Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Rapid fall of Kabul was surprise?

The rapid fall of Kabul was a surprise? 

Was President Trump clever not to pull all the way out of Afghanistan during his first term? 

Might that have cost him lots of votes in 2020? 

Now look at who's being blamed. 

President Biden. 

By Democrats and Republicans. 

Some Republicans want President Biden recalled because he gave up on Afghanistan. 

Would they have asked for President Trump to be recalled if he had pulled America out of Afghanistan?

I wonder how many of those "patriots" were willing to go to Afghanistan and be armed and sent into combat? 

Or for their children to do that?

I wonder how many of the white mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6 of this year were willing to be sent with their children to Afghanistan and be armed and sent into combat?

I wonder how many U.S. Congress members were willing to be sent with their children to Afghanistan and be armed and sent into combat? 

I might feel somewhat sorry for President Biden if, as Congressman Biden, he had not voted in favor of America invading Afghanistan and Iraq. 

I saw President Biden say on TV last night that the buck stops with him. 

As President representing all of America, that's where the buck indeed stops.

Maybe America finally learned something?

The part of yesterday's God's angels need to knock some sense into lots more Americans than Trump Talibans post drew a comment to which I replied:

Americans (red, blue, otherwise) learned nothing from the Vietnam war?

They learned nothing from Great Britain and the Soviet Union's defeats in Afghanistan?

$1 trillion, America spent on the Afghan war. Was it worth even one killed, maimed, battle-shocked American soldier?

Nobel Peace Prize winner President Barack Obama revved up American troop deployment to Afghanistan.

Now the Republicans are blaming Biden for the Taliban victory, when it was their President Donald Trump who decided America would put its troops out of Afghanistan, cut a deal with the Taliban not to attack American troops meanwhile, and Biden honored that deal.

Looks to me God's angels need to knock some sense into lots more Americans than the Trump Talibans.

Americans by and large don't learn from history because they don't study it, or, rather haven't until recently. We have long preferred the mythic approach, or at least, since the advent of notions such as managed consent among the intelligencia that denigrate constituencies into followers to be induced rather than educated or persuaded.

Looks to me followers denigrate themselves into followers by believing politicians, demi-gods (they decided were demi-gods), etc., and history doesn't mean much to them unless it reinforces their personal views. Religion much the same. However, I should have stressed in my comment to which you responded, that Americans in Congress tend to know a bit about American history, and yet they also tend to pretend they don't, or they cherry pick the parts they like. Religion does much the same. Joe Biden voted for the American invasion of Afghanistan, then he started having second thoughts. He voted for the American invasion of Iraq, then he started having second thoughts. Biden is older than me, 79. He could not possibly have forgotten Vietnam, or how it went for the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, so he ignored it? America has plenty of its own brand of Taliban inside of its own borders, and they did not come across the southern border, nor through Staten Island. They were born, raised and bred here, and nearly all of them are white and radicalized and getting more radicalized, it looks to me. I'm not a Democrat. Don't belong to a political party. The Democrats have plenty of their own warts, and most of them wanted America to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. I doubt any of them would care to hear what God might say about that.


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