Thursday, July 9, 2020

Psychology 101: conversations with an alt-right

Message of the Day: Everyone wants a book - Trump is making all of them A LOT of money - in today’s world - it does not matter if you are speaking kindly or with hate - so long as you were close to him and have something to say. Although, since bad news and negative media is what people drool over in this country these days - that’s what you will get. Anyone buying into it are simply supporting our capitalist republic while they preach “democratic socialism” - the rest of us are looking from a distance and laughing at the mob. The fact that he gets so much negative attention and hard core attempts at impeachment, removal etc...tells us more then ever we need to keep him around as long as we can.... they validate our need for Trump. Deep down inside they are in love with Trump - look at all the energy they give - negative / positive - it’s all the same. Psycology 101.
  • John Spartan The fact that everything, always, in American life right now is about him is the surest sign he's gonna romp to reelection. He's the only guy that matters right now.
  • Steve Ehrlich Hannity july 2020 release date- as if the current $2 million/month is inadequate . Seems like everyone on the right has a book to sell: Huckabee, nicki, hannity, even trump's own son in 2019.
  • Sloan Bashinsky John Bolton IE a right wing hardliners who was Tromp’s top adviser, Bolton detests the left more than you do. He also detests Trump, whom he actually knows well. Have you even met Trump, had even one word with him, even a personal tweet?
    • Michael Vincent Stazzone Sloan Bashinsky we judge POTUS on job performance - he was doing extremely well while being attacked like no President in history. We have grown extreme disdain for the radical left - no one talks about it - but at this point they have proven they will resort to any level - spying, impeachment lies, spinning all news daily, some strange “virus” on the heals of leveraging China on trade? ... it’s disgusting and outrageous. Trump was and is hated by both sides of the isle from day 1 - McCain literally handed the dossier to FBI - Jeb and the Bush family did not like “low energy Jeb” - Bolton - whom the left hated as the “war mongur” - until he had something negative to say - oh and his “book” is not about making money? It’s 8 years - not like these life long Career senators, congressmen / women (TERM LIMITS please) - Not, the end of the world - and Trump deserves at least 4 without 24/7/365 harassment - hopefully, Duraham and Barr (a good man who is now also getting attacked) will fix some shit - and soon.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Michael Vincent Stazzone Bolton offered to testify before the Senate and the Republicans, bowing to Trump, declined. They created the book deal .
    • Michael Vincent Stazzone Sloan Bashinsky no one wins on a “hate” agenda - ever.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Trump’s rhetoric, your rhetoric, MAGA rhetoric - laced with hate
    • Michael Vincent Stazzone Sloan Bashinsky ok - turn on the TV - 90% of what you hear is judgment and hate from the radical left - what you hear from the right is disgust from that never ending saga.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Michael Vincent Stazzone all I see from you, Trump, MAGAs, Klan, Nazis, Fascists is hatred of anything that does not agree with your politics. You call them commies. Commie Russia helped Trump beat Hillary because they feared her a lot more than they feared Trump.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Michael Vincent Stazzone I have a friend with Russian in-laws who was convinced a president Hillary would start a war with Russia. If you knew my friend, you would categorize her as a radical left commie. She voted for Trump.
    • Michael Vincent Stazzone Sloan Bashinsky last I checked radical Soros funded Antifa was burning down cities - not Trump supporters. Who’s radical again?
    • Michael Vincent Stazzone Sloan Bashinsky I visited Russia - dated a Russian for 5 years - I’m well aware of their (behind closed doors) opinion of Putin. The Russians treated me better then the Brits (our #1 ally) when I visited. Awesome experience.
  • Sloan Bashinsky Soros isn't Hillary or Obama. Maybe Soros is the alt-left's KKK grand wizard. No cites got burned down. Some fires were started. Trump got the KKK, Neo-Nazi, Nazi, Fascist Confederate Flag and Russian vote in 2016, and he will get it this year. That's who you are lined up with. Looks to me Trump is trying to burn down America. Maybe he believes that is the only way to fix America. Maybe he's right. Maybe it all needs to be burned down. Jesus said his baptism was in fire. I bet if you, Trump, Soros, the Democrats, the Republicans, the MAGAs, Antifa, the KKK, Neo-Nazis, Nazis, Fascists, Confederate Flagers, Evangelists and all other Christians, and Russians all experienced THAT baptism, you would come to wish there was no God and by the time it ended, if you survived it, which you very well might not, you very well would have killed yourself, or drank or meth-ed yourself into oblivion, everything would be different. I say that from having had that baptism administered to me despite my kicking and screaming. But since that baptism is not being provided across the board, here we are, you are filled with fear and hate and you have a great deal of company on the right and on the left. God's somewhere in the middle.
    • Michael Vincent Stazzone Sloan Bashinsky you are paranoid Sloan. You live in fear. Clearly. Maybe you need to find your peace in Him. For me, I still love and respect my friends and family who have a differing political view. The moderates on the right - Christian JFK Democrats too see an imperfect human - you want to talk God? Jesus, in my case. He is looking down at all of us and listening too any word of judgment - calling for you and others to lighten up - forgive - love thy enemy. Maybe your talking to me to help with that message? God works in mysterious ways. Trump is not Satan and anyone who thinks it - typically it has more to do with the person in the mirror and less to do with the man in the White House. Give the guy some slack - but really more - cut yourself some slack - you are projecting.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Jesus has been on my case since early 1987, with Archangel Michael. Later, Melchizedek joined them, and then I was transitioned slowly into public service, even as they continued correcting and directing me relentlessly. What I fear is crossing them and God. You judge the left hatefully. You judge the left rabidly. Viciously. Jesus sees you do that every time you do it. Trump indeed is possessed by Lucifer. So is Hillary. So are a lot of important people. In most cases, they don't know it. That's not judgement. It's a diagnosis. If a doctor diagnoses cancer in a patient, is that judgment?
    • Michael Vincent Stazzone Sloan Bashinsky how many examples do you want me to send you? It’s not hate - I hate no one - hatred is the man in the mirror - I constructively criticize - every day - far left radicals - I do understand many Democrat moderates - the ones who do not lSee More
      The media is ‘demented with Trump hatred’
      The media is ‘demented with Trump hatred’

