Thursday, July 23, 2020

King Donald?

Facebook discussion with a civil Trump supporter and others spawned by yesterday's post at this blog: Thanks, President Trump, America is world leader in coronavirus infections and deaths 
  • Michael Fliegel This isn’t DT’s fault and shouldn’t be political. It’s a public health and personal responsibility issue. You might as well blame the rights guaranteed in the Constitution..
    • Sloan Bashinsky I disagree. Trump formed America's response, and the result is the numbers of infections and deaths in America compared to all other countries.
    • Michael Fliegel Sloan Bashinsky you might as well blame the CDC, WHO, and Governor Cuomo while you’re assigning blame. This isn’t a one size fits all Virus.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Trump told people it was a liberal media scare hoax, he refused to wear a mask, he told people not to wear masks, he told people to demonstrate and MAGA rally. That all is on him, and on people who followed his lead, and on people who still defend him.

    • Michael Fliegel Sloan Bashinsky he also stood next to the medical professionals and let them speak. People accuse DT of being an autocrat and then complain when he isn’t. The medical advice was all over the place on this. The only effective treatment until a cure is developed is proper hygiene and social distancing. I wear a mask even though there is legitimate dispute as to its effectiveness. I’m not blaming either Party here although both sides are making this political. I just want everyone to stay well.
    • Sloan Bashinsky I agree with wanting everyone to stay well. Clearly that is not Trump's and MAGAs' top priority.
    • Michael Fliegel Sloan Bashinsky the only person benefiting from this mess is Jeff Bezzos.

      That’s not totally true. Anarchists and the Communist Chinese government are benefiting from this.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Trump does nothing not calculated to benefit him and his close family. You speak of politicalizing, but by being a Republican, you politicize, so it's a pretty deep swamp - same for Democrats.
    • Michael Fliegel Sloan Bashinsky Trump is losing money, like almost every other businessman. This crisis has hurt most Americans in one way or another. There were/are no good choices, but you still have to choose.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Did you see recently that Trump tried to steer the British Open to his Scotland golf course, while sitting in the White House he did that?
    • Michael Fliegel Sloan Bashinsky that was years ago when he offered it. The offer wasn’t accepted. The man donates his salary and his hotels are hurting due to COVID. He’s not benefiting financially from the job. Have you reviewed his campaign promises? He’s delivered on almost all of them. I’m voting for him in spite of his numerous faults because I can’t support Biden or the progressive agenda he’s being forced to advance. I want to vote for Rand Paul. Maybe 2024?
    • Sloan Bashinsky i would like to review his tax returns, being a tax attorney in the past
    • Michael Fliegel Sloan Bashinsky you may get your chance but I doubt you will find anything exciting. He can afford the best tax professionals....
    • Gary Kessler Sloan Bashinsky I agree with everything you have said.
    • Sloan Bashinsky That Trump fights releasing his tax returns speaks for itself
    • Robert E. Morrow Sloan Bashinsky hard to say that about someone who contributes his Pres salary to charity.
    • Sloan Bashinsky You are serious? His salary is peanuts compared to what he's making privately.
    • Robert E. Morrow Sloan Bashinsky Trump was rich before he became Pres. Pelosi, Shumer and many others became rich after political office. I want to see their tax returns.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Me, too, but they aren't president, Trump is, and big patriot he is, not big enough to do what prior presidents did: share their tax returns. Skunks and rotten fish smell better.
    • Gary Kessler Lots better!
    • Robert E. Morrow Sloan Bashinsky have we seen Biden's tax returns, he was only Vice President.
    • Michael Fliegel I don’t really care about DT’s tax returns anyway. Kinda like BHO’s citizenship. What difference does it make?

