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God sent America four ways to save itself from Covid-19, and America chose most expensive and most dangerous, capitalism at its finest


A reader comment under If ivermectin saved Delhi and much of India from Covid-19, why isn't it being given away by President Biden? led to a bit more discussion.

Your blog post on Wednesday regarding ivermectin is one of your best in months. 
Many doctors refuse to prescribe it, but the combo of  monoclonal antibodies infusion, ivermectin, and zithromax helped my daughter right quick. Her husband only received monoclonal antibodies and his recovery is a bit slower. Though still so far so good. 

Perhaps your personal interest in the post's topic influenced your assessment?
For quite a while, the posts at my blog have been an unfolding testament, so to speak, of someone who goes against the grain ongoing; a testament of someone, whose every action, utterance and even thought seems to be monitored, assessed, critiqued by beings a lot bigger and smarter. It seems to me the point is not to reach or persuade even one person. The point is simply to keep doing it.
When I first read of the monoclonal antibody therapy being developed in early 2020, I felt it was a really good approach. I can't imagine why Donald Trump and Joe Biden and the FDA and CDC and NIH and WHO have not made it freely available to every person who tests positive. Unless, the aforesaid are idiots or don't give a shit about gaining herd immunity. For, I would think any person who catches Covid-19 and gets the antibody treatment and survives, ends up with both the pharma antibodies and antibodies created by their own immune systems, and is no longer at risk to Covid-19. Even if they catch it again, it will be a mild case.
My apology, the make America great again guy you voted for was himself saved by the monoclonal antibody treatment, which was covered in the next day's blog post, Donald Trump picked Alabama to let America know what God thinks about Covid-19 vaccinations?


I agree that the monoclonal antibodies and ivermectin and zithromax combo should be available to all. 
My personal guidance tells me the current situation is not about public health, it's about getting the biologic/ vaccine jabbed into ALL arms .... again and again and again. 
I've lost all faith in our government and public health system and the alphabet soup agencies. 
Nothing I. Place at this time is a Make America Great Again plannor not a Build Back Better either. 
And then have you seen this below? When Big Pharma is exempt from all liability for a product there seems to be no need for quality control or inspection of batches prior to unleashing on innocent victims 

BTW... have you seen this?

Monoclonal Antibodies vs. Vaccines vs. COVID-19: What to Know" 

The Wapo article is behind a paywall. That publication along with the NYT is a propaganda machine for the most part. I rely on neutral publications rather than leftist propaganda or right wing propaganda. 

All medicines have side effects, sometimes severe for some people.
The vaccines are effective, as the red states are proving in spades, especially Trump’s adopted state Florida, my home state Alabama, one of my daughters’ adopted state Mississippi.
I was clearly cosmically arranged to get vaccinated. Just as I earlier was clearly cosmically arranged to learn about Dr Zelenko, who recommended using quercetin and C, instead of hydroxychloroquine, to transport zinc into body cells and stop corona virus replication. Pure common sense, I thought.
An older friend at the bridge club tested positive with no symptoms, UAB Medicine in Birmingham gave her the monoclonal antibody treatment immediately. Pure  common sense, I thought.
UAB got the Pfizer vaccine in early January and offered it to all its older patients, including me, and to all its healthcare workers. Common sense. 
My older friend had had the first shot when she tested positive. She was told not to get the second shot. She had monoclonal and natural antibodies. Pure common sense, I thought.
Yet UAB could not make the Zelenko leap. Nor, so far as I know, the ivermectin leap. Despite India’s compelling statistics. No big gobs of money for Pharma in ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. Case closed.
The left seems as superstitiously(psychotically) closed to Zelenko and ivermectin treatments, as much of the right and many blacks and old hippies seem similarly opposed to the vaccines.
I think the cosmic remedy for the dyed-in-the-wool antivaxxers is to catch it and be denied hospital  access and find out if God had another plan to save them. 

By the way, I dreamed about this conversation last night.

Trump's God assignment as President, all of his and Republican and MAGA hype notwithstanding, was to save America from the Red China biological weapon. God sent Trump three ways to do that. Dr. Zelenko. The monoclonal antibody treatment. The vaccines. Trump bailed on the first two. He's gonna be reminded of that when his roll is called up yonder. 
Biden's gonna be reminded of that, and ivermectin, when his roll is called up yonder.
Then, there are other matters they will be reminded of. 
Likewise, everyone else.
I think Big Pharma was given immunity, because it developed the vaccines super fast, bypassing traditional trials, and without vaccines, America would have been destroyed, because Zelenko was rejected and monoclonal antibodies were not being widely distributed. And, yes, there was a lot more money to be made in vaccines. Capitalism at its finest.

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