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World-wide statistics suggest President Trump was right about letting the coronavirus wash over America and create herd immunity, and he was right about hydroxychloroquine and zinc being a cure, but he abandoned science and God and joined the disbelieving herds

Last spring, I read online that President Trump had asked Dr. Fauci if the coronavirous could not be allowed to wash over America and herd immunity developed? Dr. Fauci replied that a lot of people would die. This morning, I found this April 14 article.


During a coronavirus task force meeting in the Situation Room last month, on the same day Trump ordered travel to be suspended from the United Kingdom and Ireland in an effort to stem the spread of the virus, Trump reportedly asked Fauci, “Why don’t we let this wash over the country?”

Two anonymous sources familiar with the president’s comments confirmed the question to the newspaper.

Trump was reportedly also seeking to understand why “herd immunity” to the coronavirus had been rejected. Herd immunity occurs when a large amount of the population becomes immune either through infection and recovery or inoculation. 

“Mr. President, many people would die,” Fauci reportedly responded to the president’s question.

The Washington Post reported that Fauci initially did not understand what the president meant by “wash over” but was then reportedly alarmed.

The Washington Post also reported that six doctors who serve within the Trump administration have started holding their own meetings to discuss public health and medical questions nearly every day, including Fauci, Deborah Birx, Surgeon General Jerome Adams, Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Stephen Hahn and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Robert Redfield.

The group was reportedly formed after some of the doctors became frustrated with what the paper referred to as “voodoo” — such as Trump's push for the use of hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malaria drug, as a possible treatment for coronavirus — in larger meetings for the coronavirus response. 

President Trump apparently had received the letter below, as Sean Hannity then read it to a skeptical Vice-President Mike Pence on Hannity's FOX show, after which Hannity interviewed Dr. Zelekno. Then, the witch hunts began against President Trump, Dr. Zelenko and hydroxychloroquine.

I learned of Dr. Zelenko from Sancho Panza, who views Dr. Fauci as the Devil, even though Sancho is not religious. Perhaps because Sancho is a technologies scientist, he is more able to sift through and assess coronavirus statistics?

From Sancho:

Subject: Are you human dry tinder? COVID-19: FINALLY THE TRUTH!?

For those of you with a penchant for graphs and data, this is your video! I like this comment from a viewer:

"Herd Immunity is critically important in all Flu outbreaks. In order to build up an Immunity you need to have people exposed to the "Vitus". Most people are exposed to it and don't have any ill effects or very mild effects. It is always the older and infirm who have the problem of immunity because their immune system is weakened and not strong enough fight off the virus. However there are medications available to be used as a prophylactic against the virus and preserves their lives. Unfortunately the Politicians and those who want Socialism throughout the entire world have gained a position of perceived Power and inundate us with FALSE information to frighten us into compliance with their program to destroy our Economies and Lifestyles. Keep the masses in a panic and it is easy to control them."

Also from Sancho:
I actually went ahead and checked one of the graphs in the video by looking up its source and found it to be legitimate and comprehensive see 2 links below, specially the last one on Covid-19 treatments:

This is also very interesting from the same Swiss study:

Trump should fire Fauci and his FDA director and hire you to replace them.

The first two reports support Trump asking Fauci early on if the coronavirus could not be allowed to wash over America and get it over with?

The third report supports Zelenko and related simple, effective early-stage treatment cures.

In sum. the China virus induced mass paranoia psychosis and caused immense damage to all layers of society.

Here is the Worldwide "Covid-nometer" that keeps track of the China Plague by countries, etc.! I take this data with a grain of salt as many countries maybe under-reporting or not doing that much testing! Our death rate keeps dropping, which is good news! EmojiEmojiEmoji

I think death rate keeps dropping because the underground telegraph is using cures and preventatives that work and the medical complex has learned better ways of helping patients that make it to the hospital stage. 

However, this all would be a very different narrative if Dr. Zelenko's early-stage cure was made widely available after Trump found out about it in late March. I can imagine God shaking His, or Her, head in utter astonishment over how Dr. Zelenko and his cure were flushed down the toilet by the Democrats, most of mainstream media, Fauci, CDC, NIH, WHO, FDA, the medical deep state, Lancet, and, based on my Facebook experiences, a majority of Republicans. Certainly not one nation, under God, in that venue. Alas, Trump ended up going with those herds, instead of with science and God.

BTW... Dr. Zelenko may have been one of the first to stick his neck out on the clinical use of the HCQ/Zinc/Z-pak  protocol but he wasn't the one that "discover" it or even the only one using it at the time; the problem was/is that the left wing biased, MSM went after HCQ when Trump and Fox News begin touting HCQ as an effective treatment for Covid-19 ... then, Big Pharma got into it with the Fake Lancet report and the FDA used that excuse to stop HCQ from being prescribed by primary care MD's as an off-label drug! That's the real evil conspiracy... Trump knows NOTHING about this subject and unfortunately he hasn't really been making good choices in a lot of the "experts" he has picked to advice him... plus remember that when this thing first came out, nobody  was sure how deadly or contagious it would be, as some of the modeling, at the time, were predicting millions of death in the USA... Fauci was supposed to be the American Subject Matter Expert on pandemics and he pretty much wanted to shut down the country until a vaccine was found.

Fauci was also the one, as you remember, that immediately became the darling of the Left when he went public criticizing Trump's use of HCQ on himself, right after that the Lancet report came out and HCQ as a cure, was dead in the water!  Everyday that goes by I am more and more satisfied that I voted for Trump in 2016, because, exactly what I proposed to you back then  has taken place... look at all the hypocrisy and insanity that has been revealed... all our institutions are basically fraudulent and corrupt, the News Media is fraudulent and corrupt and insanity is rampant at all levels of society... that's the truth a Trump Presidency has revealed!  

 Here is the probable genesis of the Zelenko protocol:

The efficacy of HCQ against SARS coronaviruses was established in 2005 in the wake of the SARS-1 epidemic. The efficacy of zinc in blocking RNA replication of coronaviruses was discovered in 2010 by world-leading SARS virologist Ralph Baric. The efficacy of HCQ in supporting the cellular uptake of zinc was discovered in 2014 as part of cancer research. The efficacy of the flavonoid quercetin in supporting the cellular uptake of zinc was also discovered in 2014. The efficacy of bromhexine in blocking cell entry of coronaviruses was established in 2017.

Looks to me Dr. Zelenko researched what was out there and put together a protocol he hoped would work and he used it on his own at-risk patients and found it did work and he wrote his letter, and God was behind it and the rest is history.

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