Saturday, December 5, 2020

If you want to psychoanalyze covid America and study God, go to Key West

Key West Mayor Teri Johnston issued a 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew, except for essential service workers and people walking their dogs near where they live or attending church services. The administrator of Facebook group Where's The Party Key West, the big guy in the photo, featured in yesterday's Key West: national proxy for Heaven's covid waiting room? post at this blog, put this below on Facebook. I selected a few citizen comments.

December 5, 2020 
Breaking News Mayor Teri Johnston Shuts The Entire City Down #OperatonNewMayor Has Launched...
You should thank God every day for a leader who truly cares about the health and well-being of her citizenry even when some idiots could care less!

Someone needs to do an investigation into the Aug election! No way Teri got 60% of the votes.

Yeah it was Hugo Chavez Venezuela Cuba and China that rigged her election LOL.

Monica, You are delusional...

afraid of a recount?

Monica, tired of unfounded divisional actions. Non Reality-based based statements. I believe in science therefore I wear a mask. I believe that people have counted the votes in our national elections and in our local elections fairly and the courts are backing that up. What I am afraid of is that America will have a hangover from Trump speak . Words mean things it is a definitive. And facts are facts no matter what you feel.
Stop screaming fire in a crowded theater. That goes for you too Louie C Rock.

You do realize you did it to yourself Louie C Rock. If you and those like you'd worn the mask and obeyed the rules in the first place there wouldn't be a curfew now. You are to blame not Terri. And in case you forgot, being on this side of the grass is far better than the other.

you honestly think wearing a mask has worked? This mask thing started started 9 months ago!! Yeah, it’s been very effective!

Ask Craig Cates and his family how they feel about Covid-19.

wasn't Craig against the mask? 

Justin.. Yes

Craig's wife died the other day at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, their youngest daughter is on a heart-lung machine at Jackson Memorial, Craig was taken off a ventilator at Jackson Memorial, then he relapsed. While Louie C. Rock leads the charge to overthrow Teri Johnston. Perhaps Louie might wish to reconsider?
The Cates were helicoptered to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, because Key West's little hospital on Stock Island could not keep them alive.
Craig served 5 terms as mayor of Key West, is a county commissioner, was said to favor keeping businesses open and didn't care for masks.

and gosh he isnt the one making illegal proclaimations...

Looks to me God has intervened

Mark sent me a friend request, which I accepted, and this private chat ensued:

Thanks sloan.... We've spoken before but that was several years ago on the coconut telegraph website

I recall having a large hate Sloan club there, and a few friendlies.

Lol i was a friendly... Yeah had to give that site up
That retired LEO that had his own column got into it with me several times.. Cant stand him

FTR (From The Right), at his request, had dinner with him, his wife and Dear Ed (owner of Coconut Telegraph blog at FTR seemed okay over dinner, but anyone skewed as far right as he is, is out of balance; same for someone skewed just as far left. Wonder how he would deal with being dressed down by that he had been convinced were angels of the Lord? It ain't much fun.

Yep.. Thats him... FTR.. he got dressed down when he found out i was a retired Marine.. He ate a little crow.. But never wanted to meet him.. He's too opinionated for my taste.. But your correct when talking about spectrum ends.. Both right and left 


That has been my experience
The bain of my existence

think they know everything, hope I don't end up on a ventilator, I wear a mask in crowded places, but I know keeping America shut down is doing a great deal of damage, as well, and I hope the vaccines bring relief. I take quercetin, zinc, vitamins c and d, to prevent getting infected. quercetin carries zinc into body cells, and covid cannot replicate in zinc environment  

Didn't know that...

hydroxychloroquine also transports zinc into cells, gets same result. Dr. Zelenko gave Trump that cure in late March, Hannity interviewed Zelenko, Trump endorsed the cure (if works early on, fast, but does not work after covid really sets in). The witch hunts began. Trump didn't have the balls to make the cure freely available, which would have allowed America to reopen. Instead, Trump started Operation Warp Speed, and gave billion$ to big pharm companies to develop vaccine.
An angel inspired Dr. Zelenko, it was hoped America could reopen safely, other nations would follow suit. That didn't happen. Here we are: FUBAR

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