Friday, July 10, 2020

Parody Nation: America

Peggy Butler 

West Palm Beach, Florida resident
July 9, 2020
The United States has 3,109,500 confirmed cases of COVID-19, which is an increase of 55,409 cases since yesterday!
The United States has 134,291 deaths from COVID-19, which is an increase of 856 deaths since yesterday!
Florida has 232,718 confirmed cases of COVID-19, which is an increase of 8,935 cases since yesterday!
Florida has 4,009 deaths from COVID-19, which is an increase of 120 deaths since yesterday!
YIPPEE, let's celebrate and open DISNEY WORLD!!
  • Stephen Braddock Forget Disney. Bring on the RNC!
  • Sloan Bashinsky Disney world much larger visitor numbers over time, probably face masks required. If they actually open.

    Can’t wait to see Jacksonville PD enforce their city’s new face mask ordinance against anti-mask bioterrorists convention.

    Maybe silver lining is Florida infection numbers zoom to 10 million and adjacent Georgia and Alabama ban any vehicle coming from Florida., including returning Georgians and Alabamians. Presdident Trump and FEMA have to airlift relief supplies into Florida, and FEMA workers become infected, and Trump solves it by saying it’s a liberal media scare hoax, then all other states ban anyone coming from Florida including returning residents, and Trump calls off national election because radical left liberals infected with C19 had infiltrated RNC and Disney World and America, and he asks Congress to fund a wall between Florida and the world.

    • Peggy Butler Love it, Sloan! LOL

    • Sloan Bashinsky Go visit friends or relatives in another state. It would be just like God to make Florida coronavirus ground zero because Trump's castle is there and he has to win Florida to stay in office legally.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Here's a link to Disney World reopening protocol. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy seem to have a bit more sense about staying safe than Donald Trump, RNC, MAGAs, etc. And yet I wonder, given the increasing number of C-19 infections in Florida, will Disney World stay open, if it even reopens?
On a more lighthearted front😎
  • Michael Fliegel Parody site.
    • Sloan Bashinsky a bit more than that, but if labeling it parody makes you feel better, go for it
    • Michael Fliegel It’s bizarre enough to be parody.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Bizarre is America today. Foreign countries have free bizarre TV straight from America,24-7, led by a professional reality bender. I wish what I wrote in this thread and in the blog post that this thread relates to was parody. I wish it for my children and their children. I wish it for America. I wish it for humanity, some of which does not allow Americans to come into their countries.
    • Michael Fliegel Sloan Bashinsky you really think Biden can do better? I don’t. The Democrat Party is a train wreck. I would be happier with President Pence, Rubio, or Paul, but they aren’t on the 2020 ballot.
    • Sloan Bashinsky I don't know how Biden might do, but he seems to be a bit less hateful and acerbic than Trump. I don't know how super-religious Pence sleeps nights joined at the hip with Trump. I kinda like Mark Rubio, I like the older Paul a good bit better than his son. Gung ho Trump friend asked me today, who would I like to see be president? I said, Tulsi Gabbard.
    • Michael Fliegel Sloan Bashinsky I like her. She’s not crazy. I like Nikki Hailey and Condalisa Rice as well.
    • Sloan Bashinsky I like Tulsi because she speaks her mind, she is military veteran and she wants to stop America's foreign wars, the results of which suggest they were really stupid wars from the get go, unless you factor in all the money rich white men made off those wars, and still make. I wanted to wring Obama's neck for accepting the Nobel Peace Prize while continuing the Cheney-Bush wars. Hailey is tight with Trump's kids, ain't she? I think everything Trump in American government needs fumigating. So does Turmp's niece and John Bolton.
    • Michael Fliegel Sloan Bashinsky I like the foreign policy DT campaigned on and a lot of what he’s accomplished. I wish he wasn’t an ass but that’s what he is.

      I was deployed to Afghanistan in 2009. It sucked.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Michael Fliegel My condolences re Afghanistan. Trump said the Iraq war was made up, and I hoped he would end it altogether after he was elected, and the Afghanistan war, too. After he was elected, he said the natural resources of those two countries should be monetized to repay America for being there. He sho nuff is an ass. Just ask his niece and John Bolton, I tell Republicans who can't bring themselves to be honest about him. Interesting times. The lovely gift from Red China has turned everything upside down and it kinda looks to me like China is gaining the most, and I'm convinced they invented it and meant to have a vaccine ready, that would be a double whammy, but, ooops, and here we is.
    • Michael Fliegel Sloan Bashinsky I agree with DT’s goal of ending foreign entanglements. Bolton is an arrogant warmonger nation builder who should have never have been appointed. The virus is China’s fault, as you say. Have a great Friday!
    • Sloan Bashinsky Thanks, same back at ya. Trump seems to be selective about which foreign entanglements to shed. A Saudi prince bailed Trump out of bankruptcy twice. Trump's daughter has her clothing line made in Red China. Trump asked Russia to help him get elected in 2016, and Russia complied. Ass that he is, John Bolton knew a great deal about Trump's foreign entanglements. I don't see Russia trying to help Joe Biden get elected this year. Looks to me America is doing a pretty fair job of being a parody.

    • Michael Fliegel No evidence of wrongdoing by DT or his campaign as to China or Russia in 2016 or 2020. DT is harder on China and Russia than BHO ever was. Bolton is a Hawk and DT isn’t. The Democrats have tried to remove DT since before his inauguration. This stupid partisanship will end one day but a Biden victory will not cure America, it may well doom America.=
    • Sloan Bashinsky I am convinced Trump should have been impeached, but I never thought it was a smart move by the Dems and it would distract, and it did. I think partisanship will end in America if it becomes a dictatorship or has a monarch, about the same. I enjoy conversing with you about such matters. Refreshing. Maybe you should run for president some day.

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