Thursday, July 16, 2020

mesmerized America

past tense: mesmerized; past participle: mesmerized
  1. hold the attention of (someone) to the exclusion of all else or so as to transfix them.

Yesterday's It shouldn't take much grey matter to know Donald Trump is possessed by Lucifer post generated a range of comments at my Facebook page. Below are conversation threads started by Warren  and then by Paula. We grew up in all-white affluent Mt. Brook, also known as The Tiny Kingdom, over the mountain from Birmingham, Alabama. They stayed home, remained conservative. I went wandering. We reconnected recently on Facebook. 

  • Warren How awful! Trump just might be Sent from God to try to Save America from the Far Left anarchies who are Trying to destroy EVERYTHING this that is the Foundation of the USA !
    He may be the only person alive today who is able to stand strong against the left wing Slings and Arrows !
    God Bless this Imperfect Man who LOVES America!
    • Sloan If he loves America, why'd he get bailed out of bankruptcy twice by a Saudi prince? Why'd he ask Russia to help him get elected in 2016? Why'd he stiff countless contractors, subcontractors and their hard-working American laborers? Why'd he give daughter Ivanka a pass on having her apparel line made in Red China? Why, when he was married to Ivanka, did he sometimes pull out at night and read a book of Hitler's speeches? Why'd he run with Jeffry Epstein? Why'd he dodge the draft? Why does he hide his tax returns from Americans? Why'd he accept endorsement by KKK imperial wizard, Nazis, Neo Nazis, Confederate flag worshipers? You really think God approved of all of that?
    • Warren oh my you tout the left mantra ! Trump is a business man who looks for the Best Deal ....
      Russiagate was a made up lie by Dems !
      Trump is trying to Save American from Idiots who think Socialism is wonderful!

      Has that type of Gov Ever Worked?
      If you look at the Hand Writing on the too could see the left only wants To Control in order to keep people Dependent on them!
    • Warren ps don’t confuse Trump with Clintons and Epstein!!!!
    • Sloan Trump ran with Epstein, nothing confusing about that; he also seems to have run with Bill and Hillary Clinton. See below.

      Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, night and suit
    •  with the Clintons
      Image may contain: 4 people, suit
    • Sloan Trump himself said he asked Russia in 2016 to help him win, and Russia accepted his invitation by going after Hillary. Don't you for a heartbeat think I'm a Democrat, Warren. in 2016, I published many times at my blog that Hillary and Donald were flip sides of the same awful coin, and the Devil liked them both.
    • Trump and Bill Clinton
      Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and suit
    • Warren Don’t forget who Paid for the Russia Hoax!!! Hilliary, OB, Soros et al !
    • Sloan Hey, Warren. Are you reading my words? I don't like Hillary or Donald, because I know they both are snakes.
    • Warren so I’ll bet lots pic can be found of many people together!
      I have a pic with Geo and Barb but we were not “ cohorts” !!!!!
    • Lenore Wow...gets some therapy, Warren...and an education. Trump is a danger to us all!
    • Sloan Warren, you are who wrote here, "ps don’t confuse Trump with Clintons and Epstein!!!!" Trump "confused" himself with them.
    • Warren There are many folks who would not be my best friends but sometimes we must choose the lesser of 2 evils!
      Plus I think Trump has done some good things against ALL Odds !  
      I also know God often uses Very Imperfect People to do His Work!
    • Lenore Warren, of all the countries in the world, why did Trump pick Russia to have a beauty pageant? Think about it. He was connected to Russia long before he even ran for president, and is beholden to Putin now as a result. Trump is a total danger to every American citizen. He only wants to be re elected to avoid jail time.
    • Warren sorry, Lenore,but I don’t see things your way....!
    • Lenore We are all entitled to our opinions...this is America. But my opinion is to make some people think. Stay safe and healthy Warren.
    • Sloan God's choice for president in 2016 was either Jill Stein (Green Party) or Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party). The Democrats and the Republicans fielded Lucifer's candidates.
    • Warren if so maybe some folks forgot to contribute to them !?!?
    • Warren each to his or her own! I’m old enough to really NOT care about other’s opinions ! We can all agree to disagree and still learn to live in the same world!
    • Sloan if you don't care about my opinions, why'd you get so excited? :- Trump, Republicans, MAGAs, Nazis, Neo Nazis, Klan, Confederate flag worshipers are good examples that Americans cannot agree to disagree and still learn to live in the same country. Won't surprise me if Trump loses, he will try to negate the election and stay in office. He floated after he was elected in 2016 the notion of president for life; after he had seen Putin perhaps achieve that status in Russia. What the Republicans need to do is address the huge beams in their President and their own eyes. Same for the Democrats. Fat chance that happens.
    • Warren there are many folks who have so far avoided Jail but I hope they pay someday for their crimes !
      I don’t know anything about Other Candidates and I do not believe Accepting Contributions means Prostituting oneself!
      As you I know I g
      rew up around politics so I know how many people play the game! Today politics is so bad that not many “normal people “ can stay in the game!
      I’ve just learned that Most Democrats want More Gov control and to me that’s what got us to this state of stupidity today ! It makes me sick to watch the unbridled destruction of this Great Nation!
      I thank God that Trump has Thick Skin and Large B_______s in order to try to do some GOOD for the USA ! We must not let the Socialist /Antifa /Communistic/ idiots finish the destruction of this Nation !
    • Sloan looks to me the right has done about half the damage to America, and the left has done the other half. I clerked for the federal judge in Birmingham your daddy went to get his blessing to run for public office. Judge Clarence W. Allgood ran the DEMOCRATIC PARTY in Alabama behind the scenes. He's the first person you meet in

