Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Why hasn't law and order party praised black Capitol policeman that shot and killed white female January 6 insurgent?

Me to Sancho Panza in yesterday's What if black Capitol policeman that killed white female insurgent was white? post:

Please pass along to Don, et. al, what a very good Republican friend told me. This friend once was U.S. Army Special Forces, spent a good while in intense jungle combat in Central America. He said of the Capitol rioters: They all should have been shot dead.

My very good Republican friend emailed yesterday:

Hey Sloan,

I’m glad you remembered my words about the attack on the Capitol.  I am very disappointed in Sancho as I agree with him on most everything.

As you know know, I am very real, and a bit connected, according to some.  I completely stand by my comments regarding stacking bodies.  That wasn’t simple trespassing, that was an assault on one of our most sacred institutions.  Republican or Democrat, it makes no difference, those people were wrong.

I had the honor of being with the House Minority leader, Steve Scalise, the one who was shot a few months ago. I also had the even bigger honor of hanging out with the Capitol Police officer who shot and killed the Bernie supporting gunman, who fired the shots at Scalise.  That officer has been by Steve’s side ever since.  He just happens to be Black, by the way.

The officer and I spoke at length regarding the Capital assault.  Being a professional, he could not really respond to my comments, but he was there, and the one comment he told me was to look to the leadership, meaning the Capitol police leadership.

As with everything in life, there is so much that we will never be privy to.

As someone who is as connected with the actual lawmakers on daily basis, not someone Monday morning quarterbacking, there are a lot of good people trying to do what’s right, as well as a significant number of evil idiots with their own agendas.  The trick is sorting them out.

I apologize in advance for my crazy run on sentences.   Feel free to post.  I welcome comments from people who talk but do nothing to actually do anything to help the community or world in general.

I replied:

You explained yourself quite well. I wonder if Sancho's friend would have made the commotion if the Capitol officer was white? I wonder still, for real, why the Capitol officer, and all the other Capitol officers, didn't empty their guns into the insurgent white mob and reload and empty and reload, if they had another mag, and shoot again? I wonder why, sorry dear friend, why Mitch McConnell and every Republican in Congress and every Republican in America did not ask that question back then, and still be asking it now? I wonder why Donald Trump did not ask that question back then, and even now? Police offers are very much allowed to use deadly force to protect themselves and other people threatened by someone with means to kill or maim, and also to protect public property. Any home owner or business or church or government can defend with deadly force against people breaking in. What the hell happened to the law and order party? Meanwhile, I also wonder if the white Jan 6 mob of insurgents had been black, how many of them would have been shot dead?

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