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Is Kundalini rising a spiritual or genetic experience civilization squashed?

My cordial and interesting discussion with Demon-Blade in yesterday's Soul Alchemy, as opposed to ..., ended:

Thank you for your comments, Demon_Blade. I myself had to be dragged kicking and screaming much of the time through the ego resistance and sheer stupidity in myself by what I understood were angels, who are still very much on my case as I approach official dinosaur status - I'm 79. Little did I know what lay ahead for me when it suddenly began in early 1987, as I described earlier in this discussion thread. 
Speaking of snakes, here's a "parable" I lived with heaving heart, rivers of tears running out of my eyes and snot from my nose, in June 1995. 
the gift …
A sleeping man dreams he sees the back of a young yogi meditating in the lotus position. Before the young yogi appear two cobras, raised up, hoods flared. One cobra is pure white, the other pure black. Both beautiful. The white cobra says to the young yogi, “We came to you once before because you were innocent, and you knew we brought a gift and you believed you had to chose one of us and you chose me.” The black cobra says, “We come before you again because you now are wise.” The yogi, now very advanced in years, weeps, chooses them both. The sleeping man, now an old man, awakens, crying.

Demon-Blade later wrote:

You are welcome my friend. It is my duty to share wisdom when needed. Those willing to listen will hear.
Better not know now they never known at all.
Haha the same experience I have had . I have come to find out most call it a Kundalini awakening.
All is of one , our shadow and our light . All exist within understanding. Find balance , tune it with love.
It's beautiful to experience what this yogi has had. That moment it clicks and you are humbled to all.
Thank you for the reminder, namaste.

I don't know if I have had a Kundalini arousal/awakening.
In 1987 or the next year, I read Gopi Krishna's autobiographic report of his own spontaneous Kundalini arousal, which went up the left hand path? and nearly finished him off. Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man. As I recall Gopi's reporting, Yogis he consulted were not helpful. Finally, he found someone who did know something and made suggestions and Gopi was able using certain internal exercises to reroute the Kundalini up the correct passage -the right?, and he rode it out. In yogi circles, Kundalini is viewed as female, Shakti.
The second book I read a few years later was by a Christian contemplative, Philip St. Romain, who had a spontaneous Kundalini arousal, about which he wrote: Kundalini Energy and Christian Spirituality. Romain was having a hard time and read some books and figured out what was going on and used some internal exercises he'd read to help the process along. He concluded the Kundalini is not a supernatural but is a suprahuman experience, which leaves someone substantially changed.
Not long after, I read some of the writings of Joseph Chilton Pearce, who, after his work with child development and books about that and other matters, took up with the yogi Muktananda, whose autobiography I also read, which includes some of his experiences with spontaneous Kundalini arousal. I personally knew several of Muktananda's American students, who said he was having sex with young women in his ashram. 
Muktananda wrote I think in his autobiography that he had thought he was pretty hot stuff - advanced yogi - until a real yogi did something that woke up the Kundalini in Muktananda, and then the fun began. Muktananda and perhaps other yogis followed suit and were delivering "shaktipat" to their students to awaken the Kundalini in them. I knew several of those students pretty well in America, and they were struggling.
Anyway, Pearce wrote that the Kundalini is a natural phenomenon in all people, which in olden times rose naturally with long used rites of passage into adulthood. But as civilized views took over, the rites of passage were hindered, damaged or squashed flat, and the Kundalini stopped rising naturally in most people. Pearce was trying to change education methods and other ways of raising children to allow them to experience natural Kundalini arousal.
I read elsewhere, can't now recall the source, that it was noticed that kundalini arousal had caused contorted body postures and that led to the development of hatha yoga to try to cause Kundalini arousal. I did hatha yoga for years, and while it was excellent exercise, as was tai chi, I didn't experience a Kundalini arousal. Nor afterward, in all the many varied and often really wild internal experiences. did I seem to experience it.
I read another book in the early 1990s by U.G. Krisnamurti, different from Jiddu Krishnamurti. Also India native, U.G. described his search, including meeting Jiddu and they talked and U.G. told Jiddu he thought he had seen but not tasted the sugar. U.G. later moved to England, where out of the blue he had a most unusual, as he described it, opening all all seven chakras, one at a time, bottom upward, with clearly visible physical distortions at each chakra. After which, his mind only worked when somebody or something came along that required his mind to work. People came from here and there to meet and talk with U.G., and he told them all what had happened to him was unique and he had nothing to offer them. Yet, he wrote some more books about the topic. Maybe he needed money?
The journey I'm on is very interactive with the human world, and with the spirit world. I once was shown, by angels I figured, internal exercises to do with my eyes closed, in which phenomena came and I embraced them, and then things happened inside and outside of me, most of it was quite spectacular and emotionally moving. That all ended with the advent of the black night of the soul in 1997, which lasted 16 months and began lifting when I moved on from the poor woman who had the bad luck to be with me when it descended upon me, leaving me feeling like half my brain or half my soul had died.
During the black night, I remained mostly aware, but was so screwed up and thought by most people to be insane, that I seldom talked about what I saw going on around me and inside of me. One friend kept having dreams about me, which showed me I was not in as bad a shape as I felt. Yet every morning, I spent about 4 hours plotting how I would kill myself the next day. Having done that exercise, I relaxed and endured the rest of the day, knowing it was my last. The next morning, the same process, arriving at the same exact way of killing myself the next day- slit my wrists with my Swiss Army knife. For nearly 16 months, that went on. Then, I left that woman, stuff started happening internally and externally, and I slowly was pull out of it.
Did I feel enlightened after that and a 4-year dark night in the early 1990s? Nope. Did things get better? Nope. 
Then began internal healing and other commotion caused by angels, accompanied by my being provided a new female companion, who, gosh, got her views of just about everything rearranged by what was happening to me and to her. Some of it inside of me was so terrifying that I had to have someone with me to endure it. That went on about six months. Then, a different kind of malaise, physical, came, and that went on about 6 months. Dreams became really important - again. It got a little better, and yet another woman was provided as a companion. The angels took her through it super fast and she emerged very wide awake and a fully operational shaman. Then, we had some very unusual experiences with angels and Jesus and Melchizedek, and we ran out of money and that led to our parting ways.
I started living on the street here and there, as I was fully aware, I thought, and oh my did I feel like as stranger in a strange land, and still do, although I have one male friend half my age the angels are putting through a warp speed change, and it is not much fun for him. I had a male friend after the back night, who also got put through it, but it seemed to be too much for him and he got really mad at me over something I heard and was told to tell him, and he went his own way and I am pretty sure he crossed over a few years later.
For him, me, the two women and yet two later women companions (one at a time), and this newer younger male friend, the core of the alchemy is dealing with what the human world provides for us to deal with and using our training and what the angels tell us to navigate it. That is the engine for all the rest. It resembles this and that I have read here and there, but the closest thing to it I have seen is how it went for Jesus in the Gospels and for his disciples after he moved on. Perhaps that's due to my Christian upbringing. Then, there is A Course in Miracles, which I read in 1999, but did not use because I seemed to be embarked on an angel-designed course in mirrors. The core of ACIM is projection and not reacting to anything that punches our buttons.

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