Sunday, July 12, 2020

herd-thinking nation: Covid-19 America

Yesterday's post featured a retired Florida nurse 100-percent closed to Dr. Vladimir Zelenko's cure for Covid-`19. The nurse also is 100-percent Democrat and 100-percent against Donald Trump and her Republican governor, Ron DeSantis. She is as for wearing Face masks in public as Trump and MAGAs and many Republicans are against.

Later yesterday, I conversed on Facebook with a Florida Keys woman who has Covid-19 and seems of the same medical and political persuasion as the retired nurse. I came away wondering if these two women are proxies for millions of Democrats?

During a nap later yesterday, I dreamed of driving up a highway in the Florida Keys and strung out all along my left were big herds of cows. Left is the female side. 

My comments came late in the discussion.
Tip: Once you test positive turn off the news. I was watching something just now on Rachel and I can't do this.

  • Leena Patel Unplug. Trust me. Focus on your health.
  • Sheri Pogue It's so fucking weird without Brett being here. He is going to get tested hopefully tomorrow. If he tests positive he'll come be my Rona Buddy if not I'm on my own. I hope he's not positive. That's the scary part. I'm terrified to sleep.
  • Pam Gaytan Binge watch funny shows on Netflix!! Laughing is good medicene! Also vicks makes a steam inhaler.... I use essential oils in my water. It is easy to use and you can order from amazon. It works great!!
  • Dee Dee Bowes You tested positive ? Do you know how you contracted it? I will definitely ask my personal space in the universe tonight to take great care of you ❤️ You got this 💐
    • Sheri Pogue Dee Dee Bowes have no idea.
      My exposure to the outside world has been limited. Brett goes to work every day he may be asymptomatic. We have another friend who I last saw a couple of weeks ago and we can't get in touch with him and that's not like him at all so I'm concerned. My essential trips have all been quick and I have a very good procedure for staying safe.
  • Mark McGuffin This adds a real element of concern for me. We’ve never met in real life , but I’ve learned a lot about you from our social media relationship, and there is simply no question in my mind that you have exercised all the proper precautions and done all the right things. And you are. Makes me wonder if that time in April when I was congested and had a chill, if there was more to it. Well, I feel fine and I’m self-isolated with my lovely wife, so I’m sure we’re fine, but still......I have no clue. Here in AZ, the goddamn virus is in charge, not our idiot governor. The testing lines are too long, and I’m too impatient.
    I wish you a rapid return to health, my lovely friend. Please keep us posted!
    • Sheri Pogue Mark McGuffin it had to come from Brett or our friend we can't locate. For all I know he could be in the hospital. He's not in jail..yes I checked. 🙄 It has to be him.
    • Mark McGuffin Well, just get better, OK? That’s the important part.
    • Sheri Pogue I'm sure as hell going to try. I'm exhausted, going to try and sleep more.

  • Sloan Bashinsky So sorry for you, Sheri. There is a treatment that does work fast for people not yet at the heroic medicine stage of infection, and has even helped people in that stage get better, faster. It's described in my blog post today, link down below. Alas, as you will see in the blog post, it's not easy to get hydroxyclhoroquine to take with zinc, thanks to the FDA. Hqc enables zinc to get into body cells and zinc inhibits C-19 replication. An internet buddy sent me something the other day that suggests quercetin, like hqc, enables zinc to enter body cells. quercetin can be obtained online without a doctor okaying it.

    flat-earth medical thinking will save President Trump the chore of destroying America
    flat-earth medical thinking will save President Trump the chore of…
    flat-earth medical thinking will save President Trump the chore of destroying America

    • Claire Phillips Sloan Bashinsky that's been proven ineffective by nearly all global health authorities and research groups.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Actually, no global authority has proven hydroxychlorquine with zinc, note, with zinc, is ineffective or dangerous. You been lied to. Humanity's been lied to. But what's new?
    • Sheri Pogue Sloan, Claire is actually a doctor in the UK. I will only take the advice of my physician and or those who have had this beast and survived. I appreciate the info and any decisions regarding treatment will be made between my doctors and myself. Thanks everyone.

    • Sloan Bashinsky The fellow who dug up reams of stuff on Dr. Zelenko's treatment protocol: 200 mg hydroxychloroquine 2x daily, 222 mg. zinc 1/daily, 200 mg azithromycin 1/daily, and studies supporting, and studies slamming hydroxychloroquine without zinc, and a Lancet ( esteemed British medical journal) that blasted hydroxycloroquine and then Lancet got called out all over the world for publishing a hoax study and Lancet had to retract the article with shit all over its face, sent me (you could take it a sign, Sheri) link below just a little while ago. You put something like you did onto face book, and I send you something that is well known and you do what the nurse did in my post yesterday, well, Sheri, it's your body and your life, but I do hope you will rethink anything the medical-industrial complex puts out, just as maybe you rethink anything the military industrial complex puts out.

      Doctors Call For Making Hydroxychloroquine Available Over-The-Counter
      Doctors Call For Making Hydroxychloroquine Available…
      Doctors Call For Making Hydroxychloroquine Available Over-The-Counter

    • Doctor: hundreds recover with malaria drug
      Doctor: hundreds recover with malaria drug
      Doctor: hundreds recover with malaria drug

    • Sheri Pogue The minute you share anything from Sean Hannity your opinion is dismissed. Now please stop. I don't have time for this crap.

    • Sloan Bashinsky Dr. Zelenko's March 31, 2020 letter to All World Medical Professionals, copied to President Donald t/rump and Chief-of Staff Mark Meadows ...
    • Sloan Bashinsky Sheri Pogue I respect Hannity and Trump as much as I respect a goat. The letter was sent to Trump, because he was president. He might be able to do something to help people like you, by making Zelenko's cure protocol widely available. It's your body, your life, Sheri.
    • Camille Lore You're "well actually"-ing a doctor. Come on man.
    • Sheri Pogue Having a tough time taking deep breaths tonight getting ready to go steam it loose in the bathroom. I'm alive and kicking.
      Thanks for checking on me Camille Lore

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