Wednesday, November 17, 2021

While Donald Trump's former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn calls for One Religion Under God in America, a lot of Americans and people elsewhere are concerned about spiritual matters foreign to Christendom

An elderly woman friend a generation above me told me a few times that she finds interesting what I post on Facebook. Yesterday, she said she didn't understand my recent posts. I chuckled, said they were written in plain English. She said they were really deep, she could not understand. I said maybe 2-3 billion people are interested in the topics I recently addressed. She said she is Catholic and it's foreign to her. I said it's foreign to Christendom. 

I did not think to mention I had read online earlier yesterday, that Donald Trump's former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had called for: “If we are going to have one nation under God, which we must, we have to have one religion. One nation under God, and one religion under God.” 

Christianity, I assumed. 

I  wondered how Flynn, Trump, Republicans, for example, would cotton to having to live and behave and think as Jesus in the Gospels taught people to live and behave and think? I wondered what Flynn, Trump, Republicans, for example, would deal with Jesus in the Gospels if he showed up in the U.S. Congress and did there what he did in the Gospels? I imagined they would kill him again.

Meanwhile, a whole lot of people are concerned about spiritual matters, which do not seem to interest most Christians.

More examples:

Posted online by u/OG_PapaSid
What if near-death experiences are really only awakening to realities where you survived?
Say you have a near-death experience, what if you actually died in the reality you were born into, but instead of dying you awake to a reality where you survived.
For instance, I had an accident about 2 years ago where an off road vehicle broke my arm. I've been thinking for a while now that I very well could have died in that accident, but instead of knowing that I died I just woke up in a reality where I broke my arm.
Does that make sense, has anyone thought about this or experienced something similar?
Things have been weird, it honestly feels like I'm in an artificial reality since the accident.

Although I've had many, many beyond human experiences, I can't say I ever had a near-death experience. I have experienced death and rebirth quite a few times. The fellow I was before it all began in my 45th year, early 1987, could not possibly imagine what lay ahead or who I am today. Along the way, I came across some tidbits here and there, such as I read a book written by someone I had come to think knew something.
In one part of the book, the author spoke of what John the Baptist was doing with people. It was known then that someone nearly being drowned caused what today is called a near-death experience and a spiritual shift. After Jesus was baptized by John, he went on to baptize people in fire and spirit, according to the Gospels, while he spoke of dying and being born again.
I read elsewhere an analysis of the part in the Gospel where Jesus was on the cross for only a few hours before two secret disciples Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea risked their lives by going to Pontius Pilot to ask permission to take Jesus down from the cross before sundown, when the Jewish Sabbath began. After taking Jesus down from the cross, Nicodemus and Joseph applied 100 weight of aloes and myrrh to Jesus's body and wrapped him in linen, and carried Jesus to Joseph's own tomb and laid him there and rolled a stone over the entrance to the tomb.
Now, I knew independently what the author of the book also noted, but I had not yet connected the dots. Aloe is a potent wound healer, myrrh dramatically raises the number of infection-fighting blood cells. Linen is a sterile bandage. The author asked why Nicodemus and Joseph would have done all of that, at huge risk to themselves, while the disciples famous in the Bible were off in hiding trying to not be killed? Unless, Jesus was not dead and they were trying to save his life? The author suggested Jesus had a near-death experience on the cross and/or later, was indeed visited by angels, told things, I imagined. Of course, that view is heresy in Christendom.
I think people today, who have near-death experiences, are given a chance to strike out in a new direction, become someone new, do different things, perhaps with some risks involved. If not physical threats, then having to deal with being someone else now, and family, friends, business, church, etc. associates scratching their heads and wondering if the returned from the dead actually even died, or has gone crazy, or whatever.

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