Friday, August 6, 2021

Does zinc smell like a skunk to Covid-19?

A Key West Republican amigo replied to yesterday's Covid 19 Stigmata: What if a new variant is immune to vaccines? post at this blog:

Hey Sloan,

This might be considered stirring an already boiling pot, but as to your questions of a new variant being immune to the vaccine, why couldn’t a new variant also be immune to Dr. Zelenko’s treatment?

For the record, I know that you have received the vaccine, as have I, so this is discussion question, not an anti vaccine point in any way, shape or form.  


Your question is valid. 

To become immune to Dr. Z's cure, a variant would have to be immune to zinc, which earlier coronaviruses were not. 

Zinc is not like something synthesized in a lab, a vaccine or a new coronavirus. 

Also, Dr. Z's cure is not widespread, but is dispensed off label and underground, and I think does not get enough interaction with C19 and its variants for them to develop immunity to zinc, if that is even possible. 
Perhaps this analogy might apply? 

Can a person become immune to the smell of skunk urine? Actually, yes. C19 made my older daughter unable to smell skunk urine, she said. 

So, can C19, or one of its variants, become immune to zinc, which smells like a skunk to it ? 

Sorry, couldn't help myselfEmoji


All the studies I saw knocking hydroxychloroquine as being ineffective against Covid 19 did not include taking zinc with hydroxychloroquine, which is known to transport zinc into body cells, where zinc inhibits coronavirus replication. I recall reading that Dr. Z said ivermectin also transports zinc into body cells, as does quercetin. Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine require prescriptions.  A Great Lakes Republican friend texted me yesterday that he had read green tea extract transports zinc into body cells. I take quercetin with C, which Dr. Z said enhances quercetin's ability to transport zinc into body cells. I am pretty sure there is an underground awareness of Dr. Z, because drugstores where I live seem to keep running out of zinc. 

One or two other things. The massive allegations in 2020 that Hydroxychloroquine kills people happened AFTER Dr. Z and his cure were promoted by President Trump and Sean Hannity. For decades, doctors had prescribed Hydroxychloroquine to prevent and treat malaria, and to treat lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. I read a few times after Dr. Z made his appearance spring 2020 that the U.S Military was giving its people Hydroxychloroquine and zinc. The hatchet job on Hydroxychloroquine doesn't pass any smell test known to me or any self-respecting skunk I have known. Nor does the Left, including Joe Biden, and their news media, aligning with the Medical-Industrial Complex to burn Dr. Z and his cure, and Trump and Hannity at the stake pass any smell test. Nor does the Left, including Joe Biden, not giving Trump a lot of attaboys for the vaccines they want everybody to take.

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