Saturday, December 12, 2020

Hey, America - Jim Jones was an amateur!

From Sancho Panza, who voted twice for Barack Obama and twice for Donald Trump:

Hi Sloan, I hadn't heard from you, so I went to your blog and found out about your niece and feel bad that I was copying you on jokes, etc... don't know what to say... you should be happy that you believe in an after life, angels and all. Peace to you, her family and her loved ones! 


No, problem. Jokes help dilute, dull, etc. mass psychosis that makes Jim Jones an amateur. Founding Fathers must be bald from yanking out their hair and throwing away their wigs. Am way past belief. Sloan Elizabeth is doing fine in her new digs. No joke.

From an old friend, Republican, who voted for John Kasich in 2016 and calls Donald Trump The Orange Turd:

Hey Prez OT, we really appreciate the lifetime appointment (Whoopee!!) but we haven't forgotten the Constitution or the Rule of Law govern our wonderful country, so Fuck You and Adios, you financially and morally bankrupt piece of shit.  And the three new Justices said, " Amen".  Sleep tight, my friend.  The Gen


I wonder what the OT thought, muttered, shrieked, tweeted, when he saw him, 0, U.S. Supreme Court, 7? 
I wonder if the 7 are wondering if their homes, cars, even the Supreme Court building will be bombed? 
I found myself thinking that the largest cult in American history follows the OT.
Make America great again. Good job, well done. Yippee-Ti!!!
I wonder what in the fuck will happen next?

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