Friday, August 27, 2021

Is America a goner? Humanity? Does God care?

Critical comments under the If ivermectin saved Delhi and much of India from Covid-19, why isn't it being given away by President Biden post at this blog:

You may be a goner.

Or you can think for yourself?

Rev 13

Rev 18

"You may be a goner" is a bit too cryptic for me to field. This against the grain blog is proof I think on my own. I found the Rev cites online after seeing your question.

I don't pretend to know or understand Revelation. The angels that steer, correct and even rebuke me for a very long time don't speak to me of Revelation. Once, they told a friend of mine that not even the man Revelation came through understood what he had received, so how could anyone today understand it?

It looks to me that there is a great deal messed up in humanity and it has lost its connection with God, as a species. Certainly, some people are trying very hard to walk with God in their own way.

It looks to me that America sunk to its lowest during the Donald Trump time in the White House. Now what happens under the Joe Biden time in the White House? I have no clue, other than the new player, Covid-19, seems to be affecting many things that already were not doing all that well.

I try each day do deal with what is on my plate that day in a way that I am trained and am aware. Some days I do better than other days. I get plenty of input about that from those angels. I wish it were that way for every person, but it's not.

I wish I knew where I stand with God, but I don't. I wonder if anyone knows where he/she stands with God? Lots of people seem to think God is in on their side. Not only just in America, but that is where I live and so that's mostly what I attempt to address in what I write publicly.

I'm not particularly fond of anonymous online commentators, although sometimes there is good reason for anonymity. From all I read online, most Bible scholars think the Letter to the Hebrews is by an unknown author. In that letter the author tells his/her audience not to turn away from the chastening of the Lord.

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