Thursday, April 9, 2020

different people coping, hoping and being real during the pandemic

It's not possible for me to turn off bad news because I'm tired of it. I want people to have hope, and I do try to provide something useful, and I tell them the truth, as I know it.

A dear Key West amiga, who waits tables at Harpoon Harry's Diner, where I ate countless breakfasts and blue plate special dinners, replied to yesterday's post at this blog.

  • Debbie G Scardina Hi Sloan ðŸ’œ

  • Sloan Bashinsky Hi, Debbie - hope you are doing okay, can't imagine getting up in the morning and not being able to jump on my bicycle and head to Harpoon Harry's to have breakfast with you and my other amigas and amigos there.
    • Debbie G Scardina Sloan BashinskyThis is unfuckingbelievable ! Quiet isn't the word. It was quiet back in the mid -70's but never like this. And back in the day KW was more than affordable . You know how it was.. I am treading water and like everyone else waiting to see what we need to do next. !!! I don't wanna play anymore... I wanna go home !!? ( oh.. I cant read your article when it come to the furbabies) Hope you are doing well my friend, Love Debbie
    • Sloan Bashinsky Today’s article also about KW homeless shelter and jail. Tigers and lions in Bronx Zoo caught the virus from zookeepers and then each other. Them are cats. If domestic cats can catch it , can humans catch it from them? That’s a Stephen King novel. Hate what you are going through. Seriously upside down everything. Love you
    • Debbie G Scardina Sloan Bashinsky Stuck in a Steven King novel we are....
Last night, a friend reported his nap dream earlier yesterday, in which he was told, "There is an underground threat people are not seeing." Later yesterday, he was called by a friend, an epidemiologist, who said rats are close kin to bats, and since bats are known in Asia to carry the coronavirus, rats probably can, too, and maybe that explains the intensity of the coronavirus outbreak in New York City, which has lots of Norway rats. The epidemiologist also said there are three strains of the coronavirus. One has mild affect, another has medium effect, the last is very bad, and getting one strain and recovering does not provide immunity against the other strains.
There are are Norway and native woods rats in Key West, and lots of native wood rats up the keys. When I had my trailer on Little Torch Key, the native wood rats nearly drove me out of it. Then, an artist friend gave me a painting of a cat staring into a mousehole. After finally thinking that might be a message from Above, I went to the Key West ASPCA and got myself a rat cat. First night in the trailer, half-Siamese, crossed blue and black eyes, half crazy, half sweet Miss Kitty convened a prayer meeting with Jesus and the woods rats never came inside the trailer again. Miss Kitty then took to hunting, and sometimes bringing home, as presents, a variety of lizards and bugs, and occasional birds and indigo racer snakes. I called that beautiful out of the way acre of  wild land, "Walden", and it hurt my heart to have to sell it to have money to live inside for a while longer. Some years later, Hurricane Irma uprooted the lovely old-growth trees, and the new owner graded the land to plant sod. I didn't have the heart to go back.
I have a dear Republican friend, who lives just above Key West. His hobbies are growing orchids and collecting and working on vintage boats, cars and motorcycles. He put this below on Facebook the other day and got a mess of likes and amens, a few of the amens included below. I commented late in the thread, and my friend liked my comment and soul drawing of Mary Poppins, who jumped out of me onto my canvass in 2006, as I recall.
Rare serious post from me. With everything going on right now, my tolerance for negative posts is just about zero. I enjoy social media and have found that recently, the three little dots at the top right have been very effective in keeping it enjoyable. Click on the dots the use then “unfollow" or "snooze for 30 days" options and clean up you feed. Probably the most effective way I have found to keep this fun and uplifting.
Now, back to flowers and mechanical things.

  • Ellen Steininger Todays the day! Unfollowing in
    Your footsteps ❤️
  • Ed Krane Outstanding ; So Glad we have you in Key West
  • Dodee Black I agree with you....and discovered those dots as well are very useful...but, please keep your beautiful flower pics coming...very nice in these troubled days!
  • Daniela Braswell Yes! Time to share love and peace instead of fear
  • Warren Peter Leamard Never paid attention to the dots before. I will be definitely use it. Thx!

  • Diane Pittaro-Glorie Good morning ðŸ’–

    Image may contain: sky, ocean, cloud, outdoor, water and nature

  • Mare Contrare Great tip! In the words of Bing Crosby (you probably don’t know who he isðŸĪŠ) accentuate the positive!
  • Robin J Wood ABSOLUTELYðŸ’Ŋ
  • Elena Guardiola Spottswood You’re so smart🙂

  • Beth Ramsay Vickrey Japanese Lantern Hibiscus - I used to see these everywhere around here when I was a kid, now they are in the "rare family" -- so I'm taking this time to root/start a dozen new ones. ðŸŒš

  • Christie Sauer Fifer Exactly !!!! ✔️. Now here’s a flower for you:::::

  • Image may contain: flower, plant and nature

  • Debbie Mason I am SO with you on that. We need positive energy vibrating around for everyone. Thanks for posting your beautiful orchid photos.
  • Bill Lilley Todd German you are so right! I love your flowers and cars and have used the three dots to block many a political or other post. Thank you and please keep us well posted with all of your favourite flowers and cars
  • Sloan Bashinsky lovely post and comments, as the world spins out of control, hope its gyroscope soon back in good working order, I can't think of much nice to say or post, than I have had it much, much worse, some of which you certainly know, Todd, but much, much worse than what you know; I don't have to worry about making a living, for now; my health is okay, for now; I have plenty of food to eat, a roof over my head, an Iphone and a laptop and Internet connection; solutidue ain't my favorite thing, but it beats a heap of other really interesting things i have experienced; if I get the plague, it might be my ticket back to the mothership, since I have history of respiratory infections, including pneumonia. Shooting off my mouth online helps my engine run and me feel alive, as opposed to bored. Feel free to send this testimonial to the dust bin. Hope you and people we know escape the plague. Can't say that about everyone.


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