Monday, August 16, 2021

God's angels need to knock some sense into lots more Americans than Trump Talibans


A Florida Keys friend responded to yesterday's While the Taliban surround Kabul, does America miss the point?

The whole Taliban situation is so sad. Especially for the women.
We pray.

It's very bad, especially for the women, for many centuries. 
Now looks like America has its own Taliban, and many women love it.

I am baffled at the lack of intelligence and common sense that so many American men and women have !!!! We need God and His Angels to knock some sense into these baffoons !!!!

The American Taliban think they are smart, God is with them like God was with Moses. The Afghanistan Taliban think God is with them, like God was with Mohammed. 
I imagine if God spoke to them frankly, they might freak out. Meanwhile, the Taliban took Kabul today without any resistance. Do you think Joe Biden, Congress, Americans learned anything yet?

$1 trillion, America spent on that war. Was it worth even one killed, maimed, battle-shocked American soldier? 

Nobel Peace Prize winner President Barack Obama revved up American troop deployment to Afghanistan. 

Now the Republicans are blaming Biden for the Taliban victory, when it was their President Donald Trump who decided America would put its troops out of Afghanistan, cut a deal with the Taliban not to attack American troops meanwhile, and Biden honored that deal. 

Looks to me God's angels need to knock some sense into lots more Americans than the Trump Talibans. 

Below my email address is American Historian Heather Cox Richardson's take on America's War in Afghanistan


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your EXCELLENT post. It has cleared my thinking.

Anonymous said...

I like you! Although some say that I am crazy. Events today remind me of your book titled something like "When Lambs go to Slaughter"
Keep up the great work that you all do!