    • Sloan Bashinsky You still don't get it, Michael. I know the left is screwed up. My left friends don't care for what I tell them. The right is just as screwed up. The left and the right keep pointing the finger at each other, which is classic PROJECTION: Psychology 101. Jesus warned not to do that, but they keep doing it. Did it occur to you yet that, in the Big Scheme, the coroavirus is a Divine Intervention designed to push America and all other nations and humanity to their spiritual limits? And God is watching how each person responds to that test? That the coronavirus has trumped everything else human on this planet? America has more infections than any other affluent nation? Who is president? What are his coronvirus grades? What are the right's coronavirus grades? What are the left's? You don't get to decide those scores, Michael. You can affect your own personal score.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Perhaps you might wish to consider much of the media, the left, and even part of the middle are terrified of Trump, MAGAs, Evangelicals, KKK, Confederate Flagers, Nazis, Neo-Nazis, Fascists ..., and that is what motivates them ...
    • Michael Vincent Stazzone Sloan Bashinsky I’m anti government over control - over- reaching - as you know I spent 4 years of my life fighting Monroe County and FEMA over downstairs enclosures errors, oversight and overreach - if not out right corruption - it took me getting Senator Bill Nelson involved - the irony of a GOP registered Floridian seeking help and getting ignited by GOP officials only to be helped by a Democrat - Nelson - a good man. The net net is we won - 3000 cases and the judge who handled the legal malpractice case - points that out. I proved my case - 250k in legal bills later. A year later - the “Pilot Inspection Program” squashed. So - it changed me - if Government can F with a small guy like my parents at will, what are they doing on a large scale? I met a guy in Key West - and his wife on a weekend retreat - I told them at breakfast - B&B - that story and he told me he recently retired 30 years as a government “arms contractor” - every time - he said “I walked into a senators office I was asked, what are you going to do for me” ... so he concurred - I see Trump a huge wrench thrown into that machine of pay for play. I’m anti far right and anti far left.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Turmp's own niece wrote that if he is reelected, that will be the end of democracy in America. I think she knows him a tad more than you.
    • Sloan Bashinsky I fought the downstairs enclosure war, too, as someone who had no personal stake in it. Bill Nelson sided with the Navy using super loud neighborhood shattering F-18s at Boca Chica air field and not changing approach and take off vectors back to like they were before Stock Island and Key Haven lobbied the Navy to fly the thunder birds over poor parts of Stock Island and Big Coppit Key. Capt. Ed Davidson, Vietnam carrier fighter jet pilot veteran, who was flying on John McCain's wing when he was shot down, took Nelson apart in Key West city hall. See, it's not all one way, but that's how you keep going. You seem to know very little, or nothing, about projection, balance. You totally polarized against the left in what you put on Facebook.

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