Sunday, July 26, 2020

Since it does not appear Covid-19 will wipe out humanity, perhaps ETs will save Earth from Earthlings?

  • Sloan Bashinsky President Trump has led America to be the greatest of all nations in Covid-19 infections and deaths and it looks to me he did it on purpose by telling Americans there was nothing to worry about, it's a liberal press scare hoax, and then when it became clear the liberal press had nothing to do with Covid-19 after all, Trump encouraged Americans not to wear masks in public places and to demonstrate maskless in public places and to attend MAGA rallies maskless, and by not firing his FDA director and Dr. Fauci when they did not promote Dr. Zelenko's battlefield-tested cure. Covid-19 likes Republicans, MAGAs, Evangelicals, KKKs, Nazis, Neo-Nazis, Facscits, Confederate flag wavers as much as it likes everyone else. Trump put his entire base and the American way of life at risk, and his base still think he is sent to them by God to make America great again. I bet his base will go to their graves blaming, Obama, Hillary, Biden, the Democrats, commies, the liberal press, Antifa for what Covid-19 has done to America. I bet if a rogue comet was headed straight to smack Florida and sink it underwater, Trump's base would blame it on the same left coalition.

    Thanks, President Trump, America is world leader in coronavirus infections and deaths

    Thanks, President Trump, America is world leader in coronavirus infections…
    Thanks, President Trump, America is world leader in coronavirus infections and deaths
    • Ian Cruikshank Sloan Bashinsky - other countries have a higher death rate like Sweden, England, Italy, etc. Let’s not make the mistake of comparing apples and oranges. We should be looking at the deaths as a % or deaths per million. Sweden had no mask mandate or lockdown and their deaths are just 1.3 times higher. They’re rapidly falling as well. They may soon be below USA in relative terms. They may get true herd immunity along with England.
    • Sloan Bashinsky I rechecked online (where you can learn everything 😀) and see herd immunity is thought to arrive when plus or minus 80 percent infection of the general population has occurred. I found online a chart (see down below) showing America has 4,250,000 confirmed infections (which might be a a bit understated if asymptomatic infections are factored in), and a population of 328,000,000, so that's something over 1 percent infection rate, which means herd immunity is a bit over-rated? Or, a great fuss has been made over very little? Or, President Trump did a really bad job of trying to create herd immunity? Or, the deep state medical-industrial complex, represented by Dr. Fauci and the liberal hoax media, did a really good job preventing herd immunity from happening in America? Looks like much the same happened everywhere else, so far, except, these statistics put America on top of that heap:

      United StatesUnited States

      I would love to blame President Obama for those numbers, but can't figure out how to do it and not look like an idiot. And, I wonder how it would have gone in America this year if there had been no Obama Care for people who became infected and had no medical insurance?

      Meanwhile, I think America could reopen all the way if every person living there had free access to Dr. Vladimir Zelenko's proven early-state infection cure. Alas, I extrapolate from what all I have encountered on Facebook trying to "sell" Dr. Zelenko's cure, that 99 percent of Americans, regardless of their political party or lack thereof, would choose death before they would use Dr. Zelenko's cure.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Dr. Zelenko's March 23, 2020 letter to All World Medical Professionals, copied to President Donald J. Trump and Chief-of -Staff Mark Meadows.

In a parallel dimension, perhaps ETs will save Earth from Earthlings?

  • Sloan Bashinsky Hilarious. Rubio says we don't know who or what they are, but we must do something about them. Maybe if they wanted us to know who and what they are, they would have done something about it to help those of us who don't already know who and what they are:not from this planet :-)
  • Paula Sevier Can you imagine the panic if the media started seriously reporting that we have been visited by beings from beyond? War of the Worlds?
    • Sloan Bashinsky Paula Sevier I can imagine the panic in the White House, Congress and ministerial circles in America, likewise in corresponding institutions worldwide, if the ETs landed in prominent places in plain view and took over FOX, CNN, etc and spoke directly to Americans in English, Spanish and sign, and explained why they are here, how long they have been here, how long the American government has known about and been communicated to by them, what they think of American government, politics , religion, war and destroying the environment, and when the US warplanes arrive they all are disabled in mid air and gently lowered to the ground, and the president and Congress people and ministers all in unison say, “Oh shit!”
    • Paula Sevier Why might they be here? If they are. Just checking us out? Like bugs under a microscope? To bring us a message? What might that message be? What message, if any, do you see Jesus as having brought. “The Kingdom is now/ in us/ among us?”
    • Sloan Bashinsky Maybe they say, "Jesus sent us, because you didn't listen to him?" Maybe they say, "Jesus came from our mother ship and look at what you did to him.' Maybe they say, "Jesus came from another ET race, or from another realm to try to help humans, but we didn't need him because we did not think and behave like Earthlings." What I'm trying to say is, if ETs unveiled, that would trump everything sort of like, but in a much larger way, than the coronavirus has trumped everything. How would President Trump, Congress, the religions respond? Well, I suppose that would be really interesting to watch unfold. I actually have seen a ET airship, I watched it do tricks in the sky, I watched it drag a cloud across the sky like a super wide vapor trail, I watched my 3rd wife, her son and a grown friend of ours refuse to look up and watch what I told them was happening right above them. My wife and the friend were mental health professionals, her son was afraid they would laugh at him if he looked up, he later told me. I told him the spaceship came for him, I already know of ETs. I bet he will look up the next time. He said, Yes. There was no next time while I was trying to help him leave the herd.
    • Paula Sevier Who knows.........
    • Sloan Bashinsky Right, who knows? You don't know. I don't know. Donald Trump doesn't know. The pope perhaps knows, who knows? The ETs know and I imagine they have their reasons for not coming forward - yet, although they have been putting out plenty of signals they are around. I bet half of humanity, or more, is convinced the ETs are around, and their governments are covering it up and the religions want it to stay covered up :-)
    • Paula Sevier Who knows......not I.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Right. And, yes, It could be War of the Worlds, but I seriously doubt it would end with a bacterial killing the ETs. It could end with the end of human society as we know it. If I were Mother Earth, I would hope the ETs take over and treat me better than humanity treated me.
    • Paula Sevier I trust things are unfolding according to “God’s“ ‘Vast Eternal Plan’.
    • Sloan Bashinsky For sure. Nazi Germany. Stalin Russia. Mao China. Korean War. Vietnam War. African wars. Mid-East wars. Bosnia. Afghanistan. (Russia and America), Iraq,, Chechnya, Syria, and the war against the planet, and the unofficially declared civil war in America right now, I'm sure God is pleased.
    • Paula Sevier All part of the “VEP”—— nothing outside of it. God reigns/ is ultimate. Don’t forget to include the crucifixion.
    • Sloan Bashinsky I think, Paula, that walking with God on this world is a bit more up close and personal than you keep presenting. It's like Jesus did it, including perhaps being crucified for pissing off his own people's priests.

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