Friday, July 30, 2021

how simple, cheap, fast, early stage infection cure was burned at the stake so Big Pharma could make BIG BUCK$$$ off billions of human lab rats

Learned yesterday that a friend in his late eighties, who had specialized in internal medicine and was vaccinated earlier this year, is in a hospital with Covid-19. 79-year-old me was vaccinated early this year. Am I next? I hope not.

Sancho Panza put me onto Dr. Vladimir Zelenko in the spring of 2020. At the bottom of this post is Dr. Z's now infamous March 23, 2020 letter that could have saved humanity from Red China's lovely bioweapon, but was banned Facebook.

 From Sancho yesterday:

I feel like Alice in Wonderland... up is down; down is up! I hear Morpheus prodding in my head... Take the red pill... No, take the blue pill...  Emoji

Me to Sancho:

I'm deep in the rabbit hole, listening to this podcaster causes me to wonder where his head was for so very long that he only now has pulled it out of where the sun never shines? Dr. Z, of course, is taking no prisoners again. How about someone with cajones and actual capability swim Dr. Z and his cheap, fast cure up Joe Biden's ass, and see if that has a different effect than when that was swam up Donald Trump's ass.


I bet you are the only person out of the many I copied on this that would actually watch the interview all the way through! We are insignificant, so nothing is going to happen to us... even this guy, David Harrys Jr. is just a blogger... the question you should be asking is why is this interview not being aired in the number one show on TV, Tucker Carlson Tonight? I don't know what kind of guano you're smoking, if you think Biden is in any way consequential! I am more concerned about Dr. Zelenko's prediction on the health of those who took the shot! The CDC is pulling a bait-n-switch routine on those who were promised a return to normal life if they would take the shot! 

I had watched about half of Dr. Z taking no prisoners when I wrote to you  earlier. Now, I've watched it all. The way he hammers vaccines as killing me quick, pretty soon, or eventually, is hard to seriously argue against. I guess I am one of the devolved pigs worshippers, but then, I'm closing in on 79, and have plenty roughing me up physically, and if the vaccinations deign to serve as hit men, snipers, whatever, great, take the shot. But if it's going to be more seemingly endless old rugged cross adventures, well, I ain't looking forward to that. 

The sheer madness and the sheer monstrosity of Dr. Z's cure being deep-sixed on fucking purpose by people who claim to observe the Hippocratic Oath is, well, the Devil walking the earth. I think there is about zero-minus odds Joe Biden will resurrect Dr. Z's cure. I found myself imagining trying to explain Dr. Z's cure to Joe Biden would be excruciating, in that it would appear that nobody was home. He would sit there smiling and nodding his head, but not one fucking ion of what I said would register in his mind. Not meaning to pick on him. I've seen it over and over, and, guess what, I've seen it a lot more in blue spectrum people than in red spectrum people. 

A thought has kept recirculating today, which is, all the various infrastructure President Biden wants built, and for Congress to give him the money for it. Well, how does he think having the money will get it built if the work force he's counting on has or is terrified of catching Covid-19? Because the vaccines clearly are not stopping people from catching it. Where's he going to get the workers, as more and more variants appear?

The delta variant has 1,000 times the viral load of the original Covid-19. What will the later Greek-named variants be like? Will there end up being a super variant, which makes the delta variant look like a common cold? Which eats vaccines for fun? Will it overwhelm Dr. Z's cure? I sure hope not, cause I'm taking it daily, as Dr. V, via you, prescribed over a year ago: zinc and quercetin (instead of hydroxychloroquine), and C and D-3. And E, and B complex more lately. I hope that cocktail makes me smell like a skunk to any and all variants.


About variants, you do know that the PCR Test that the CDC is using to detect who has The Wuhan Plague or not, cannot even detect the difference between covid-19 or the common flu(which, BTW, Fauci claimed had disappeared in all of 2020 because of mask and hand washingEmoji). This is no speculation, the inventor of the PCR said it before he died last year(conveniently) and now the CDC has officially said that the PCR test will be defunct before year's end... you can check it out here:  CDC Quietly Withdraws EUA for COVID PCR Test – It Can’t Distinguish Between COVID & the Flu
or you can go to their official site here:  

Now, think about all those "positive" tests from last year that prompted the hair-on-fire decision to shut down the country and drive everybody into a frenzy of fear and a willingness to give up their basic freedoms... and now all we get is an "OOPS"? Would you listen to these authorities again when they tell you that all you need is  another shot of the same experimental shit they injected into your lab rat body two times already... that plus the brilliant, flip-flop "Doctor" Fauci  suggestion that we should ALL now use Three masks to stop the Delta mutation... how many masks will be needed to stop the Omega variant, only God and his spokesman, Saint Fauci, know! You really have to be some kind of idiot to do it again! 


If “they” can’t distinguish between Covid 19 and common flu, does that make Dr. Z irrelevant?


No, not at all, because having a cutting edge immune system. like you and I have right now, will make us bulletproofed to whatever virus they come up with(case in point, I never get the flu and have never been vaxxed for it).... a virus need to replicate inside our cells and excess  zinc  derails that process, if it even gets past the first line of defense of my immune system, which I doubt it will! What I am concerned with is how far they are willing to go in forcing people to take the next shots? Injections are different from orally or olfactory exposure to a microbe, because we have evolved ways to manage those incursions after ions living with microbes all around and in us... but these injections are meant to alter our cells genetically to produce these spike proteins all over the body and zinc cannot stop that... I think the infective virus was the roost for getting people ready to accept the shots!   Why us all this happening, I don't know! You, with your ET mentality, might say that ET's want to take over this planet w/o having to destroy the biosphere so a gradual depopulation strategy and maybe even some type of mass control of people's activities via a biocybernetic linkup as suggested at the end of this vide... take a look: 

You are being redirected...


Since I am one of vaccine lab rats, based on Dr. Zelenko's  and your analysis I'm doomed, as in dead or seriously fucked up, sooner or later. Sooner, I hope. As for ETs, I deal with angels and know ETs are around doing whatever they do. I think the odds are great that Planet Earth, or Mother Nature, if you wish, adopted the bioweapon, then enhanced it, with the goal of less humans and the planet dying of old age instead of the human virus. As for angels, I think they are not impressed with humanity's progress now, and not for some time. The turning point was the atomic bombs dropped on Japan. The end game, I haven't a clue.

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