Saturday, July 18, 2020

take a knee and and mourn, America, a Civil Rights giant has returned to God

John Lewis

The other day, I was reintroduced to a woman I barely knew when we were children in all-white affluent Mountain Brook "over the mountain" from Birmingham. She was younger, I knew her parents and older siblings somewhat. I was embarrassed to learn she is the sculptor who created the statutes in the Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument near the 16th Street Baptist Church that was bombed by Atlanta, Georgia Klansmen. Embarrassed, because of how ignorant I was. Embarrassed, because back when Elizabeth MacQueen was awake and aware and putting her body and social standing on the line, I was sound asleep.

My email to Elizabeth this morning:

My last dream last night, a duplicate bridge amigo said a hit man was after me. I woke up and saw online an article about the death of former SNCC head and U.S. Congressman John Lewis. He's from Troy (where my Bashinsky family is from). I didn't know that or anything about him. What an ignorant hick, I think the article will be my blog post today. Trump didn't like Lewis. Lewis said he thought Trump is a racist. Duh. He didn't denounce David Duke's endorsement in 2016. He preferred Norway immigrants to African shit-hole countries. Good people waving Confederate Flags in Charlottesville. I bet you could twist Trump's tail pretty good if you set your mind to it.

'Thanks, but no thanks' - Norwegians reject Trump's immigration offer


Below is a link to POLITICO's John Lewis article. Lewis' U.S. Congress District was in Atlanta, Georgia. The POLITICO article has lots of photos and I can't bring it to this blog without screwing it up. As I read the article, I was increasingly ashamed of my white guy ignorance. President Trump makes me ashamed to be an American, like George Wallace once made me ashamed to be from Alabama. But more than anything, I'm ashamed I did not put my body and social standing on the line in the Civil Rights Movement.

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