Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Doctor Valdimir Zelenko, Sean Hannity, FOX, President Trump, Dr. Stella Immanuel and Tucker Carlson told Americans there is Covid-19 cure (hydroxychloroquine, zinc and azithromycin), witch hunts followed

Yesterday's world Covid-19 savior Dr. Vladimir Zelenko vindicated but not given credit during Front Line Doctors demonstration before U.S. Supreme Court Building yesterday post at this blog centered around Stella Immanuel, M.D.'s electifying address before the U.S. Supreme Court building two days ago, which went viral pronto on YouTube.  In her address, Dr. Immanuel said she cures Covid-10 patients with hydroxychloroquine, zinc and azithromycin, which is the cure developed by Dr. Zelenko early this year. Dr. Immanuel did not mention Dr. Zelenko in her address. YouTube then took down the video, and Facebook and Twitter joined in.

Yesterday, retired Lucent Technologies scientist Sancho Panza sent this link to a sermon by Dr. Stella Immanuel, who also is a pastor:

Hmnnnn.... Demonic possession?

Me to Sancho:
No way I can watch that whole thing, but I have heard somewhat similar sermons in white pentecostal churches. Pastor Stella Immannuel, MD, being African native, may have vodoo-origin roots mixed into her Christian theology. Like happened to Zelenko, the witch hunt is fully in progress. Perhaps Dr. Immanuel might benefit from a little Voodoo mixed in with her incantations for Jesus to shut down Facebook for messing with her Facebook? You're from the Dominican Republic. I think there might a bit of Voodoo there? Or was that only over the dividing line in Haiti?


I bet if you were a Medical Doctor you would be just like her... and the same thing that's happening to her would happen to you! 

[The link is for a video of Dr. Immanuel fielding bystander questions in front of the Supreme Court building, I suppose after she delivered her address.]

Me to Sancho:
Yeah, that's where I screwed up. I became a lawyer. That didn't work out, my life went to shit. I told God I didn't want to die, failed, please help me; I offer my life to human service. Jesus and Michael came and woke me up in the wee hours, told me, "This will push you to your limits but you asked for it and we are going to give it to you." I saw a white flash as I was jolted by something electrical. Two more times that happened. Jesus and Michael faded out. Then, they set out to prove they had lied by pushing me way beyond my limits. Yeah, I should have gone to medical school, but I didn't have the smarts for chemistry and science and math, and I didn't have any better sense to be careful what I asked God for. 

First an orthodox Jew male doctor. Then, an African pentecostal back female doctor. Wonder what God's next messenger will look like? A Muslim, or, better, an Atheist?

Hee, Haw!!! 


I am so pissed right now... Tucker Carlson on Fox just finished doing a portion of his show about this very case and at the end, he fucks it up by bringing in a "Doctor" to discuss the "latest" double study on HCQ which he says show that it doesn't work... but they don't explain that these studies were done without Zinc, WTF? Why wouldn't he interview some of the Front Line Doctors in the actual video, including Dr. Immanuel? 


Maybe Tucker needs Dr. Immanuel to exorcise him? Maybe Tucker and FOX are on the Big Pharma large donations list? Maybe Tucker is an idiot? At least President Trump and his son Donald Jr. tweeted the Dr. Immanuel/Front Line Doctors video, which Twitter and Facebook then went after with sharp knives. You are right. It's 1984 in, I would add, a bizarre inbred twist with One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Me to Sancho this morning:

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Remove Video of Doctors Who Support Hydroxychloroquine

I confirmed that just now by trying to open the links you sent the other day and this came up: "False Information, Reviewed By Independent Fact Checkers." I wonder what kinda incantations, spells and prayers Dr. Immanuel uttered? I wonder what kinda karma the "independent fact checkers" created? I wonder what's gonna happen in America and anywhere else people with C-19 are not treated with Dr. Zelenko's cure (200 mg. hydroxychlrooquine twice a day, 220 mg zinc once a day, 200 mg azrithromycin once a day) after C-19 symptoms appear? 

