Thursday, December 17, 2020

One nation, under God?

Stumbled across this posted on FB by an Alabama man who sent me a friend request a while back.


I am horrified what our country will be like in the next 4 years, Dear God pray for all of us!

Some of the comments:

I am praying Too Dear Ron....A Socialist Agenda Always ends with Poverty and a Dictator. In God We Trust!

Sloan Bashinsky
Didn't Trump float himself being president for life, after Vladimir Putin achieved that in Russia?

I will continue to pray and believe. God is in charge and I want a front row seat when the corruption is exposed.

Sloan Bashinsky
All the corruption? Both sides have plenty.

Amen , Pray that the President will remain in office for 4 more years when they get the evidence to the Supreme Court before those morons get a chance to start court packing ! Or we will lose this great country that so many have fought & died for to protect !

Sloan Bashinsky
Do you think America's wars in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan were about protecting America? That God sanctioned those wars? That those wars were worth one American soldier killed, wounded, battleshocked (PTSD)? Do you not know the motivation for those three American wars was those countries' natural resources? Democrats and Republicans backed those three Godless wars America did not win.

Praying for this great country that is being taken away by evil! President Trump was a man of deep faith & always says God Bless America ! Why these amoral evil people have conspired to remove God from our schools , Public places & sure the currency will be the next thing that changes ! This has happened in every communist country around the world , Ny York , California & others !

Sloan Bashinsky
I don't recall seeing or reading news reports that Trump attended church, read the Bible, lived in according with Jesus' teachings or Moses' laws. Before running in 2016, Trump had a long history of welching his debts, stiffing contractors and subcontractors and their laborers. His credit became so bad that he had to get bailed out by Saudis. He ran with Jeffrey Epstein. He cheated on his wives. He paid prostitutes to keep quiet about having sex with him. He was involved in 3,500 lawsuits. Jesus did not speak well of lawyers in the Gospels, ravening wolves this lawyer thinks he called them. Trump's wife, Ivana, revealed that when they were married, hubby Donald kept a book of Hitler's speeches in a cabinet on his side of their bed and he sometimes read it at night. He floated himself being president for life. He claimed God sent him to save America from the godless Democrats/socialists/communists. There are photos online of Trump having a good time with Bill and Hillary Clinton. If Trump was sent by God, why didn't God get Trump reelected?

Think about it Biden didnt really do any campaigning......he knew what was gonna be done so why do anything just like his past 47 yrs

Sloan Bashinsky
Biden got a lot of people's votes for someone who did not campaign. Several million more votes than Trump got. In a real democracy, that would have been the final outcome. The electoral college is not democracy. That aside, I saw and read quite a few media reports that Biden mostly holed up, and wore a mask in public, because he didn't want to catch and spread Communist China's bioweapon, although I doubt he knows it's a bioweapon. I wonder if Trump knows, because if he does know, why didn't he tell Americans and the rest of the world and respond to the attack straightforward?

There was a deal made with all the candidates. Don’t for one minute think Sleezy Joe will be calling the shots. Harris will be Prez in three months. Their plan all along.

Biden will never be president.

Sloan Bashinsky
From God's mouth to your ears? Does anyone know what will happen in the next five minutes?
If God sent Trump to save America, as Trump and his believers claim. Why didn’t God get Trump re-elected?

Sloan Bashinsky Are you a Demorat?

Sloan Bashinsky

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