Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Thank you Donald Trump for making covid America batshit crazy-squared

This beauty of a meme below was in my Facebook timeline this morning, compliments a really interesting and smart fellow I met and got to know some years ago. 

I just could not resist.

Sloan Bashinsky
The gift from Red China very likely would have killed me, because of my long history of respiratory, sinus and throat infections, including many bouts with pneumonia. So, I masked up. Unable to get the old malaria drug that transports zinc into body cells, where zinc inhibits coronavirus replication, I took quercetin and vitamin C with zinc, which I had read would achieve the zinc transport into body cells. I also took D3, after reading it
had helped defend against the gift. I got Pfizer jabbed three times. I stopped wearing masks. Have not had a sniffle since I started the supplements in June 2020. Was heavily exposed to the gift in January 2021, after the first Pfizer jab. Trump had the old malaria drug/zinc cheap fast early infection cure in his hands in late March 2020, and he weenied after the backlash from the left, its media, Fauci, FDA, CDC, NIH, WHO, Big Pharma, and went for high profits vaccine fix instead. Trump is to blame for what happened after he rejected the simple effective early stage infection cure he had in his hands. Now if Trumped had he-maned up, America could have stayed open, Trump would have been a hero, he would have gotten reelected, and any riot at the Capitol on Jan 6 would have been staged by the left 

Séamus O Shoegrew
I respect your decision and your ability to do what you see best for you as much as I disagree with any of that for myself. What has called me up in arms so insensitively so IS the fact that government, corporations, and well intentioned souls see fit to impose their idea’s as to what is best for me onto me using restrictive measures, coercion, guilt, ad hominems, and various other methods of convincing me of what is right for me. I have my own history of medical experiences, understandings, and acquired knowledge as well of which I would NEVER want to impose on anyone in those ways with which they are doing to me. If I am the god damned fool for taking this tack in my life than so be it as I will suffer the consequences of it. I do not vaccinate, wear a mask, rub chemical based sanitizers on my skin, social distance, or obsess about germs and fear of contamination and I have been very healthy for some time now in my life. If I catch the occasional cold/flu/respiratory symptoms I treat it as I see fit and stay away from others out of consideration. As for all this televised politically motivated and corporate con job taking place I do not subscribe to any of it. Is there are virus? Are there people getting sick and dying? Is it man made? Is it weaponized? I have my own ideas and about each as a sentient person and realize some of those things I may never come to know. The one thing I am against is the one size fits all cure being pimped with pressure is something I want no part of and all their bullshit about asymptomatic, statistics, and various other means of deception are not and will never set well with me Sloan. I wish everyone all the best with their decisions what ever they may be and hope we can see the agenda unfolding for what it is as these people at the UN/WEF are not going to allow this crisis go to waste with their plans of ushering in their great reset which is part and parcel of this crisis as well as the entire climate change crisis. If you would care to discuss any such matters always glad to do so as we always have in the past! If people want to get all frustrated with what all they choose to believe and deliver an ad hominem at me I enjoy that equally as well. As for that god damn fool actor Trump and Biden I see them as a clown show put on by the true world rulers, stake holders, or whatever else they go by these days. We are coming into their new age which they have published their long term business plans for and executed them in a timely fashion over the years. The fact that people don’t pay attention or read these such plans and write them off as “conspiracy theory’s” is of no consequence to me who has read them. The fact people don’t even know who Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum are is a blaring beacon of their state of obtuse ignorance when it comes to the future they have planned for the world going forward! And comically as well as tragically so! Thanks for chiming in Sloan! All the best!

Sloan Bashinsky
Heh, I bet the ranch the gift is man-made. I have a good friend, about as weird as me, who reported a few times being told by angels the gift is made in China. Short version. Longer version, it was being developed and a vaccine was to be developed, and having both, China would have had the entire world by the short hairs. Something beyond human ability didn't care for that scenario and did something to cause the gift to get loose, and here we are. I know very well there are very powerful and very smart people behind the scenes, planning humanity's future, pulling levers, etc. They were exposed somewhat the book, WORLD WITHOUT CANCER. Chilling. Yet, I think they have very little, if any, control over Donald Trump and his hordes, and the congressional Republicans, and elected state Republicans, for now anyway, in the main, are quite reluctant to cross Trump and be called RINOS. The Cabal described above, funded Hitler, didn't it? I imagine it is funding Trump somehow. But does it control Trump? Can anyone control Trump? Could anyone control Hitler? A powerful demon infiltrated both men, and the demon was contagious, starting at the top and working downward into the masses.
As for your predicament in a country gone batshit crazy-squared because of the gift from China, you have my sincere condolences. I hope you are taking, or will take, the supplements I described earlier today. I hope you don't end up in a hospital on a ventilator. And, I hope you don't infect other people along the way or in a hospital, because I think there might be grubby karma attached to that scenario.
Climate change is a lovely swamp to squirm around in, but the fact is, humanity is killing the planet God loaned them for a while, and it would seem to be in the cabal's best interests to start pulling levers to save their home for their descendants, but I suppose they could care less about their remote descendants, at least, and I can imagine they have struck a secret deal with Elon Musk and his like to take them with him before the planet implodes or the air becomes unbreathable, to some self-supporting space station or to Mars, or to Europa next to Jupiter, since we 2001 Space Odyssey buffs know Europa is habitable now, assuming God and/or the ET races allow Earthlings to migrate to somewhere else they can kill.
Séamus O Shoegrew
In my perverse sense of humor tragedy I enjoy the fact we are going to relinquish the cure of the planet to the same titans of industry who have profited so much from destroying the very thing they now want to save? The irony of our Shakespearian tragedy farce at it’s best! And of all things it is the carbon con that they will use all the while masking people up and making them breath more of it!

Sloan Bashinsky
Do you think they might be Mutants, or Aliens, who actually thrive breathing carbon?😎
Séamus O Shoegrew
Sloan Bashinsky I don’t know Sloan! At this point in time all I can do is wonder! We live in a semi comatose society with regard to reason, rationale, facts, and truth. Rather run on emotions, bullshit, fear, hype, snark, and ignorance that idiot box conditioning has provided us with for so many years now.

Sloan Bashinsky
Aw, I spend a lot of time in front of the idiot box these days, but mostly I watch sports and Netflix. 

The cheap fast cure Trump deep-sixed and fucked America 8-ways to Sunday. Facebook joined Trump, by not allowing this letter to be published on Facebook.


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