Dr. Zelelnko recommended substituting 1,000 mg quercetin to replace hydroxychloroquine. So, if that word goes viral, maybe there is hope for people who are not brainwashed by Big Pharma/AMA/FDA/CDC/WHO. 

I'm taking 25 mg. zinc and 500 mg. Vitamin C when I turn in at night and they have less competition from food digestion for a good while. If I start showing C-19 symptoms, will go to 1,000 mg quercetin, 225 mg zinc and 1000 mg Vitamin C, which acts syngistically with quercetin and zinc. The entire world could to that, but my goodness am seeing virtually zero interest on Facebook. 

Am reminded of the joke about the fellow stranded by a flood on the roof of his home, and three times people tried to rescue him and he declined, saying God would rescue him. The water rose, he drowned, went to heaven and complained to God about not rescuing him. God pointed out the three rescuers God had sent. 

A friend said she watched that Tucker Carlson show and he defied YouTube and aired some of the censored Front Line Doctors video. I found that Carlson show online and it contains three segments from the banned front Line Doctors video: (1) A white, male doctor saying children are not known to vector Covid-19 to adults, ie. school teachers; (2) African doctor Stella Immanuel saying there is a cure - hydroxychloroquine, zinc and Zithromax (azirithromycin); (3) Dr. Immanuel taking on the medical establishment and Dr. Fauci.

Sample  FB discussion:
  • Michael Bush Welllllllll.... I am the spawn of my father...... maybe there IS such a thing as “demon sperm”..
  • Denise Locco There are so many videos as well as information circulating lately it’s hard to know what to believe. I just want to say that a dear friend of my mom, whose brother passed from Covid, was in intensive care and did recover after receiving this medicine. There’s so much to learn but we need to have an open mind on treatment.
  • Jacquie Evans She’s a nutter butter😂

  • Sloan Bashinsky Jackie, odd as this doctor might seem to you, she's dead on the mark about the cure she's using, any other intrigue notwithstanding, the cure was developed by, Vladimir Zelenko, M.D., an Orthodox Jewish doctor in New York state. He tested it on his own family practice patients and found it worked. He wrote letter about it to all world health professionals, copied to President Trump and his chief of staff, Mark Meadows. Soon, Sean Hannity read the letter to skeptical Mike Pence on Hannity's FOX show and then Hannity interviewed Zelenko. Then, the witch hunts against Zelenko and the cure began, and continue. Who stands to gain from burning the doctors who use this cure and the cure at the stake? I covered the lady doctor and Zelenko at my blog today.

    world Covid-19 savior Dr. Vladimir Zelenko vindicated but not given credit during Front Line Doctors demonstration before U.S. Supreme Court Building yesterday
    world Covid-19 savior Dr. Vladimir Zelenko vindicated but not given credit…
    world Covid-19 savior Dr. Vladimir Zelenko vindicated but not given credit during Front Line Doctors demonstration before U.S. Supreme Court Building yesterday

    • Jacqueline Bush-Holcomb I read all your posts about Dr. Zelenko. Not sure I believe it is the miracle cure. My point on this post was this Dr. Is a little crazy with the Demon Sperm thing. I think she might be a whack. Trump should listen to more professional people and watch what he tweets. By the way, he's a whack too. 🙄
    • Douglas Arnold Sloan Bashinsky uhmm, there is something called a controlled clinical trial and then publishing your results with data in a legitimate peer reviewed journal.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Jacqueline Bush-Holcomb mmm, how many more people will catch C19 and get sick and maybe die and further damage economy and society while waiting results of clinical studies, while a battlefield tested and proven cure is available?
    • Sloan Bashinsky Please dont reply, I’m sorry I commented under your post
    • Jacqueline Bush-Holcomb Sloan Bashinsky - my facebook wall is always open for discussion. No apology needed. We can all solve world problems together.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Jacqueline Bush-Holcomb I have yet to see any problem solved on Facebook. That aside, it is my experience in FB C-19 discussions, that Democrats and Republicans alike would die from C-19, before they would use Dr. Zelenko's battlefield-proven cure.
    • Jacqueline Bush-Holcomb That is exactly why I want Sloan for President!!!!!!!!
    • Sloan Bashinsky Jacqueline Bush-Holcomb Why do you say that, Jackie. You don't believe what I say about Dr. Zelenko's cure, which the African doctor also is using. Not picking on you. Looks to me all but one person of Facebook I have engaged for months, including you, mi amiga, would die before before using Zelenko's cure.
    • Jacqueline Bush-Holcomb Sloan- you have lived a life that encourages you to think outside of the box. Get the good Drs. Secret Recipe and head to the bank. You have researched and studied this and believe in it. If he does not go forward, grab the bull by the horns!
    • Jacqueline Bush-Holcomb By the way the Demon Sperm is what started me on this.

