Tuesday, April 28, 2020

How Congress will recoup the Red Dawn bailout and other special ops

I keep wondering how Congress figures it will pay for the trillion$$$ it provides for Red Dawn relief in 2020? 

The U.S. Treasury prints the same amount of trillion$$$?

The U.S. Treasury sells China, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, the Illuminati the same amount of trillion$$$ of U.S. Government debt obligations?

Apply top secret (until after November elections) Democrat socialist communist solution. Tax the shit out of big American corporations and rich Americans.

Meanwhile, I wonder how music lovers ravaged physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually by Red Dawn will like  something I was emailed a couple of weeks ago?

See below. Interesting article, and amazing that such a rogue virus translates into sound as rather meditative / mind journeying music.

Listen to Viral Counterpoint of the Coronavirus Spike Protein (2019-nCoV) by Markus J. Buehler on #SoundCloud

Article on same: 

I hope the melody isn't fiddling while Rome burns and helps scientists figure out a cure and a vaccine.

More new world order stuck at home entertainment:


Face mask my older daughter had made for me now headed my way. Told her I would wear it to All business meetings.

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