Thursday, August 19, 2021

Republican anti-vaxxer loaded for bear hopes to catch Covid-19

I posted on Facebook yesterday:

Christian antivaxxers' God-given right help their children catch Covid-19 and give it to other people and die
Finally!!! Republicans have become pro choice!! I love it!!
Are we not our brother's keeper? I think That did come out of the bible, just SAYIN'
First it is not a god given right. It is a public health issue - think polio, small pox etc.
It’s a God given right you’ll be going into the ground someday but in the meantime you might want to save yourself.
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Christian antivaxxers' God-given right help their children catch Covid-19 and give it to other people and die
Christian antivaxxers' God-given right help their children catch Covid-19 and give it to other people and die
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A Great Lakes area Republican friend responded.

NO, this highly experimental “vax” is failing Sloan! Go to Joe Rogan Experience podcast #1671 and you will realize humanity is being treated as “lab rats”!

Sloan Bashinsky
I truly hope you don’t catch it.
The vaccinateds having far less trouble with the vaccines and C19 than the unvaccinateds are having with C19.

I hope I do because I’m loaded for bear! And prefer natural antibodies to bad “science” which needs a top-off every 6-8 months. I urge you to listen to the JRE podcast!

Sloan Bashinsky
How do you get natural antibodies, unless you catch C19 and survive, or you catch it and are in the very high risk category and are given antibody treatment?
What you are taking as supplements might, and I hope, spare you catching C19 or have a milder case than otherwise (quercetin, zinc, C, D-3), but what about the antivaxxers who are not on your regimen? They are sitting ducks far more now thanks to the delta variant, and if they catch it, they will spread it more than they would have spread the earlier variants.
Looks to me there might even be a chance for herd immunity, but getting there might be gruesome, and if a variant comes that is immune to vaccines, at lot more gruesome. Perhaps Mother Nature is rooting for an immune variant?

I repeat, listen (actually watch) the JRE podcast I referenced. It is nearly 3 hours long but just may change your point-of-view...

Sloan Bashinsky
Give me the highlights

That Ivermectin is a silver bullet which when properly dosed and administered, more effective than mRNA vaxes, and has super wide spectrum effectiveness. Can be used prophylactically or at early onset. Japanese developer earned a Nobel Prize when it was developed and the only thing it has going against it is it’s out of patent and thus cheap.
Here you go.

Sloan Bashinsky
I have to join something to log in.
If the highlight is ivermectin, I've known about that since last year some time? Sancho Panza floated it. 
A woman friend in south Alabama, or maybe it was a Republican Facebook friend, told me that south Alabama cattle ranchers had stocked up on ivermectin from their veterinarians, in case they caught C19. 
You told me maybe a month ago?, that you have a friend in India who told you ivermectin solved that country's C19 woes, after attempts with other treatments didn't work, and vaccines were not widespread enough to matter. 
Before ivermectin was hydroxychloroquine and zinc, which worked great, apparently, if used as soon as C19-like symptoms appeared. Not so great after in ER. But then, heresy to develop a cheap, old cure that cuts out hospitals and Big Pharma and Op Warped Speed? 
If you get your hands on ivermectin, hope you get dosage right. Cattle dosage not human dosage. 
I don't think it's a good idea take any pharmaceutical drug ongoing, as in to prevent catching something. 
Hydroxychloroquine is used to prevent malaria infection if you are headed into malaria area, and to treat malaria after catch it. It is used ongoing to treat lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. 
If you catch C19, I hope you have ivermectin handy and know the right dosages and have a great doctor who knows how to try to keep you alive. 
It was in the news this morning that Alabama has no available ICU beds in the state, thanks to C19, mostly delta variant. Mississippi was already that way, according to a friend that lives there. 
It's reckless to downplay just how horrible C19 can be for some people. I read a news article today about doctors not having sympathy for unvaccinated C19 patients they have to try to save. Can't say I blame those doctors for their feelings.

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