Thursday, November 18, 2021

It was not to hear himself talk that Jesus in the Gospels said the road is steep and the gate to life is narrow and few enter through it, and many are called, but few are chosen.

I read yesterday about Republican Representative Paul Gosar being censured and stripped of his committee assignments in Congress for posting on his official Twitter account an anime video that showed a character with his face photoshopped onto it killing a character wearing the face of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). The “Gosar” character also slashed with swords at a character wearing the face of President Joe Biden. Representatives Liz Cheney (R-WY) and Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) joined Democrats to vote in favor of the resolution censuring Gosar. 

Maybe I've been taking a very long nap (decades), but I do not recall the Democrats or their Presidents or candidates for that office chanting God and Jesus are on their side alone. I see and hear plenty of that chanting from Republicans and their MAGA cousins today, and for some time. I wonder if they have any clue whatsoever who Jesus in the Gospels was and what he was about?

In an arena where people are not so sure of themselves and God and Jesus, that they cannot think and speak freely, this discussion occurred yesterday:

The details of the resurrection give Jesus a resurrected body that defied known laws. He’s able to appear and pass through walls. Thomas believed it wasn’t real because of that. We don’t really know if Thomas was ever given that chance to put his hands in the wounds but I personally believe it’s another attempt to validate it. My theory is he was exhibiting the same abilities as UFO’s and was in a different dimension. UFO’s are angels keeping tabs on us and specially our nuclear intentions. They come from the same place Jesus did. The only scrap of proof we have is that shroud of Turin. No one can quite explain it or duplicate it. That burial site discovered in the 80’s probably was the bones of Jesus. We wasn’t physically raised from the dead. Anyone that believes god hast to use original bones to recreate life is probably a gatekeeper who denies the possibility of reincarnation yet we see reincarnation all over the Bible. Jesus himself believed he was the reincarnation of Adam, gods only son.

NDE’s are very common and they teach that consciousness is not bound by our bodies. I’d guess if Jesus had an experience like that then it came just before that baptism. I can sorta see your point if he drowned in the baptism and brought back. I don’t think it’s necessary to explain it though. If we can explain the UFOs which are now scientifically documented then Jesus and the resurrection or the ascension are possibly explainable.

The Shroud of Turin cannot be ignored by Christendom, but it is anyway, mostly.
Nor can reincarnation be ignored by Christendom, but it is anyway, mostly, despite, Jesus discussed reincarnation with his disciples
For example, when a disciple asked Jesus if Elijah had returned, as had been prophesied, Jesus said, yes, but he was not recognized, and the disciples knew he meant John the Baptist.
And, when a disciple asked Jesus, after he had restored a blind man's sight, who had sinned, the man or his parents, that he was born blind? - how could the man have sinned before he was born blind, unless he'd had a previous life? In that instance, Jesus said it was neither, but the man was born blind so that the glory of God could be seen when Jesus restored his sight.
Unfortunately, Christendom, in the main, focused on the miracles reported in the New Testament, and did not, in the main, focus of the new ways Jesus taught people to live.

In 1995, my life at that time ended in an upheaval and I returned to my home town. An old friend told me a woman he had dated, whom I had known somewhat, wanted to tell me something. She called me and we met for lunch.
She said she'd had the surgery where her jaws were broken and then reconnected, to try to help her not have bad headaches. She was in great pain afterward. She was sitting on her couch in her living room on day, and I showed up out of nowhere and sat on the couch beside her and showed her how to do reflexology on her own hands and feet, which she did and her pain subsided.
I lived about 2,000 miles from her at the time, where I was doing something else entirely and what she told me was news to me. When I had known her earlier, I had done reflexology on her feet in person, to help her with a headache, and it had helped.
Apparently, it's possible for someone to be two places at once.
I understand from angels, they can be many places at once. They are not bound by speed of light travel limitations, either.
I have had a few ET encounters. They are different from angel encounters. I understand some ET races are very advanced and are close to being like angels, and it might be that Jesus came from such a race, but what I understand he was an incarnation of a very advanced soul, which had had many incarnations in the creation, as part of his own soul evolution and preparation to assist souls needing help.
For example:
Maybe 1992, my wife at that time and I were reading in bed. She came across Melchizedek in what she was reading and asked me if I knew anything about that? I said I recalled Melchizedek in the Bible was an eternal being in a man's body, who had dealings with Abraham. I asked my wife if she wanted me to try to get more information? She said, Yes.
We laid down our books, I stretched out flat on our bed, closed my eyes, and she started likely stroking my chest with her fingertips, which we had discovered would induce me into a trance and I would receive information. This time, though, nothing happened like it normally did. I asked her to keep stroking my chest. Then, I told her something was coming from very far away, from where nothing had come before.
Here is what I heard in segments, about 15 seconds apart:

