Friday, July 3, 2020

When are we ever not in church?

From The Patriot Post (, where conservative lives matter:

Christian Political Schizophrenia

The American church is far too silent on the most pressing issues of our day.
Willie Richardson · Jul. 1, 2020
Where is the church? Where is the church? In this racial, political, socialist, communist, and Marxist climate in America, where are God’s people? I thought being “bold as a lion” was the theme of the Christ follower. I thought “more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus” was the standard of the church. What in the Shadrach, Meshach, and Adednego is going on here in American churches? Should the church be involved in politics or not?
I was invited to a small group this past Sunday evening and the topic of Scripture was from 1 John 3. The Bible spoke for itself in verse 13: “Do not be surprised, my brothers and sisters, if the world hates you.” Hate is such a strong word in today’s climate. Christians don’t want to be hated; they want to be admired. Why do so-called Christians believe they are to be loved and adored for their faith when the Bible clearly speaks of opposition? We claim the only way to true salvation. Don’t you understand that in and of itself ignites a proverbial line in the sand with all types of worldly religions? I guess what I’m trying to say is, where’s the fight? It seems like the coronavirus and the color wars have shut the doors of the church, literally. The physical church doors are shut for the most part and so are the mouths of many so called crusaders for Christ.
At this small group, I was led to speak out against the Black Lives Matter “organization” — to their dismay. I was the only “black” person in the room, so those thoughts coming from me made everyone somewhat uncomfortable and at the same time relieved. They wanted to open up about it because it’s affecting everything around our daily lives. As I shared what BLM was really about — left-wing branch of Marxist communism with a dash of LGBT — they were alarmed. Corporations are jumping on board, NCAA coaches are joining in on the trend, and the church is … silent. Well, except for the “Christian Chicken” CEO Dan Cathy “washing the feet” of a black Christian rapper to show a humble attempt of racial reconciliation. It was a “fail” in a major cringe-worthy way in my humble opinion. Let us all let go of this Christian-Politico Schizophrenia and choose this day whom you will serve; God or the world.
Christians who vote Conservative need to be put on alert that this nation wasn’t formed by cowards sitting on the sidelines. This nation was formed through blood, sweat, and tears. Republicans were the party who thought that slavery was wrong; the party’s foundational platform was based on the “abolition of slavery into American territories.” This wasn’t for the faint at heart. This nation ended up going to its bloodiest war to settle its slave matters.
Should this matter to American Christians who vote conservative values?
Not only should the church be involved in politics, but [it] should dominate politics. Every industry should be impacted by Christ followers. Whether it’s the industry of arts and entertainment, sports, law, literature, education, financial services, or politics, there should be a presence of those who name the name of Christ. So what are you waiting for? Get off your Sunday soap box and impact the lives and industries around you. Stop waiting for the coronavirus pandemic to pass and get out of your pajamas and head to your local assembly. Stop making excuses for watching the livestream instead of joining God’s team. We are being marginalized from within. Don’t miss the greatest weapon that God gave us to destroy the enemy — the Word of God. God bless you and Happy Independence Day!
Mr. Richardson, this 77-year-old white Alabama native appreciates your taking a stance that I imagine baffles many black Americans who know you personally. I baffle most white people who know me. That said, and perhaps due to my being toward the end of my life, and perhaps my having been turned every which a way but loose since early 1987 by Jesus, Michael and Melchizedek, the white guy who grew up in a white Birmingham Southern Baptist Church and then a white Birmingham Episcopal church, and then joined the Confederate flag-waving Kappa Alpha college fraternity, looks at just about everything differently today.
So, about being told by the government not to attend church because there is a highly-contagious, sometimes devastating and even deadly virus floating all around and many infected, contagious people show no symptoms and do not know they are infected. Do you really believe God and Jesus want people packed into churches at this point in time? Jesus walked among lepers safely. Do you know anyone who safely can walk among people infected with Covid-19? Do you want church people to catch Covid-19 and then spread it around? Do you want to catch Covid-19 and spread it around?
Did Jesus spend a lot of time in churches during his ministry? How about Peter and Paul? I recall back in the summer of 2001, having lunch with a white Georgia country lawyer who seemed pretty tuned in. I had shared with him a few of my not of this world experiences. He asked if I attended church? I paused, said, "I don't know when I'm ever not in church." Later, he got cancer, went through treatment, gave up his private law practice and became the local Public Defender. I thought he would be doing a lot of good work for God in that position.
God works in mysterious ways. Perhaps God wants church people to get to know God more directly. Perhaps church people will more easily be able to do that by being in church wherever they are?

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