Tuesday, July 28, 2020

world Covid-19 savior Dr. Vladimir Zelenko vindicated but not given credit during Front Line Doctors demonstration before U.S. Supreme Court Building yesterday

Sancho Panza reported revival-level sermon for hydroxychloroquine, zinc and azitrhomycin curing Covid-19 delivered by an African female doctor in front of the United States Supreme Court building without mentioning Dr. Vladimir Zelenko had developed the  cure:




Great video of the lady doctor taking zero prisoners, but not once did she say she is using Dr. Vladimir Zelenko's treatment protocol and I find that really weird. Did she invent the protocol and he got it from her? Does she say somewhere how she arrived at her treatment protocol? Will anything come from her nuclear bomb? Why didn't Trump already have Zelenko drop it at press briefings? Really bizarre.


That Protocol was gathered from various sources including, France, Italy and even China! It was used by one of my relatives, as you well know! I think the cat is out of the bag, now... look at the last video I sent you, which includes all the Doctors in the group, very interesting that none of the MSM, including Fox, was there!  I give those Doctors a lot of Credit for going against the Windmills! 


So, Dr. Zelenko did not invent the protocol? In his letter he does refer to 3 other sources, one of which was a French study.

Message from God to Alabama churches?

'I've got church members sick everywhere,' Alabama pastor says after 40 get coronavirus after revival
Services were shut down by Friday after it was learned that one of the members who attended had tested positive for the virus, a church official says.

Read in NBC News: https://apple.news/AUN1NsW8_Tf2cHDTnBSwRwA

Shared from Apple News


According to the Presentation by the Front line Doctors, they are taking a 200 mg dose once every two weeks as a prophylactic and none have become infected, even though treating Covid patients... if this is true, then those sick  church members might have been spared! I can't wait to see the blowback and damage control from the PHARMA controlled MSM on this, specially CNN and MSNBC!  How sad that people's lives are being played with, like chess pieces!  


All so tragic, the economy, society, everything, while a cure was available and being used since at least sometime in March, perhaps sooner. I wonder if President Trump will now get fully on board? I wonder if he will try to take credit? Interesting times.

Me to Sancho this morning:

Really Weird? Nothing about the African Doctor and the other Front Line Doctors in my Apple News feed, in my NY Times Morning Briefing, and I went to FOX News and saw nothing there, either. I wonder if Trump tweeted anything about it? I wonder if Trump even knows about it yet? 

I Facebook messaged the African doctor's video nuke to around 100 Facebook friends after midnight and got 5 replies so far, all thumbs up, wow, etc. I replied to them that this is the same treatment protocol used by Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, which he described in his March 23 letter to all world health professionals, copied to President Trump and his chief-of-staff, which Sean Hannity soon read to Mike Pence on FOX and then interviewed Zelelnko. I attached Zelenko's letter to the message.

Looks to me in his letter that Dr. Zelenko designed the protocol and battlefield tested and proved it, and I can't imagine the African and other Front Line doctors don't know that. I was reamed out in a dream last night for not giving Dr. Zelenko all the credit yesterday
It doesn't matter to me who takes the credit(or blame) for the protocol as long as people are given a choice. According to the African Doctor from Texas, she claims that she got the idea from a 2005 study that showed that Chloroquine(a more toxic malaria drug than Hydrochloroquine was effective against Corona virus... so maybe is a combination of various sources but I agree with you that Dr. Zelenko did stick his neck out first and almost got it chopped off... this Lady Doc is an effing dragon and she is not gonna be intimidated... she's even challenging Dr. Fauci and all the Senators, etc. to take an Urine test to show that they haven't taken HCQ! I haven't heard a peep about this on the MSM, not even Fox... Facebook and Youtube have taken the video down according to Forbes, see link at the bottom!

Immanuel claimed that she is using the antimalarial drug because of a 2005 study, published by the National Institutes of Health, which claims Chloroquine, a more toxic version of hydroxychloroquine, can prevent the spread of coronavirus in cells. 

Here is the tweeter account for the African Dragon Doctor:

A very tuned in friend let me have it for sending him the African doctor's video last night; said it's about getting Trump reelected. I replied that I had not considered that, but alas the cure is very real, angels told me so.

Looking at Axe of God Dr. Emmanuel's twitter feed, she does seem convinced she has the cure. Her twitter feed is quite a read. Why didn't the Axe of God mention Zelenko, whose cure she swiped?

I did find a stretch to believe children are not spreaders of Covid-19 and masks need not be worn. Perhaps that should have woke me up? Since President Trump and his son both tweeted it, and then Twitter took it down, I'm now wondering if they set it all up, or at least knew it was coming down? The African doctor seems in love with Trump in her Twitter feed.


Seems like the strategy is to ignore her, since she's the wrong race and ethnicity to demonize, God forbid that Blacks would start thinking... "maybe we've been had?" and stay home in November... or worse, turn their rage against their so called "black leaders"!

I have one answer for anybody who doesn't think this protocol works... don't use it! As a matter of fact, I would prefer if you don't(more available for the rest of us)... after all, pandemics do serve a purpose, they cull and clean the gene pool! 

Don't do anything, don't get a hold of some HCQ to take at first sign, rather let "the Hospital system" take care of you... or better yet, just stay home until Fauci, big Pharma and Trump get their vaccine(s) ready.... Beeeeeh!  

Maybe this will BLOW UP Trump :-)

And, I can see it very well may have destroyed any chance of Dr. Zelenko's cure going mainstream in America. 


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