Tuesday, July 21, 2020

from numerous Covid-19 battlefield studies reported at this blog, this fool extrapolates 99.9 percent of Americans will not use a battlefield-proven cure Big Pharma has not approved

From numerous Covid-19 battlefield studies reported at this blog, this fool extrapolates 99.9 percent of Americans will not use a battlefield-proven cure Big Pharma has not approved.

Yesterday from Sancho Panza, who educated me about Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, whose March 23, 2020 letter to All World Medical Professionals and President Donald J. Trump and Chief-of Staff Mark Meadows is at the bottom of  this blog post.

Vaccines are a very lucrative business, the Government puts up the money for their development and even first production ahead of approval; they also provide the manufacturers with legal immunity from damages, something no other business gets... Fauci is heavily invested in going that route and as far as Trump, remember that Big Pharma wields a lot of political clout, nobody that takes them on directly survives(politically)! 

I'm glad to hear from you. I just might agree with all that you wrote. I was thinking only half hour ago that Trump has not yet figured out, nor have perhaps 99.9 percent of Americans, that the so-called deep state he was supposed to at least attempt to take on inside America was the medical-industrial complex. I think outside America it was the military-industrial complex. So much safer politically and assassination-wise to rail and tweet about the federal civil servants in all branches of the national government, and to demonize liberals, the press, including FOX, when they displease Herr Trump. God indeed works in mysterious ways, and the Devil as well. It is the Devil's habit to get people to look only at what the Devil wants them to look at, instead of at what they actually need to see. Trump's big, fat, needy, greedy, selfish ego is perfect for the Devil's purposes. Americans' ignorance, gullibility and superstition please the Devil. Dr. Zelenko's Covid-19 protocol could have saved America and the world a great deal of damage on all fronts. Still could do that. But I don't see it happening. That would really upset the medical-industrial complex, all those future zillion$ aborted - ooops 😎 

I don't know Sloan... when I first found you, you were always the outlier... always railing against the popular mores and value systems of the herd, but these days you've become.... well, something else! I am very tired of this epidemic and all the politics around it to the point  that I have set up an email filter that send all my incoming email messages that include the word "Trump"  and "other" filter words to a folder named "Mierda". So keep that in mind if you need to get a hold of me fast! 

I'm still the outlier. Not even you were willing to fault Trump for not promoting Dr. Zelenko's cure. You voted for Trump in 2016 and boasted you will vote for him this year, and now you are filtering emails that contain "Trump" 😎

You and W are two sides of the same coin, both the same age and for some reason still believe that politics is real... it is less real than sports... I was never a fan of anything, you're so wrong, I could care less about Trump! But there is a lot of bad "energy" coming from your apparent hatred of the man... and I don't need that! 

Where'd you get the idea I think politics is real? Well, it's real as bull shit is real. I'm the guy who ran 10 times for public office in paradise pretend, where I learned in battlefield studies in which I was one of the guinea pigs that the truth is about as welcome as MRSA. Based on what you sent me of W's, he seems really young in his thinking. If you don't care for what I respond to your gratuitous missives which involve Trump directly or indirectly, then stop sending me missives that mention or involve Trump, who got your vote in 2016 and will again this year, unless you have changed your mind.

Today in two different Facebook threads people said quercetin is a substitute for hydroxychlroquine in Dr. Zelenko's cocktail. One person said Dr. Zelenko had said quercetin can be substituted. After you alerted me to quercetin a while back, I shared that with a friend, who then reported being told in a dream that quercetin does have that effect, but it also can defeat the blood brain barrier and allow any disease in the body into the brain. Hopefully quercetin safe in lower doses than used to force psychedelic drugs into the brain. I obtained quercetin online last week, and told the supplier about Zelenko and what my friend had dreamed. The supplier said they would get back to me, but haven't yet.

Quercetin is a plant flavonol from the flavonoid group of polyphenols. It is found in many fruits, vegetables, leaves, seeds, and grains; red onions and kale are common foods containing appreciable amounts of quercetin. Wikipedia

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