Melchizedek ...

Melchizedek is an Order of Angel that comes to a planet in trouble ...

Melchizedek comes to a planet to prepare it to receive the Christ ...

Christ does not come to a planet without Melchizedek ...

Mary Magdalene was of the Order Melchizedek ...

That’s interesting about Melchizedek. He’s a mystery. Mary was his soulmate and she has been around that son of man in a few of his incarnations. She was also Moses’s flame and I’m betting the original Eve too since I believe Jesus was Adam. I’m not saying Jesus is an alien or even an angel, just a normal Adam but with the spirit born in him too. He was an angel only in the sense that he could go in and out of heaven whenever he liked and was able to commune with god on demand. So your friend says you were at her house but you were 2000 miles away? How did you do the work?
2000 miles is 3218.69 km

"How did you do the work?"
Not sure I understand that question.
The woman said I did it sitting on her sofa with her. I was a long way away doing whatever I was doing there, totally unaware of being with her in her living her. Perhaps it was an angel with her, posing as me? Angels can do that. Perhaps it was a part of me with her. I am pretty sure that also is possible, but not something I can do consciously.
It's my understanding that several Melchizedek are involved with this planet and are its custodians or guardians. One of them incarnated as Mary Magdalene. Even in the Gospels, it is clear Magdalene was special to Jesus. If she publicly washed his feet with her tears and hair and anointed his feel with precious ointment she perhaps could not afford, what do you suppose she washed and anointed him with when they were in private?
While the men disciples were hiding in fear for their lives, Magdalene and Jesus' mother and another woman found Jesus outside the tomb, and he told Magdalene to go to the men and tell them she had seen him and he would be with them soon. Jesus in the Gospels never did anything by happenstance. He sent Magdalene to the men to impress on them how how truly important she was to him and how every one of them, the men, had abandoned him.
Magdalene and Jesus were a team, on which also was Judas, the only other person Jesus trusted to participate in what was coming down. They talked privately about what was coming down, and the other disciples did not know of that.
I once was told by an Episcopal priest with a reputation for Christian scholarship, that Judas' mistake was killing himself, for had Judas lived, God would have done great things with Judas. I said, and then we may never have heard of Saul of Tarsus, who became Paul? The priest seemed at loss for words. In fact, in the Gospels Jesus appointed Judas in front of the others to be the betrayer, and as had been agreed privately, Judas complied. He was so distraught over playing that role, that he killed himself.
Now I know there is no way I can prove any of those alternative scenarios, but then, nobody can disprove any of them, either :-). It is not my invention, but was explained to me, and it made sense to me, and it has made sense to other people I have known.
What's most important, though, is how those people lived, the model they set for living in a really different way. Over and over, Jesus in the Gospels addressed human behavior and how it might change and people would change and get closer to God. Yet, I've lost count of the times Christians have told me works will not get people into heaven, only accepting Jesus gets people into heaven, and woe be to all the rest.
It was not to hear himself talk that Jesus in the Gospels said the road is steep and the gate to life is narrow and few enter through it, and many are called, but few are chosen.
Other spiritual traditions had similar themes. Anyone actually doing spiritual alchemy knows very well just how difficult and often very lonely that work is.

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