Monday, November 1, 2021

Spiritual Alchemy is supposed to hurt, be difficult - consider Jesus in the Gospels and others who took that road less traveled

A reply to my "My Spiritual Alchemy has been hard work for me and some people I know" post at Reddit.

If spiritual alchemy is ever easy it isn't being done properly. It's supposed to hurt, be difficult, and that is necessary if you intend to stretch yourself way past your own limits. My own has been difficult too. I don't know about the visionary aspects of your description but this does actually resonate a bit with me too.

Below is the post, followed by my reply to the reader:

Spiritual Alchemy has been really hard work for me and some people I know

My experience, and that of some other people I have known well, is spiritual alchemy (or soul alchemy) requires much introspection, which is easier said than done, as the ego can be quite selective. In my case, and in the case of a few other people I have known well, a fearless personal inventory required angels standing us before mirrors for long stretches of time, with frequent refresher courses. That was the core of the discipline, even as we were introduced to other aspects, including being advised, corrected, adjusted and even spanked ongoing in dreams, visions and internal sensations. As we progressed, we were given human interaction assignments, which tended to challenge the status quo, rock boats, etc. We were put to take increasingly serious personal risks. We were introduced to the "Dark Side of the Force," which the angels called Lucifer, and we found it inside and outside ourselves, and we had to come to terms with it internally and externally. We learned as above, so below, also meant, as below, so above, and what we saw around us reflected what was in us and in other dimensions: the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. It sometimes was spectacular, what we saw and heard, but mostly it was a lot of really hard work, and still is a lot of really hard work. We were steered away from "gurus". We had all we could say grace over trying to stay in the angels' good graces. Some of the angels' names: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Khamael, Melchizedek, Jesus. Of the people I know, I am the only one Kali took to task. Some of us, such as myself, had Christian upbringing, some of us did not. None of us attend church, yet we don't know when we are ever not in church.

Surprised you found that post, as it once was taken down by the moderators. You are correct, if spiritual alchemy is ever easy it isn't being done properly.

There are numerous "schools" and "practices". I have enjoyed Rumi's poetry, lore about St. Francis of Assisi and John of the Cross, and Kahlil Gibran. I enjoyed Yogananda's autobiography.

There are many others, who gave a run at "The Great Work", which, I figure you know is not about turning the metal lead into gold, but is about turning the lead in ourselves into spiritual Gold.

I outlined here how heaven-earth interface spiritual alchemy was presented by angels to me and a few people I met from time to time.

A COURSE IN MIRACLES is a steep way to do it, as well. Perhaps the best treatment of projection, ever. I think somewhere in it, the Course says all are called but few answer. I read it through after angels had started me on what they had in store. I knew a few people doing the Course, and they found it steep.

In the Gospels, Jesus called spiritual alchemy the baptism in fire and in spirit. He did not baptize people in water.

That's part of the post at my blog today. Here's a link: 

Here's a link to Part I of trilogy I wrote about spiritual alchemy, as I experienced it. At the end of Part I are links to Parts 2 and 3. Free reads.

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