Tuesday, July 7, 2020

pandemic America: brain-dead nation?

Below is a Facebook hydroxychloroqine actually works on Covid-19 post under which I commented and then saw once again drop-dead proof of just how hopeless most Americans' thinking truly is.
Mark Levin:
“I posted this a few days ago, but I have been waiting for all those who attacked the president to apologize to him and the American people. But they have not. Especially the frauds in the media, who attacked him relentlessly as proposing something they insisted was dangerous, despite the fact the drug can only be acquired with a doctor's prescription. How many people may have died due to the media and others obstructing its use? This is how the press conducts itself these days, hit and run, no circumspection, no integrity. It's them against Trump, or them against all of us. But, of course, don't call them the enemy of the people”

  • Joe Spera My brother in law is 65 and has a lung disease and took hydroxychloroquine after having a fever between 103-104 for two weeks straight, the fever broke and never came back after his first dose! So he’s proof that the medication works for treating Covid 19!
    • Michael Vincent Stazzone Joe Spera plenty of Drs saying the same.
    • Sloan Bashinsky if zinc had been used as well, the recovery results would have been far more impressive. Hcq facilitates zinc entering body cells where zinc inhibits C19 replication. Add azithromycin to the cocktail, to kill secondary infections. This cures mild and moderate C19 infections in 5 or fewer days. Trump has known this since late March. Sean Hannity touted the cure on Fox and the doctor who told Trump about it, Vladimir Zelenko. Trump later took the cocktail himself as a preventive after some of his staff tested positive. About two weeks ago, Trump’s hand-picked FDA director banned using Hdq to treat C19. Trump went along with it, instead of firing the mf and telling doctors and pharmacists to ignore FDA ban and he will pardon them if they are prosecuted. This cocktail could have seriously reduced C19’s devastation in America. This cocktail could reduce C19’s current and future devastation in America. And worldwide. Trump could have been a hero. He still could be, albeit a bit late.
    • Michael Vincent Stazzone Sloan Bashinsky he is up against a machine. But his next 4 years will be far more efficient.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Michael Vincent Stazzone Trump has fired every appointee who displeased him, yet he went along with his FDA director's ban of hydorxychloroquine (hcq) for C19. That just don't pass the smell test, when C19 cases are spiking again, the economy, businesses, churches, colleges, sports, civic clubs, dance clubs, cruise ships, movie theaters, restaurants, bars, hell, everything in America is being further mangled, while Trump is promoting pro Trump public rallies without face masks to enhance spreading C19. Looks to me Trump wants as many Americans as possible to catch C19. Does Trump own a heap of stock in Big Pharma companies racing to develop their own cure or vaccine? Here's Dr. Zelenkos March 23 letter to all world medical professionals, copied to President Trump and his chief of staff Mark Meadows, which Sean Hannity soon read on his show and interviewed Dr. Zelenko, who at some point in time said withholding the cure would be a crime against humanity.
    • Michael Vincent Stazzone Sloan Bashinsky maybe he should have cleaned house first day like Clinton? Obama surrounded himself with a bunch of corrupt loyals. Unfortunately, one of the down sides of a business man not tied to any special interest, easily able to renegotiate trade deals, force other nations to pay their fair share, etc - is the inexperience to know that when you walk into the White House you walk in with hundreds who support your agenda. It’s a learning curve - we all can do better - I’m saying his next 4 will be far more efficient - our economy will come back equal or better then before.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Michael Vincent Stazzone Every time I converse with you, Michael, you dance all around the point like it is a blazing fire sword threatening to skewer you end to end. I wrote about Trump's abysmal response to his FDA directors' Hqc ban for C19 and Dr. Zelenko's cure. Period, the end.. Dr. Zelenko's cure was God's gift to Trump, to save his country, which is in flames.


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