Thursday, August 5, 2021

Covid 19 Stigmata: What if a new variant is immune to vaccines?

I read online this morning of a doctor in Missouri, at the request of some families, reporting cause of death as something other than Covid 19, because they viewed dying of Covid-19 as a stigma.

Yesterday's If the variants defeat the vaccines, will God's first attempt to save humanity, which was burned at the stake, become humanity's only hope? post reported my daughters' beloved fully-vaccinated stepfather died of Covid-19 pneumonia.

A retired registered nurse I knew when I lived in Key West, responded.

That's so terribly sad, Sloan. I'm so sorry. Sometimes nothing can help someone. That's the only explanation. But thank God, the vaccine helps most of us. I'd still get it even knowing there might be a handful of unfortunate souls, like your daughter's stepfather, whom it doesn't help. I think it's suicide - maybe even homicide - not to get it, knowing the chances of your getting it and dying or getting it and giving it to your child and watching him die are huge.

Yes, those chances are huge, and I'm seeing testimonials on FB by or about anti-vaxxers, who caught C-19 and ended up in a world or hurt and wishing they had gotten vaxxed, and some of them died. I'm also reading plenty online about fully-vaxxed people catching C-19 and spreading it just as well and unvaxxed people, but the vaxxed spreaders are a lot fewer in numbers, so far. You are a retired registered nurse. What happens if a variant develops on which vaccines have no effect? I caught a lot of flack for talking about a cheap, fast, hospital-dodging, early stage infection cure, which would have allowed America to safely reopen in April 2020. I told you about it several times and, frankly, it was like taking to myself. Had that cure been given to my daughters' stepfather as soon as he showed symptoms, when it's supposed to be given, I bet he would still be alive dealing with cancer and other bad medical stuff. Perhaps for him, C-19 pneumonia was a merciful escape from even more grim ails?

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko developed that cure. His now infamous March 23 letter, banned by Facebook, is at the bottom of this post today. 

A Key West amigo emailed me about Dr. Zelenko's opposition to Covid 19 vaccines reported in the how simple, cheap, fast, early stage infection cure was burned at the stake so Big Pharma could make BIG BUCK$$$ off billions of human lab rats post.

Is Zelenko seriously recommending NOT taking a vaccine?? Damn, that makes it harder to support his valid zinc/hydro cure.

I wasted a half hour listening to someone else's highly-recommended anti-vaccine analysis.  It was bullshit.  Did you listen to the whole Zelensky podcast?  I basically do not bother with something that has to be played to me on a video.  If it's not in print, I'm not going to bother.

The Sunday show Reliable Sources had the best lead on COVID this Sunday.  Trashed the regular media and top govt "alerts" on every problem with the vaccine, no matter how tangential.  It showed the only data that matters, on the front page of the NY Post of all places:  A square with a red dot in the corner, representing the one death out of a thousand COVID deaths suffered by a vaccinated person.  That is the only datum worth broadcasting. Did Zelenko have any critique of this factoid?


I watched entire video. Dr. Z claims vaccines create spike protein factories throughout the body. I’d seen that argument elsewhere. Indisputable that vaccinated people presently less at risk to C-19. But lots of them catch and spread it, and some of them have rough go, and some die. It's mutating and perhaps will evolve a vaccine-proof variant. Despite Dr. Z mutating into a political fringe zombie, his protocol remains the simple, quick, cheap, fast hospital-dodging cure even against variants. What a fucking shame his cure is not freely available even now. What does that say about the virus that is killing the planet? Homo sapiens.

"A square with a red dot in the corner, representing the one death out of a thousand COVID deaths suffered by a vaccinated person.  That is the only datum worth broadcasting. Did Zelenko have any critique of this factoid?"
This was in Washington, D.C.?

Try to separate that from Zelenko arguing vaccines will kill you, if not next week, or next month, then next year, or in 5 or 10 years. That's his argument. Is he correct? I don't think he is. I think he's gone round the bend. See the Reuters fact check in the people vaccinated with demon sperm more contagious than Covid 19 and variants post: 

That's also qAnons' argument, and lots of people's arguments. Then, when they catch Covid-19, they get to hear its argument inside of them, and they get to see the looks on the faces of doctors trying to save their lives, and the looks on their family and friends' faces, and the look on their own face in the mirror when they brush their teeth, and they get really acquainted with how their body feels, and if they are not totally wacko, they join the ranks of vaccination resisters who caught Covid 19 and rued like hell they had resisted getting vaccinated.

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