Wednesday, July 8, 2020

God's Covid-19 cure given to President Trump and America through Orthodox Jew Vladimir Zelenko, M.D. gets about same reception as Jesus got 2,000 years ago

Orthodox Jew Vladimir Zelenko, M.D.
An Alabama resident, who had sent me a Facebook friend request, posted this video in my Facebook Messenger this morning.
🍿COVID 911:The DEEP STATE insurgency🍿 Watch this video to gain an insight about why the world is in chaos right now. This is the perfect tool to clear up any doubt to those who still don’t “trust the plan” 🐸 POTUS has been ten steps ahead of all the DEEP STATE actors and their attempt to throw the world into chaos and bring in their dream of The New World Order. They can’t stop what’s coming Q 🇺🇸Patriots Are IN control🇺🇸 #WWG1WGA #QAnonArmy #TheGreatAwakening 🇺🇸🐸🇺🇸
Leroy Jenkins
Facebook showed the video contained false information. After opening the link and watching the video, I replied, wondering if my new Facebook friend should have checked me out before sending me a friend request?

By following events starting with the Vietnam war, by trying to cut through the spins, by listening to what politicians say and what I see and hear to the contrary, by running for local public office 10 times in the Florida Keys, I concluded years ago that politicians and national, state and local governments, regardless of political party, are incapable of telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and more than that, they are dedicated to not telling all of the truth. So when I see a video like this, or something put out by the Democrats that makes the Republicans the cause of everything wrong in America, I view it as propaganda, spin, Pravda. That's just me. Then, there are the supernatural beings that are on my case all the time: Jesus, Michael, Melchizedek. They would skin me alive for swallowing even 25 percent of this video hook, line and sinker. Nay, even 10 percent of it.

In 2016, I repeatedly published at my blog, and told people directly in conversations with them, that Lucifer liked Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump about the same and would be pleased with either of them in the White House. Those beings named above trained me the hard way, by many courses in mirrors looking at myself, by many courses in looking at people close to me and not close to me, to recognize Lucifer's presence behind the scenes and in plain view, but unseen by all but a few people. Lucifer is the true producer of this video you sent. God would never produce something so one-sided. God falls in the inconvenient zone, where few, if any, people are particularly comfortable. If you think I'm wrong, go to the Bible and see for yourself that God falls in the zone where few, if any people, are particularly comfortable.

Jesus was the same in the Gospels. He said many are called, but few are chosen; steep is the way and narrow the gate and few enter therein; the work is great and the laborers are few; he did not baptize in water but in fire and spirit. Compare that to the cheap salvation formula promoted by Christendom since it became the official religion of the Roman Empire. The current pope seems to know God is beyond his and the Vatican's comprehension. This pope knows he is not the vicar of Christ on this world. Nor is any church, Christian or not. This pope knows God is in all religions and beyond all religions. This pope knows humans try to shrink God down to something they can manage. They remake God in their own image.

The deep state is Lucifer. In that context, what Trump and his followers call the deep state is a tad off the mark, since they are as in the dark, or they actually know but hold out they don't know, what really is driving things, and them, behind the scenes.

Red China invented the coronavirus in a biolab in Wuhan. Yes, there were foreign influences, and not just from America. But that was a Red China biowepon lab, and there was supposed to be a vaccine, but having both the weapon and the vaccine would allow China to hold the world hostage, so an angel did something that led to a human releasing the virus before the vaccine was developed, and here we are, and Lucifer loves it.

Through Dr. Vladimir Zelenko's March 23, 2020 letter to all world medical professionals, copied to President Donald Trump and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, God let Trump know there was a simple, cheap cure for Covid-19 that had not yet progressed to the heroic medicine state. Dr. Zelenko's letter, last below, was soon read on FOX by Sean Hannity, who also interviewed Dr. Zelenko. Trump spoke of a miracle cure. Later, Trump took the cure to prevent catching C-19 after some of his staff tested positive. But Trump never had Dr. Zelenko at press briefings. Trump never himself introduced Dr. Zelenko to America and the world. Instead, Trump tried to spread C-19 by refusing to wear a face mask, and by telling other people to follow suit, and to gather in large rallies to protest the shut down and to applaud him at MAGA gatherings.

Then, Trump's hand-picked FDA director banned doctors from prescribing hydroxychloroquine for C-19. HCQ was used by Dr. Zelenko to facilitate zinc entering body cells, where zinc inhibited C-19 replicating. Dr. Zelenkos's cure worked in 5 days. He had no fatalities in his patients. A few patients suffered mild indigestion. Trump did not override or fire his FDA director. Trump did not tweet and say at press briefings that he wanted all American doctors and pharmacists to provide HCQ to C-19 patients, and he would pardon them if they prosecuted by the FDA or the US Attorney. Trump did not ask Congress, or issue an edict, making HQC free to any C-19 patient. Instead, Trump abandoned his post as commander-in-chief in the coronavirus war. In military tribunals that is a guaranteed court martial and loss of all military benefits.

Here is Dr. Zelenko's March 23 letter, which led to doctors who were into healing patients, using Dr. Zelenko’s cure, instead of blindly obeying the FDA and CDC and WHO and Dr. Fauci and Big Pharma, and, yes, Lucifer. Subsequent studies have borne out HQC with zinc is effective. Even as many reports dissing HQC are hatchet jobs from the medical-industrial complex, which hoped to make a huge amount of money from a new cure or vaccine, while Dr. Zelenko's gift from God that still could save America, and the world, gets about the same treatment, in the main, as Jesus got 2,000 years ago.

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