Hall

I applaud. Keep us safe. No more deaths.

Love her

What is the significance of 10pm? Is that her bedtime ? The virus is more contagious at 10pm and thereafter ? Communism is a 90 mile journey away, supposedly. Has anyone noticed what’s going on around them ? These are fear and control measures which are not effective . If it worked, it would’ve been effective during the initial lock down phase . Doesn’t anyone see that this is NOT about a virus?

They must’ve been voter fraud again in the election there is no way the people of Key West elected her again
The virus is more deadly after 10 PM

Omg ty again Teri, we love you and your family. Ty for trying to keep us safe. If you drink and smoke it affects you, you don’t spread it to others. You can see a drunk or someone one smoking. YOU CANNOT SEE A VIRUS.. What do you tell your loved ones when they are sick because you only cared about yourself.

What if more people side with Teri?

Then the fear narrative is strengthened and the power and control become acceptable . See Stockholm Syndrome. What if more people open their eyes, use critical thinking and do extensive research using uncensored search engines ? 

Louie said, "power to the people", and that's why I asked my question to see if Louie views the person with the most votes as an expression of the power of the people. Consider your 5-term mayor now county commissioner Craig Cates. Craig, Cheryl and one of their daughters were transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. Cheryl died; Craig, I heard yesterday, came off ventilator, then took a turn for the worse; their daughter is on heart-lung machine.

Here's something that could help people not go that route, but medical world won't accept it. Hydroxychloroquine and quercetin both transport zinc into body cells, where zinc stops covid replication. Vitamin C helps immune system and the other supplements work better together. D also strengthens immune system. Quercetin is sold at Walmart, and can be bought from several online outlets. A plant derivative, as is hydroxychloroquine. Begin with 7 day saturation dose regimen: 2000 mg quercetin, 2000 mg C. 225 mg. zinc. 200 mg of D-3. Then cut back to 500 mg quercetin every other day, 25 mg zinc, 500 mg C and 50 mg D-3. If covid symptoms show up, then go back to saturation dosage until symptoms abate. Avoid being a patient in M*A*S*H Two.

A good Key West friend's daughter is a frontline doctor in a hospital in another state. My friend told me this morning that his daughter cried ongoing for 6 months over so many of her patients dying due to covid-19. She's more battle-hardened now. Your little hospital on Stock Island is not capable of taking care of serious covid-19 infections. Your little hospital, like the hospital where my friend's daughter works, like hospitals across America, are overwhelmed with covid-19 patients. Other kinds of hospital patients are at risk to catching covid-19. Doctors and nurses are at risk. People who need to be in hospitals for other reasons, stay away, because they don't want to end up starring in M*A*S*H Two. There are no easy solutions.

The only thing Terry Johnson is doing is destroying the economy of Key West. I guess after 10 PM the virus is more deadly. Or maybe that’s the time she goes to bed

After 10 p.m. is when more people hanging out around Duval Street and other popular night activity places, are more drunk and/or high on something else, and more sloppy, and more likely to catch and spread covid-19. More so, if they do not wear masks, which are not perfect but do slow spread of the virus.

What if the economic fallout from staying wide open is worse than closing early for 3 nights?

How about the medical, permanent organ and death fallout, also? Ask the Cates family?

Goes without saying...I was simply pointing out something to those that prefer to think with their wallets...

I understood your drift. I can't help but wonder, given the Cates are the prominent political family in Key West, and in the Florida Keys, if there is not a cosmic message re priorities? I understand Craig wants businesses to remain open, and he does not care for masks.

Sloan Bashinsky perhaps he may feel differently now??!?

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