Saturday, April 11, 2020

Should schools be reopened to create herd immunity?

Lenore Troia
It’s a shame that Governor DeSantis of Florida is so uninformed and ignorant.
He wants to open schools because ‘to the best of his knowledge, no one under 25 has died of the virus’. (there are several people under 25 who have died, but “the best of his knowledge” seems to be pretty poor.)
I guess the ages and lives of teachers that are over 25 don’t matter much to the governor.
He must come from the same moronic blood line as the Governor of Georgia.
These guys just don’t have the intelligence to connect the dots. God help us with people like this in positions of power over American citizens lives.
(Some of the reader comments)
  • Lisa DiBiase Are you sure he wasn’t talking about the schools, because I heard that’s what his reasoning is for possibly opening up the schools in May. Either way, it’s ridiculous! Yea lets expose all those teachers!
  • Carrie Ann I’m confused doesn’t Florida have a large elderly population?
  • Alexander Symington Even if the youth demographic didn't succumb to the virus they can carry it home to mom and dad and the grans, but what has become abundantly clear is, the Republican ideology of profit over human safety.
  • Loren Davidson I would love to be able to go back to the beach. At a reasonable distance from everybody else.

    Sadly, a lot of other people won't respect that whole "reasonable distance" thing.
    Tonia Zottola Amen is right. Unfortunately we r the ones that keep voting for them
  • Wendy Warren Hovey He listened to tRump. Do I need to say more?
  • Billy Peoples Our two governors came from the same trump camp. So sad. I changed states and have equal idiots.
  • Everett Watkins Lenore Troia, why are you surprised? He is a Republican, after all.

    • Sloan Bashinsky Check out interview with epidemiology specialist not on government payroll who says it was big mistake to try to flatten the curve and not let the virus run its natural course and protect the old and sick and let everyone else get it and humanity develop herd immunity.


      Perspectives on the Pandemic, Episode 2: A Conversation with Knut Wittkowski, PhD, Apr 1-2, 2020
      Perspectives on the Pandemic, Episode 2: A Conversation with Knut Wittkowski, PhD, Apr 1-2, 2020
      • Lenore Troia Sloan Bashinsky I’ve read several articles about herd immunity and it seems they say herd immunity happens in combination with having a vaccine, which we don’t yet have for covid 19. This article also mentions that.
        Also, kids are one part of reopening
         schools. There are also teachers, administrators, janitors, food suppliers and servers, school bus drivers, cross walkers, parents taking their kids to school etc.
        Anyone who thinks it’s just kids involved when reopening schools under these circumstances hasn’t thought it through.
      • Sloan Bashinsky Lenore Troia Of course, there are teachers and other adults involved in reopening schools. I think the scientist in the interview I provided knows that.

        I got the red measles when I was five. I was sick as a dog. My younger brother had pneumonia, nea
        rly died. We had same doctor. He gave my brother penicillin, just available, which would save my brother's life. The doctor thought I had pneumonia, gave me penicillin. Heh.Then the red spots appeared all over me. I survived, was immune to the red measles thereafter. Got vaccinated the old-fashioned way.

        Same then happened with the mumps, which I gave to one of the mothers in my school driving group. She had not had the mumps during childhood, and was knocked for a loop, while my mumps were pretty mild. I got chicken pox and got over it and vaccinated the old-fashioned way. I was given the smallpox vaccination.

        My father's older brother became my doctor after graduating from med school When the Salk polio vaccine came out, he gave it to his child patients. There was no getting over polio easily. I was given tetanus and typhoid shots annually, as it was not thought there was long-term immunity.

        I hear there are different strains of this particular pig, bat, or whatever virus. If so, will a vaccine protect against all  strains? Will contracting one strain provide immunity against the the other strains, or even against the strain contracted? Who knows at this point in time? I think we can bet the farm, though, that a long-term lockdown will wreck civilization economically, socially and politically,

        I bet my life and soul this virus was made in a China biolab. There was supposed to be a vaccine. Something bigger than stupid, dangerous people did not want to see China have that kind of power over the rest of the world. The virus got loose before the vaccine was developed.

        I'm 77. Have history of respiratory infections, including pneumonia. Prime target for this virus. Taoists masters in old China might say, Embrace tiger, return to mountain. I'm not a Taoist master. Don't know anyone who is.But I hate to think what this virus might do to "the American way of life", if 1929 returns. 1984 might be it.
      • Lenore Troia I am thinking too that this virus came out of a lab which is why the Chinese government tried to suppress info from the start. I don’t believe that was the response they had to the original SARS outbreak but don’t remember. But the way they swiftly acted to lock down Wuhan and build make shift hospitals made me believe they knew more than we’ve been told. I also have a friend who is an infectious disease doctor who thought the same thing at the beginning of the outbreak.

        It’s funny how previous generations grew up and automatically got vaccines when they became available. There use to be a respect and trust of the scientific and medical community. Now we have anti vaxers who refuse to immunize their kids...and we had an outbreak of measles as a result.

        And that leads me to wonder, if and when there is a covid 19 vaccine, will everyone take it? Only 45% of the population gets a flu shot...and they wonder why people still die from the flu.

        Sloan, take care of yourself and stay healthy. We may be living through the biggest and most profound change in American history. Buckle up and stay safe!
      • Sloan Bashinsky Lenore Troia Same back at you. Except for going to the grocery store and a short walk or two a day, I'm holed up in my red state (Alabama) apartment, which ain't as rough as a bare mountain cave in Tibet, but I hate to think I will live out my remaining days like this. Without wi-fi and the Internet and what it provides to entertain,such as playing chess and duplicate bridge online, and watching superstars in those table games have at each other. and YouTube and Netflix movies and videos, and free online music, Mary Chapin Carpenter currently, and shooting off my neither Democrat nor Republican mouth under Facebook posts, news articles, op-eds, podcasts, and at my blog, I just might be
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