Tuesday, August 10, 2021

What if black Capitol policeman that killed white female insurgent was white?

From Sancho Panza email blast:
A true lover of wisdom has hands too busy to hold on to anything! He learns by doing and every pebble in the path becomes her teacher!  Oink

----- Forwarded Message -----
This was known many months ago. I think it was in,  Feb someone broke the ban on his name.
Lt. Michael LeRoy Byrd
I think this is the most infamous case in America. The mainstream media hides his name. The capitol police will not reveal where he is hiding.
The DOJ will not press charges !!!
Her crime was breaking and entering into a public building-the House of Representatives. Everyone in that room was guilty of the same crime.
We are lucky the police did not have a machine gun and just kill all of them for the same crime.
Pelosi called it an insurrection. More than 500 people have been arrested and many put into solitary confinement. These people are all in prison, being held without bail , for an  indefinite period of time. That policeman is free and vacationing somewhere.

This crime will go down in history as the worst Democrat scandal !!  

Sancho To Don:
Thanks for the clarification, I wasn't aware of that! 
I would say that when you speak of History recording this as a great crime, you're assuming that those who dictate the current media narrative as arbiters of what's real, will no longer be in power... how do you propose that's going to happen, when the People are willing to accept that a decrepit, dirty, career politician who never even campaigned, was the people's choice in 2020? The Democratic Primaries have always being fraudulent; same for the Republicans, if not, ask Tulsi Gabbard and/or Ron Paul...

Me to Sancho:
Please pass along to Don, et. al, what a very good Republican friend told me. This friend once was U.S. Army Special Forces, spent a good while in intense jungle combat in Central America. He said of the Capitol rioters: They all should have been shot dead. 
In fact, it was the sworn duty of the Capitol police to defend the Capitol and the Congress members inside with every means at their disposal, including deadly force. They violated that sworn duty when they did not empty their guns into the mob when it stormed the Capitol, and keep reloading and emptying their guns until they ran out of bullets and were left with using their guns as clubs and their tasers and their batons.

Sancho to me:
Well, if that's a good friend of yours, the Angels you say speak to you, might really be Demons! That guy has a place reserved in Hell if there is one... he sounds more like a mouth foaming, Nazi trained, Doberman Pinscher to me... imagine what a ferocious attack dog like that would do in real combat to the women and children in a suspected  "terrorist" harboring village of Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan? You say that he's a Republican Veteran? I doubt that he's even real.... nobody could be that stupid to say something like that! Unless he's a Troll....  Emoji

Heh, If there ever was a troll, you be him Emoji
This Republican friend of mine doesn't engage in political stuff on Facebook. He is admired and respected by many people, left and right and middle in Key West and the Florida Keys. He does not claim angels have anything to do with him. Like you, he voted for Donald Trump. 
The Capitol police are supposed to protect the Capitol and the members of Congress, snowflakes like you to the contrary notwithstanding. 

A lot of Germans respected and followed Hitler... a lot of Americans respected and followed Trump, what does that prove? I don't know this guy, for all I know it could be you saying all that, after all, you wanted people to die at the door steps of YOUR hospital if they were not vaxxed... that sounds about the same as what this guy is spouting... as if killing people was as simple as passing gas! For a person to be abhor by such things is not a sign of being a snowflake, is a sign of still being Human... as far as trolling, I don't publish a blog so people cannot troll me and I've never gone to your blog to counter anything you post over there, I don't do that on anybody's blog or fakebook account... I've gone back and forth with you by email for years now,  on a one on one basis... that you chose to publish those exchanges is not my problem or intent, as a matter of fact, I have many time times told you not to do it, so I don't see how you can say that I am trolling you! 

A few times you emailed something personal about you and asked me not to publish it at my blog. I think I ignored that request twice, when the topic was relevant to a public issue. I give you a fake name, which you inspired by likening me to Don Quixote. I wonder if there would have been even a peep if the black cop who shot and killed the white woman participating in a white mob coup attempt at the Capitol was white and had voted for Donald Trump? You have a Constitutional right to decline to be vaccinated, and you also have a constitutional right to be admitted into a hospital if you are seriously ill with Covid-19 because you refused to be vaccinated? I could have substituted humanitarian for constitutional in that sentence. You have gotten increasingly shrill and polemic over some of my replies to email blasts you send out to I don't know how many people. I can't help but wonder if that somehow might be rooted in you voted twice for Barack Obama, then you voted twice for Donald Trump, and then, as you described it, you had a rough argument with your physician daughter about her decision to get vaccinated over your strong objection.


I saw an email response from you and moved it directly to spam before opening it... you are not getting anything else from me and I hope you do likewise... too old for this kind of inane bantering! Adios and buena suerte, mi hermano!



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Babylon the Great

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For your merchants were the great men of the earth, for by your sorcery all the nations were deceived.

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