Saturday, November 6, 2021

Until Republicans call in public for every last one of the mobsters who stormed the national Capitol to be shot dead for treason, and their leaders up to Donald Trump, they are part of the mob

Facebook rejected this below being boosted in America. An Alabama Republican then argued with me that the mob that stormed and breached the national Capitol was not a white mob, who blamed blacks for stealing the White House from Donald Trump in 2020.

Sloan Bashinsky
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I wonder if Democrats now wish they had run Joe Biden in 2016, instead of Hillary Clinton?
Let's not forget Trump got a lot of religious right votes in 2016, because he promised to appoint religious right judges to the U.S. Supreme Court and lower federal courts.
Let's not forget the Supreme Court today is very different from the Supreme Courts of the past.
Let's not forget the mob that attempted to keep Donald Trump in the White House on January 6 of this year, was a white mob, who were convinced blacks stole the election from Trump.
Let's not forget not one of those white mobsters, nor their white instigators, all the way up to Donald Trump, have been prosecuted for sedition, treason, etc.
Let's not forget most of the red spectrum believe even now blacks stole the White House from Trump in 2020.
Let's not forget the NRA is a right wing organization.
Let's not forget the NRA loves the red spectrum and vice versa.
Let's not pretend the right side of the spectrum will not use guns and grenades, bombs, rockets, etc., to defend their views.
I don't know if John Wick is right or left, red or blue, but he always wants more guns. I don't see the blue side of the spectrum thinking like Wick. I see the blue side thinking they can talk their way through these trying times.
I wonder if Democrats now wish they had run Joe Biden in 2016, instead of Hillary Clinton?

I wonder if they had allowed Bernie Sanders to have the nomination in 2016 or 2020 he might have beaten Trump the corporate class really manipulates the system now

Bernie would have beaten Trump, if the Hillaryites had voted for him.

Bette Jo
Unbelievably racist: a white mob who were convinced blacks stole the election from Trump! What is your citation for saying the mob claimed blacks stole the election? Not even Joy Reid alleges that.

Bette is right. The mob wasn’t all white by any means, and what have you got against guns?

Sloan Bashinsky
My apologies, this January 6 mob in the photos was ... well, sure looks all white to me. It's the Democrats who need to wake up to the right having lots more guns than they do. I have a very close Republican friend, who voted for Trump, and said that mob should all have been shot dead. He knows a bit about guns. US Army Special Forces combat veteran.

I watched lots of TV replays of the mob, it was a white mob, perhaps there was a few nonwhites. What I wonder is, how many dead Republicans voted once or twice or thrice? Gosh, Trump told North Carolina Republicans to mail in their vote and then vote in person in a state election. You see things differently, when you don't belong to either party.

I’m a Republican, not a Trumpist. I remember seeing lots of minorities in the mob (on TV). Dead Republicans don’t vote, whatever you believe. Get past DT, he’s not the future of the Republican Party, even if his policies are.

Sloan Bashinsky
Nor do dead Democrats vote, was my point. You belong to a party that has swallowed hell and is expanding. Try to fix that - just joking, it can't be fixed. The Dems have their own version. I'd love to see film footage of lots of minorities in the Jan 6 mob.

I don’t expect DT to be the Republican nominee in 2024. I do expect his policies to be the platform, especially after the Democrats double gas prices and increase taxes on everyone.

Sloan Bashinsky
How to you propose the federal government pays its debts and for all else, including corporate socialism, if it doesn't raise taxes? Don't know where some people learned arithmetic, but perhaps in Soviet Russia? DT swallowed the Republican Party like a barracuda swallows a mullet.

Maybe spend less and balance the budget. How about a little fiscal restraint?

Sloan Bashinsky
How much did Trump's wall cost? The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? The Trump tax cuts? The Trump spending during the covid pandemic? Good luck balancing the budget. How about eliminating tax deductions for donations to churches? Separation of church and state? 😀
Didn’t the homeless man Jesus in the Gospels tell a rich man, if he wanted to be perfect, then go and sell all that he owned and give the proceeds to the poor, and then return and follow Jesus? Didn’t the same Jesus revolt against the money changers in the temple? Didn’t he say to tender to Caesar what was Caesar’s, and to God was God’s? While you gripe about gasoline prices, the Republicans lead the charge in America to destroy the planet God allows them to live on, so far. The Democrats seem to think government should fix everything, however you are Republican and perhaps you should try fixing your side of the political spectrum, which needs plenty of fixing.

Never claimed Republicans had all the answers. There has to be a balance. The USA is cleaner now than it was 40 years ago. The real polluters are the developing nations including India, China, and Russia. You know this.
Democrats never saw a problem that they couldn’t throw money at…..

Sloan Bashinsky
Democrats like to spend money the government doesn’t have, and so do Republicans, but it looks different. The rich don't pay their fair share in taxes, accelerated depreciation, oil and mineral depletion allowances, government funding of religious schools, cheap overseas laborers and off shore profits dodge tax man better, outrageous medical and medicine prices(profits). Again, Republicans need to take Jesus’s advice and remove the beams from their own side’s eyes.

I agree that both parties need to look in the mirror. It’s interesting that Bill Clinton was the last President to balance the budget.

Sloan Bashinsky
As Joe Biden is wont to say, here's the deal. I am fed up with Republicans/MAGAs and their leaders pointing fingers at the Democrats, instead of at their own side, and the same applies to Democrats. In your case, until I see you calling in public, Facebook will do, for every last one of the mobsters who stormed the national Capitol to be shot dead, and their leaders, too, including Donald Trump, then you are one of them as far as I'm concerned.

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