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It is very easy for people to lose part or all of their soul to something else - consider Donald Trump, MAGAs and most Republicans

I reposted yesterday's How many Republicans still have souls? into an online spirituality group. There were several replies, then came this reply:

Hey, thanks for contributing to /r/spirituality. Unfortunately, your post was removed as it violates our rules: We reserve the right to remove posts that serve no purpose to spiritual development. Such as conspiracy theories, "anyone felt that?" generic posts, encouraging bad behavior, etc. Please read the sidebar before posting again. If you have questions or concerns, please [message the moderators through modmail]. Thank you!

I was able to capture the earlier replies.

All of them 
Fixating on division will never bring contentment There are good Republicans; there are bad Republicans; there are neutral Republicans. Politics shows how ugly people are. I’d rather focus on the shit we all have in common

People do not have a separate soul. People are unconscious. This means they do not know what they are or what they do. We are all an extension of god no matter what we believe or how we behave.

All of them have souls. If there are people walking this earth that are not deluded in some way you could probably count them on one hand.

Everyone has a soul no matter what belief or Political stance they have.

Not much use bringing in political parties and affiliations into spiritual matters, especially given the political culture of the USA.

How many dichotomies wind up in bloodshed? 
Politicians in general do not have souls

Me, in retrospect:

Every human being has a soul, regardless of what he/she thinks, believes, says, does or does not do. A soul existed before it became a human, and it exists afterward. A soul emanated out of what I grew up calling God. A soul has many experiences on this world and elsewhere. A soul is hardly confined to its human body, but it resides with/in it during a lifetime, unless ...

Unless something happens to change that ...

The horrible black night I experienced for 16 months in 1997-98 began with detachment of my soul from the rest of me, the human. I felt it happen in stages. Each stage was absolutely terrifying and lasted about one minute. it happened 4 times in one day. Like I was in a giant earthquake, but it was inside of me. I felt great the next day. When I woke the following day, I felt as if half of my brain had died, or had had a stroke. I could still think okay, but I was under a great depressive weight in my mind and being. It was terrifying and there was nothing I could do about it. I had only three dreams during that time, which left me hoping God had not abandoned me completely. A good friend, who had worked for my father's company, had several dreams during that time, which indicated I was not in as bad of shape as I felt. 

The black night began to lift after I separated from the woman I then was with. Before the separation, her back had gone out. A chiropractor was no help. Muscle relaxants were no help. A neurosurgeon told her to stay in bed, under traction. I waited on her hand and foot. She left the bed only to use the toilet and bathe. About two weeks of that, she screamed one day, "What's wrong with my back?!!!?" I felt terrible for her, and helpless. I sat on the edge of the bed and said, "I think we don't suit each other; it's nobody's fault." She said she thought I was right. The next day, her back was normal. As if nothing had happened. 

My dreams returned. Angels began resurrecting me, so to speak, from the black night. The resurrection had many phases. Each phase was very rough. Then, one night I was told my soul would be reattached, and that took the rest of the night, as I felt weird stuff happening inside me and saw surreal images in my dreams. Then, came more resurrecting, also very rough. Then, came very rough training in discernment of spirits, in myself, in other people, and in spirit. I very definitely met the Devil inside of me. It was no fun, and sometimes it was terrifying.

Then came further trials, tests and work assignments, in which I ongoing engaged people and their souls and spirits of which they were not aware, which were influencing them. The engagements were human. I did not travel around in spirit realms like traditional shamans do. I engaged everything in 3-D, when I was awake, and in my dreams, when I was asleep. During my sleep, I received instructions in dreams regarding what I was engaging when I was awake. I was advised for or against this and that action. I was corrected, sometimes sharply, when I missed the mark in human time. Some of the corrections were terrifying. That still happens,

As part of that process, I was steered into local politics where I then lived. I ran many times for local office as an Independent. I participated in lots of candidate forums. I often was interviewed by local media. I blogged daily about all of it. My perspective and what I said in public forums was always different from other candidates. I was totally out of the box on everything. I was the "minority report". I came away from all of it with the view that politics is really screwed up and political parties are secular religions that can be likened to cults.  

So, it was from that history and experience that I published yesterday's How many Republicans still have souls? post at this blog.

For it is very easy for a person to lose part or all of his/her soul to something else. 

In Nazi Germany, Adolph Hitler and his top aides knowingly made deals with a powerful demon, which enhanced them and that's how they gained so much power in Germany at that time, coupled with the demon infiltrating the masses and most Germans. For making a conscious deal with the demon, Hitler and his top aides gave their souls to that demon, and how that went for then in the afterlife, your guess is as good as mine. As for the German masses, and the German military, their deal with the devil was more subtle, as they did not know about the demon, but they got into lockstep, in the main, with Hitler and his top aides, thus with the demon. They became infiltrated by the demon, and the rest of their human lives was a struggle to reclaim their soul, or not reclaim it. How it went for the in the afterlife, your guess is as good as mine.

I matters not today what news media or social media or blogs or whatever people follow online or on TV or radio on in church or wherever. There are oceans of evidence that, in the main, Donald Trump has taken over the Republican Party, if not formally, then de facto. Look at how Republicans vote in Congress. Look at how Republicans hold forth on FOX News. Look at how Republican candidates, in the main, hold forth. Look at how MAGAs hold forth. Look at how Republicans who are not MAGAs, in the main, hold forth on social media. 

Donald Trump has infiltrated most Republicans and all MAGAs, and what has infiltrated Donald Trump is gaining increasing purchase and traction in those Republicans, whether they realize it or not. The MAGAs are far more deeply infiltrated by what has taken up residence in Donald Trump. Thus, are all of their souls infiltrated and taken over by that something, whether they know it or not. They all will learn about in the afterlife, if they don't get woken up to it in this life. As for how that goes for them, your guess is as good as mine.

This is above has nothing to do with the Democrats, who have their own very serious spiritual challenges. This above has to do with the very grave similarity between what happened in Germany to what now is happening in America. People who delve into spirituality should know about such things, but it has been my experience that few do. Church people should know about such things, but it seems most of them don't.

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