Monday, August 2, 2021

people vaccinated with demon sperm more contagious than Covid 19 and variants

This morning brought word that an 89-year-old, fully vaccinated retired doctor of internal medicine, who loved and raised my daughters as his own children, died of Covid 19 pneumonia in a hospital. 

After letting me know, my oldest daughter told her 79-year-old, fully-vaccinated father that he needs to be really careful. I sighed, said, although the vaccines seem overall to reduce the odds of being killed or merely maimed by Covid 19, many vaccinated people are catching it and spreading it to others.

I wear a mask in grocery and drug stores, but I do not wear a mask at the duplicate bridge club and where I play chess with friends. And even if I did, I do not think masks offer me much protection. When I wear a mask it is a courtesy to other people. I'm not going to stop playing bridge and chess and go back to being in my apartment all the time. I simply cannot live that way again, unless everything shuts down again.

I played bridge today, and a few people wore masks, including my partner today. The club's policy now is, without proof of full vaccination, you cannot play at the club house, but you can play at home in online club games. If someone at your table has a mask, you cannot ask why. If that person asks you to wear a mask, you must put one on, the club has plenty of masks. If you decline, you will be told by the game director to leave and you will not be allowed to come back at a later date.

My playing partner did not ask me to wear a mask, nor did he ask any of the other players to wear a mask. I wanted to see how it felt wearing a mask. It's never been easy with a beard. A mask interferes with my eye glasses, which I secure with a strap that keeps them tight. I keep having to adjust the glasses. And, the longer I wear a mask, the less good I feel. That happened today, and when I finally took off the mask and put into a pocket in my pants, I felt better. I think with a mask I don't get enough oxygen or I get too much carbon dioxide.

I kept looking around at all the people, 4 to a card table, without masks, knowing there was no way of knowing if any or a few of them were infected and did not know it. Not knowing if the clubhouse is a super-spreader facility 6 days a week. Like a church. Like a political rally. Like the Olympics. Not knowing if, or when, I might catch Covid 19. 

It seems inevitable, unless I'm shielded by zinc, quercetin, C, D-3, B-12 and B-complex I take daily. C enhances quercetin's native ability to transport zine into body cells, where zinc messes with Covid 19's RNA and inhibits its ability to replicate. If I do catch Covid 19, if I go to saturation dosage levels of zinc, quercetin and C, as recommended Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, whom God chose to try to save America, thus humanity, from Red China's escaped bioweapon, I might not end up in a hospital with Covid 19. Yes, bioweapon.

Dr. Zelenko's March 23, 2020 letter, which could have saved humanity from Covid 19 and instead became banned by Facebook, is at the bottom of this blog post. For his tireless efforts to cure people fast and keep them out of hospitals, Dr. Zelenko and his cure were burned at the stake by America's Left, including Joe Biden, Mainstream Media, FDA, CDC, NIH, WHO, mainstream medical science, Big Pharma, much of the Middle and the Right. Last but not least, President Donald Trump had Dr. Zelenko's cure in his paws and did not make it freely available in America. 

Fully vaccinated with demon sperm, which is more contagious than Covid 19 and its variants, Trump launched Operation Warp Speed, which is making a lot of money for the vaccine manufacturers and people who bought their common stock. While Covid 19 mutates and Dr. Zelenko cries the vaccines are more dangerous than the bioweapon, and he seeks applause wherever he can find it, including people fully vaccinated with demon sperm.

A friend, who reports what he is told by angels in dreams, texted after reading the demon sperm and Covid-19 have same origins and about same success in America post at this blog and taking a nap:

About the coronavirus I heard this from angels Raphael and Michael:

Zelenko is man who was pushed to the very breaking point,  rather than have to deal with the fact that he would never be on FOX News again, he is embracing the fringe to get the ability to speak on his prophylactic protocol. He will pay dearly for embracing QAnon conspiracy. The vaccine as a time bomb is a plot point of a British tv show called Utopia, and Anoners believe the vaccine is time bomb like in that series.  They said Zelenko wants vindication and he wants to hear "I was right, big pharma wrong." The Anoners said that, in order to get that praise he is embracing these fringe groups. Zelenko lost so much he will embrace the very fringe to get to speak. That is what I heard.



Sancho Panza sent me reams regarding vaccines creating protein spike factories throughout the body, apart from Zelenko and TV series.


All I know is what I told you, I have not seen Utopia, do not follow QAnon.


Fact Check-COVID-19 vaccines using mRNA do not send the immune system into ‘perpetual overdrive’ by instructing cells to create the spike protein over and over again

A meme shared on social media that suggests mRNA vaccines trick the body into creating virus proteins “nonstop forever and ever” contains false information. It shows a lack of understanding of how these vaccines work.

The claim was included in a Facebook post shared on March 8 among a group that describes its members as “freedom fighters” who want to “stop the new normal”. The post reads: “What happens when your body’s own cells are programmed to keep making the protein of an invader, nonstop, forever and ever, with no programmed end date?

“What happens when your immune system is in perpetual overdrive, tricked into believing there’s a pathogen that just never goes away?” (here)

The post itself does not specifically mention mRNA; however, it describes the main part of the process these vaccines undertake, ie: instructing a cell to create a protein (here). Comments written in response also demonstrate that other Facebook users understand the post is referring to mRNA vaccines, such as those developed by Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna.

While it is true to say these vaccines prompt cells in the body to create the spike protein that surrounds COVID-19, it is not true to say this is a process that happens repeatedly, pushing the immune system into “perpetual overdrive”.

The mRNA that instructs cells to create the spike protein is broken down by the cell shortly after the protein is synthesised (here). The protein itself, meanwhile, is broken down when it leaves the cell and is met by the immune response (herehere). As explained by Pfizer, this approach trains the immune system to recognise and respond appropriately should it encounter the virus in the future (here).


False. COVID vaccines using mRNA do not programme cells to repeatedly produce spike proteins. The mRNA instructs cells to make the protein and is broken down by the body shortly thereafter.

This article was produced by the Reuters Fact Check team. Read more about our work to fact-check social media posts here . 


Sancho is so zealous and wants that "I am right, you admit you are wrong." He sees that as vindication. That is from me, not from angel Raphael or angel Michael.


Voting for Trump twice and flaunting it screwed Sancho up. A bitter fight with his physician daughter over her getting vaccinated screwed him up worse. He did not respond when I sent him the video of Zelenko at the Proud Boys rally, and when I reminded him he had not responded, he did not respond, then he sent me other stuff hot off his mind and computer.

It's cosmically tragic that Zelenko's cheap, fast, early stage infection cure was not made freely available in April 2020.  Today, I saw a news article about a British science group predicting a variant immune to vaccines is almost a certainty and labs are working on a vaccine for that future variant. I can easily imagine Mother Nature very much wants variants no vaccine can hinder and for the human virus population to be trimmed a few or more billion.

I can't see me getting vaccinated again. Perhaps this is my Little Big Horn.


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