Monday, April 27, 2020

Chrisitian, Universal AUM and red neck mystic approaches to coronavirus impact on humanity

Received that from old Alabama friend early this morning. I watched the video advising Christians not to fear death, they are saved and have eternal life, and many times in the Bible people are told not to fear and put their trust in God. I wrote to my friend:

8:31 AM

In the birds of the air and the lilies of the field passage, Jesus told people to take no fear, but put their trust in God. Not in him, but in God. The Old Testament says same in different passages. The soul is eternal, there is life after human death. It seems clear that President Trump, Mike Pence, the White House medical advisors, have no clue what lies ahead. Hopefully, there will be a miracle cure, or the virus will go out like a lamb. Meanwhile, the virus is running the world and politicians from top to bottom are making their best guesses. Likewise, medicine and science. Old and sickly people are very much at risk if they catch the coronavirus. Their fear is very real. Fear of financial Armageddon is very real. Mother Earth seems to be the primary beneficiary of the coronavirus due to drastic fall in fuel use. I can imagine She would like to see a few billion fewer people on Her. Does She get to vote? What is God's Plan? In same passage, I think, Jesus said to take no thought for tomorrow, for each day has enough trouble of its own.  I get up each morning and start doing what is in front of me, and keep doing that. Day after day. My nighttime and day nap dreams advise and correct me ongoing. I am not being shown the future. Being in but not of this world is ongoing challenge, to slightly understate it 😅.

From a different spiritual tradition, dated April 25:
Want to be a part of this Event and assist in helping people come together?
Commit to leading a group in your local area. Help spread the word by posting on our Global Map. Show us where you are.
Doesn’t matter how big a group gathering; you and a friend or an entire town or even just yourself. This helps everyone see the big effect we’re having on being responsible for Creating OUR Collective Reality Experience

Sloan Bashinsky 
These will be virtual or in-person groups?

AUM Heard Around the World Hi Sloan - a lot depends upon the social-distancing in place during this time, and whether you want to do this with others or by yourself. There's a whole heap of flexibility regarding times and we have a video that should be posted within the next day which will give you heaps of information.

Sloan Bashinsky 
I wanted to know if this was a call to gather physically and put participants at risk to catching the virus and becoming vectors. The world is turned upside down. The planet is getting relief, finally, due to far less oil being used and many people are shut in. President Trump has been urging people to come out of hiding, get back to work. Understand where he is coming from, but packing churches, public mob protests against the shut down and social distancing, opening beaches, restaurants, bars, schools, etc., looks to me like tempting God and terrorist activity. I've been run and run over by angels for over 30 years. They push me hard still. They do not seem to like the mess humanity has gotten itself into. They don't show me the future very often. I have no clue where the virus dynamic is headed, but I think it's going to be different from before the virus. I hope what you are arranging helps, but what might such help look like? Mother Earth probably would like to see a few billion less people. Does She get to vote?

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