Wednesday, August 4, 2021

If the variants defeat the vaccines, will God's first attempt to save humanity, which was burned at the stake, become humanity's only hope?

A Catholic priest friend from my Key West days posted that "cartoon" on FB today and I was not able to constrain myself:

Sloan Bashinsky
And before that, a Hasidic doctor, who and his cheap, fast early stage infection cure that kept people out of hosptials were burned at the stake in spring 2020 by the Left, Biden, MSM, CDC, FDA, NIH, Fauci, WHO, Lancet, Big Pharma, much of the Right and the Middle, and abandoned by Trump, and the Hasidic doctor God sent came unglued, attended Jan 6 Proud Boys rally, slammed vaccines as dangerous as Covid 19, which keeps mutating and infecting vaccinated people, in search of gaining immunity to vaccines, leaving the unglued Hasidic doctor’s cheap, fast , early stage infection burned at the stake cure perhaps the solution after all? God’s sense of humor?

Sloan Bashinsky What gibberish are you trying to say? This is nonsensical.

Sloan Bashinsky
I was fully vaccinated (Pfizer) early this year. What inspired that rant was my daughter's stepfather, whom they loved as their father, 89 year old retired doctor of internal medicine, fully vaccinated last year, top shelf medical care, died two days ago in a hospital of Covid 19 pneumonia. I sometimes wonder if the gift from Red China has aligned with Mother Nature to help her defend herself against the human virus that seems determined to kill Her and Planet Earth?

Sloan Bashinsky
Christopher, Gibberish and nonsensical is what was done to the Hasidic doctor and his cure. Actually, that's too kind. What was done to him was madness and the work of the Devil, topics Father Steve has some familiarity with. FB will put me in its jail again, if I name the doctor and the ingredients of his cure, which would have allowed America to safely reopen in April 2020. So, here are links to a post at my blog, which contain some details, which perhaps will sneak past FB's censor.

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