Thursday, August 12, 2021

Covid-19 madness is tearing Heaven and Hell apart

A little while ago, CNN interviewed a Houston, Texas hospital administrator, who is freaked out (my take) about recent spikes in Covid-19 infections.

Just now on CNN, FDA is to authorize booster shots for some immunocompromised. Yet, the FDA has not formally approved any vaccine. 

Now, CNN has a doctor with them, who is saying "breakthrough" infections, vaccinated people who catch Covid-19, should not be called "breakthrough" infections. Okay, just call them "vaccinated people infections".

Now, CNN and the doctor are talking about parents harassing and threatening health officials over mask mandates for students.

It looks to me the medical community is still playing catch up and there is a lot of guessing.

Now, I am not anti-mask nor anti-vaccine. I am merely worn out, jaded, with the whole Covid-19 scene.

I wore masks religiously for about 10 months in 2020 and much of 2021. I got the two Pfizer vaccine shots early this year.

I kept wearing masks in crowds.

I stayed mostly holed up in my apartment.

I watched people who had opposed masks, oppose being vaccinated.

I watched America open back up. 

The duplicate bridge club I belong to reopened.

The bridge club requires proof of full vaccination to play in person at the clubhouse. Most players don't wear masks. But if a player at your table asks you to don a mask, then you must, or you are told to leave and not come back.

I watched Covid-19 resurge this summer, when flus historically recede.

I saw many news reports of vaccinated people catching Covid-19 and of vaccinated people being asked, or told, to wear masks.

I recently started playing duplicate bridge with an elderly woman. She wears a cloth mask and a plastic face shield when we play. I don't wear a mask when we play. 

I told her last night on the phone that it looks to me that the best defense to Covid-19 is to catch it, survive, and have lots of antibodies.

I said I take zinc, quercetin and Vitamin C supplements daily. Quercetin and C transport zinc into body cells, where Covid-19 takes up residence. Covid-19 does not replicate well in a zinc environment. I said hydroxychloroquine also transports zinc into body cells, but it is not approved by FDA for treating Covid-19.

I sent her an email:

Daily, I take 25 mg. zinc, 500 mg. Quercetin, 5 Mg C, 2000 iu D-3 and B-complex.

If I start showing cold, sinus, throat, lung symptoms, I for 5 or maybe 7 days, I will take 220 mg zinc, 1,000 mg quercetin, 1,000 mg C, and keep taking the other two.

I will get myself to a doctor, as well, and may or may not, depending on the doctor's outlook, mention the above.

Below is a link to one of probably 100 blog posts about the cure that was available in late March 2020, which could have won the Covid-19 war and spared all the ensuing malaise.

Friday, August 6, 2021

I expect any time now for the bridge club to have a member or two or three get infected and spread Covid-19 at the clubhouse. I can imagine if that happens, the clubhouse will close again and and the club will return to offering online games only.

I wear masks in grocery and drug stores, not because I think masks protect me from Covid-19, but because I think masks make it harder for me to give Covid-19 to someone else. 

I wonder how the anti-vax folks think they have rights to hospital help if they catch Covid-19?

I wonder how anti-mask folks think they should be treated in hospitals for Covid-19 by masked doctors, nurses and medical techs? 

I wonder how anti-mask folks ignore, that before Covid-19, doctors, nurses and medical techs wore masks during surgery? Was that to preserve their identities?

Perhaps the anti-vax and anti-mask folks should be true to their stance and stay home when they catch Covid-19, and learn in that way how they feel about vaccinations and masks.

I wonder if governors of states, who have banned mask requirements and do not require their state government employees to wear masks and be vaccinated, need to catch Covid-19 and stay home and see how that goes for them and their point of view.

I wonder how it would have gone if the doctor, who developed the cheap, fast, Covid-19 cure that kept his patients out of hospitals, had been welcomed and embraced, instead of burned at the stake by the Left, including Joe Biden, the mainstream media. Dr. Fauci, FDA, CDC, NIH, WHO, Lancet, Big Pharma?

I also wonder how it would have gone if President Trump had told America that God and the Devil love hydroxychloroquine and zinc, which keeps humans from going to hospitals and dying and bringing Covid-19 to already very crowded Heaven and Hell?

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