Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The American Haj: going to the grocery store

visa photo for trips outside home

Read online yesterday to expect meat shortages in grocery stores soon.

From a cranky friend, "Apparently the strategy is to wait until industries ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO REOPEN. And somehow that will stimulate the economy. What the fuck kinda idea is that?"

Safe telephone sex:


  • This virus has so many not exactly cute permutations and combinations that it has to be ... designed?
  • Read online yesterday that the Birmingham, AL mayor and city council passed ordinance: starting May 1, face masks mandatory in public. $500 fine, for violation. There were some permitted exceptions, including exercising outdoors. Heck, exercisers huff and puff the most. Perhaps the ordinance should have banned exercising outside?

The undrainable swamp:

He's trying for the highest kill points


  • They're gonna play hell finding teachers. Many are high risk and will file for FMLA, myself included. He just wants babysitters so the grunts can go make the elites some money.

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