    • Sloan Bashinsky Jacqueline Bush-Holcomb I grabbed the bull by the horns as soon as i saw Dr. Zelenko's March 23 letter, attached here. I'm not joking, Jackie, Jim Jones had a far easier time selling kool-aid than I have had selling Dr. Zelenko. I hope Dr. Immanuel has better success, but the witch hunters are hot on her trail, like they were hot on Dr. Zelenko's trail.

      Image may contain: text

    • Sloan Bashinsky You began this FB post with "Dear God in heaven, please help." God inspired Dr. Zelenko to develop his cure and then stick his neck way far out. That didn't work. Now here's a black African doctor, who also is a pastor sticking her neck way out, and how do you think that's gonna go? Here's a link to her twitter feed. Grab your best hold and know I have seen similar stuff in white pentecostal churches.

      Stella Immanuel MD (@stella_immanuel) | Twitter

      Stella Immanuel MD (@stella_immanuel) | Twitter
      Stella Immanuel MD (@stella_immanuel) | Twitter

    • Jacqueline Bush-Holcomb Sloan Bashinsky - i read the article about Dr. Z when you posted it. Where is he now? He was driven out of his Hasidic community. Where are the survivors that he treated? He said he treated hundreds. Wondering why they are not speaking out about their treatment? Same with Dr. Stella? Where are the survivors and their stories of treatment?
    • Renea Kwolek-Larue Sloan Bashinsky You lost me when you mentioned Fox News and Sean Hannity. We all know they are fake news reporters! You are blind!

    • Sloan Bashinsky Jacqueline Bush-Holcomb I don't know, but Dr. Zelenko cannot name his patients - doctor-client privilege. I never saw any claim Zelenko did not get the results he wrote in his March 23 letter. I read where his tight-knit Orthodox Jewish community got very upset with him because they became viewed locally as being contagious and they were not welcome in local stores. Dr. Zelenko wrote and said in a video that he was working with the FDA when he did his trial in his own community. The FDA told him how to get the hydrozychloroquine. He later was investigated by a New York U.S. Attorney for claiming it was an official FDA study, which is was not. I read where Israel welcomed Dr. Zelenko to help with their C-19 problem. On top of all that, a good friend and I were told by angels that Zelenko's cure is God's attempt to help America and humanity. So, be careful what you ask for, huh? That's also reference to how you led off this FB post, Jackie. The Christian Bible is full of stories of people not liking messengers sent to them by God. I remain convinced, Jackie, if you catch C-19, you will die before you will use Dr. Zelenko's cure. Also, he has said 1000 mg. quercetin can be substituted for hydroxychloroquine. No prescription required for zinc and quercetin. I have lots of both on hand, and lots of Vitamin C, which works synergistically with quercetin and zinc.

      Here's a link to something by Zelenko about his work being under peer review.

    • Sloan Bashinsky Renea Kwolek-Larue Zelenko had nothing to do with Hannity, FOX. They were given Zelenko's letter by President Trump or his office, and Hannity read it on his show to a skeptical VP Mike Pence and then Hannity interviewed Zelenko. At least Hannity, Fox, President Trump, none of whom I like by the way, tried tired to get Zelenko's cure to the public, which I can't say I ever saw Joe Biden or any Democrat try to do. Looks to me the Democrats want there to be a lot more C-19 infections by November, hoping that will defeat Trump. Or, the Democrats are simply brainwashed by their doctors, AMA, CDC, FDA, Big Pharma, WHO.

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