Monday, April 13, 2020

Don't fall asleep, Key West and America - the coronavirus hasn't

I was pointed in dreams last night at Key West and was offered a bottle of Corona beer by a good friend down there. I was reluctant to drink it (in waking life, any kind of booze makes my liver scream), and my friend offered me a Coca Cola. I declined that. Then, I was diplomatically trying to get the attention of influential people down there.

On waking this morning, I pondered being troubled by an email blast yesterday from Key West the Newspaper (, "where the truth's gone viral." The blue paper is where people in Key West and the Florida Keys go if they want to know what's really going on. 
There were no new cases added to the FDOH database for Monroe County today. This marks the first time since March 22nd that there has not been at least one new case added to the list. There were however a smaller than usual number of test results today; only 12 new test results were documented since yesterday. All were negative. There are 59 cases for Monroe County of those 7 patients have been in-patients at a hospital at some point during their illness. Last night County Mayor Heather Carruthers, in a video statement posted on her Facebook page, stated that only 2 patients remained hospitalized at that time. Three of the hospitalized patients have died. All three had underlying conditions that contributed to the patient’s death. Two of the seven patients hospitalized have been discharged and have or are expected to fully recover...

Meanwhile, what did we learn yesterday, Easter Sunday? 
We learned a whole lot of Republicans and MAGAs are more afraid of the coronavirus than of not attending church and loosing President Trump's blessing.

It was in the online news this morning that President Trump is upset with Dr. Fauci and FOX News for saying it could have gone better if America had responded sooner. What did we learn from that? We learned Dr. Fauci and FOX News are more afraid of the coronavirus than of President Trump.

The coronavirus has trumped President Trump, the Republicans, MAGAs, red state governors, churches, the hospitality business, cruise ships, an American nuclear aircraft carrier, professional, college, high school, middle school and lower school sports, civic clubs, social clubs, parties, music concerts, funerals, visiting relatives and the sick, home gatherings, schools, libraries, movie theaters, casinos, non-essential businesses, and even essential businesses.

Florida and California farmers dependent on institutional produce buyers (schools, restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, food banks, etc.) are burning or plowing under their spring crops. A large pork-processing company in Iowa closed the other day, because a lot of its employes have the coronavirus. Boeing closed after an employee caught the virus.

The Republican-controlled Senate passed an unprecedented relief package the U.S. Government cannot afford. Maybe the new stock market darlings will be companies that make the paper and ink for greenbacks and U.S. Treasury obligations printed to pay for the relief package, and for future relief packages.

President Trump is in a pressure cooker he cannot control. He has been trumped by Republicans, MAGAs, FOX News and Dr. Fauci's fear of the virus. Screws and rivets are coming loose in President Trump. He needs a breather. America needs a breather. But is a breather coming?

As the previous owner of the blue paper often said to end his articles, stay tuned.

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