      A FEW REMARKABLE ALABAMA PEOPLE I HAVE KNOWN, by a southern lawyer who became a mystic

      A FEW REMARKABLE ALABAMA PEOPLE I HAVE KNOWN, by a southern lawyer who became a mystic
    • Warren I remember C Allgood.
      But we know the Democratic Party today is Not like it was then! I’d bet my father and Grand father are Rolling in their graves at Elmwood right now!!!! Mama is rolling too!
    • Sloan It does appear the Democrats and the Republicans had sex with each other and produced two entirely new major political parties :-
    • Gary Lenore - Engaging with N. Korea gave them the attention and legitimacy they craved. That's what was accomplished..
    • Gary  I thought he was possessed by Beelzabub, Sloan.
    • Sloan Found this quick at Wikipedia:

      "Beelzebub or Beelzebul is a name derived from a Philistine god, formerly worshipped in Ekron, and later adopted by some Abrahamic religions as a major demon. The name Beelzebub is associated with the Canaan
      ite god Baal."

      THE SPEAR OF DESTINY book describes how Adolph Hitler used an ancient relic in an Austrian museum to align with a demon, and another person used the same relic to go in the opposite direction, and then the demon enhance Hitler and got into his top aides and enhanced them, and enabled them to mezmerise much of Germany, while the other fellow was being enhanced in other ways, including allowing him to astral travel and spy on Hitler and his aides during their meetings and report that to the Allied Command, who had the relic seized when they captured Berlin and returned to the Austrian museum where Hitler had captured in earlier in the way had removed it to Germany.

      I have observed since 2006 the mesmer effect Trump has on many Americans, as if he is Jesus returned.

      Image may contain: 18 people, crowd, text that says 'Lord PRESIDENT FOR JESUS, TRUMP'
    • Gary He does mesmerize. Maybe i'm right.
    • Sloan Lucifer has squadrons, platoons, divisions, armies, a legion of demons. Beelezebug is pretty high up in that pecking order. Jesus spoke a few times of Satan in the Gospels, had a few run ins with Satan during the 40 days in the wilderness. And later. For Jesus, it was an internal war in himself, and an external war. For most people who think the Devil exists, it is an external war. That is not what Jesus experienced and taught, however.
  • Paula I can’t read all this... so, Bash, you think Trump is possessed by Lucifer? Or were you quoting someone else's opinion?
    • Sloan it is my diagnosis, based on my observation of him and my being turned every which a way but loose, stood in front of mirrors long stretches of time, and trained by beings Christians hold dear in the Bible.
    • Robert bless your heart Sloan.
    • Kari do agree with you Sloan
    • Sloan Well, I guess that settles it, since you are the only seer in Key West known to me. You can use your new toy, the alleged smart phone, to click on the beginning of this Facebook post, which led to what turned out to be maybe the world record longest string of comments under anything I ever published at Facebook, or anywhere online. Clicking there will bring up today's post at my blog, which you can read for yourself.
  • Paula Regardless of who he may or may not “be possessed by” God put him in office to accomplish God’s Own Purposes. Just like Obama.
  • Paula love the man’s chutzpah— never seen anything like it.
  • Paula We all recognize that Donald Trump is no weak sweet Jesus-type as some people perceive Jesus to have been. He is a powerful being with gargantuan gonads
    • Sloan Reminds me of Lucifer
    • Sloan People who have perceived a weak sweet Jesus must not have read the Gospels.

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