    • Sloan Bashinsky I don't think we have and if Biden wins, I expect we will, and I don't think they will nearly as exciting as Trump's tax returns.
    • Sloan Bashinsky No one who is president should have any financial secrets for very obvious reasons.
    • Michael Fliegel Sloan Bashinsky the Courts will review the tax return. I doubt that it will be legally released for public consumption. I agree that all elected officials should have to disclose financial information but I also want congressional term limits......
    • Sloan Bashinsky Michael Fliegel trump wants to be president for life
    • Michael Fliegel Sloan Bashinsky irrational fear mongering. Where do you get that? Absolutely no proof and not even possible after FDR. Really in this current political environment, who would want the job?
    • Sloan Bashinsky You either have not been paying attention, or you are pulling my leg. After Putin was given what looked like a leader of Russia for life, Trump mentioned that and floated himself being president for life.
    • Peggy Butler Sloan Bashinsky Thank you, Sloan!
    • Peggy Butler Michael Fliegel Oh yes, this is on Trump!
    • Peggy Butler Michael Fliegel OMG! Everything you've said is ludicrous, I'm afraid. You think Trump has not benefited from this presidency? Where have you been? His golf course here where I live [West Palm Beach, Florida]  has never closed during the pandemic. He charges his SS detail for hotel rooms and food, etc., he's cost this county millions in extra security. The guy's a criminal in more ways than one.
    • Peggy Butler Robert E. Morrow BS! He's cost this country millions!
    • Peggy Butler Sloan Bashinsky Yes, he did, Sloan, you're right.
    • Michael Fliegel Sloan Bashinsky I must admit he does enjoy tweaking Democrats. No one took that joke seriously. DT is not your typical politician and his presidency hasn’t been business as usual. No one believes that he wants to be President for life. That’s not possible. If that were the case BHO or BC might still be in office. DT clearly supports a Conservative view of the Constitution. It has been tiring listening to the news the last 4 years for the daily crisis that they promote. I’ve pretty much given up in all the National and cable news sources because because they all have cried wolf once too often. The current political climate will not end this year, whoever wins, and that’s just sad.
    • Sloan Bashinsky I say you are deluded if you don’t think Trump wants to be president for life

    • Sloan Bashinsky In 2016, Trump asked Russia to help him get elected. Russia went right to work on that. But for that, Hillary Clinton probably would be president to day. I viewed them as flip sides of the same coin.

      As for Trump trying to get the British Open at his golf co
      urse in Scotland, excerpts from July 21, 2020 article:

      LONDON — The American ambassador to Britain, Robert Wood Johnson IV, told multiple colleagues in February 2018 that President Trump had asked him to see if the British government could help steer the world-famous and lucrative British Open golf tournament to the Trump Turnberry resort in Scotland, according to three people with knowledge of the episode.

      The ambassador’s deputy, Lewis A. Lukens, advised him not to do it, warning that it would be an unethical use of the presidency for private gain, these people said. But Mr. Johnson apparently felt pressured to try. A few weeks later, he raised the idea of Turnberry playing host to the Open with the secretary of state for Scotland, David Mundell.

      It was not the first time the president tried to steer business to one of his properties. Last year, the White House chose the Trump National Doral resort in Miami as the site of a Group of 7 meeting. Mr. Trump backed off after it ignited a political storm, moving the meeting to Camp David before canceling it because of the coronavirus pandemic.

      Mr. Trump also urged Vice President Mike Pence to stay at his family’s golf resort in Doonbeg, Ireland, last year during a visit, even though the vice president’s official business was on the other side of the country. That trip generated headlines for the golf club, but also controversy. And Mr. Trump has visited his family-owned golf courses more than 275 times since he took office, bringing reporters with him each time, ensuring that the resorts get ample news coverage.

      The Trump International Hotel in Washington has done a brisk trade in guests, foreign and domestic, who are in town to lobby the federal government. Turnberry itself drew attention when the Pentagon acknowledged it had been sending troops to the resort while they were on overnight layovers at the nearby Glasgow Prestwick Airport."

      Trump’s Request of an Ambassador: Get the British Open for Me
      Trump’s Request of an Ambassador: Get the British…
      Trump’s Request of an Ambassador: Get the British Open for Me
    • Sloan Bashinsky Trump is about one thing: Trump. If you think he cares for you, other than what you can do for him, you are sadly mistaken.

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