Sunday, September 13, 2020

Do President Trump and his base not like face masks because they have cheap, fast coronavirus cure liberal media, Democrats, Dr. Fauci and deep medical state reject?

Yesterday morning, I played chess in a city park with a black Baptist pastor friend, whose country church physically closed early this year and he went to sending emails, talking on the phone with and texting his parishioners. He wiped down the picnic table with disinfectant and we wore face masks. He is strongly pro-Biden/Harris and cannot stand Donald Trump. Nor can I stand Trump, but  am not convinced Joe Biden will make a good president. Perhaps Kamala Harris will. I think Biden would have been insane to pick a white girl for his running mate.

While we played and the pastor won most of the games, some by skill, others by my stupidity, I said there is a quick, safe, relatively cheap cure for coronavirus, IF it is taken when symptoms first develop: quercetin and zinc. When I said hydroxychloroquine can be used instead of zinc, the pastor recoiled. I said, rejecting hydroxychloroquine just because President Trump and Sean Hannity promoted it changed Trump Derangement Syndrome to Trump Derangement Insanity.

I explained that hydroxychoroquine and quercetin both transport zinc into body cells, where zinc stops coronavirus from reproducing. I told the pastor that I would email him a description of how to take the cure to prevent and treat coronavirus, which he could share with his parishioners and they could safely go about living and their church could safely reopen. 

Below is the text of the email. The parts in bold were added by me for today’s post, after dreams last night, including being scolded by an old M.D. friend, who was an internist and a psychiatrist before he contracted M.S. and turned to natural healing and looking in the mirror at himself, indicated I had not told enough of the story.

Re: quick, safe, non-prescription early-stage coronavirus cure


All of this below can be obtained online without doctor's prescription.



zinc sulfate, gluconate or pincolinate

vitamin C

Breathe (EU Natural)


quercetin is made from plants, it transports zinc into body cells, where zinc chemically inhibits coronovirus replication and defeats the virus quickly.


C assists quercetin and zinc and immune system.


Breathe is a natural ingredients ventilator.


Daily, take 25 mg zinc and 500 mg C and for a few days take 500 mg quercetin, then reduce quercetin to 500 mg every 3 or so days.


This preventive protocol is to make your body ready to fight coronovirus immediately if you become infected. This preventive protocol might keep you from even becoming infected. I have done the preventive protocol for 6 weeks and have no side effects. 


You can buy a quercetin-zinc supplement at Walmart, but it might be too weak, yet that Walmart carries it shows that combo is well-known. Doctors have long known zinc helps fight colds and flu. A symptom of zinc deficiency is loss of taste and smell, which is also a symptom of latter-stage coronavirus.


If you start having coronavirus symptoms, such shortness of breath, fever, intestinal disturbance, sore throat, runny nose, loss of taste or smell, immediately increase daily dosage to 225 mg zinc, 1000mg C, 1000 mg quercetin and 1000 mg Breathe, until symptoms are gone, or for 10 days. Do not wait to see a doctor, which will give the virus a head start and you could end up in ER room and ICU, and suffer lung, heart and other organ damage, or die. This treatment protocol is to nip coronavirus in the bud, save you starring in "M*A*S*H 2020".


I recently was told in my sleep that this is a good treatment protocol. (I get information in dreams day and night about many things I deal with). I read several times online about quercetin and zinc killing corona virus, and of doctors giving coronavirus patients large infusions of vitamin C, but not prescribing quercetin and zinc. Zinc is the key, quercetin gets zinc into body cells, coronavirus cannot reproduce in zinc environment.


Hydroxychloroquine has same transport effect on zinc, but requires a prescription and there has been so much uproar about hydroxychloroquine being ineffective and dangerous, that many doctors won't prescribe it, even though they know hydroxychloroquine has been given to millions of people daily for decades to treat malaria, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. That is ignored in the reports attacking hydroxychloroquine to treat coronovirus, and those reports do not mention zinc, which makes the reports shams. 


Pharmacy companies can't make a lot of money off something already available that cures coronavirus in the early stage of infection, or even prevents the infection occurring. If hydroxychloroquine and zinc, or quercetin and zinc, had been freely available early this year, America could have remained open, because anyone who developed symptoms could have been cured quickly and the hospitals would not have been overrun, and businesses, schools, churches, civic clubs, sports programs, governments, etc. could have kept functioning. 


Even now, querceting and zinc, or hydorxychlorquine and zinc, make it safe to reopen all of the above, but convincing people of that is a steep climb when Dr. Fauci, CDC, NIH, FDA, Big Pharm, the Democrats, Facebook, Twitter, Google and most news media, except for FOX, are saying those cures are not scientific, they have not had long trials proving they work against coronavirus, but neither will any new vaccine have those long trials, and those vaccines could have yet unknown unpleasant or deadly side effects, while making Big Pharma billion$.


The person with the most clout to cause quercetin or hydroxychloroquine and zinc save America is Donald Trump, but he seems a lot fonder of getting reelected, than of risking pubic storms for not being scientific, even though there are doctors, including Trump's own, who are prescribing hyrdoxychloriquine and zinc for coronavirus. 


Trump learned of the hydroxychloroquine-zinc cure from a New York State Orthodox Jew Family Practitioner, see Vladimir Zelenko’s March 23, 2020 letter last below. Trump then touted hydroxychloroquine as a possible miracle. Sean Hannity read Dr. Zelenko’s letter to a skeptical Mike Pence on Hannity’s FOX show. Hannity then interviewed Dr Zelenko. Then, the witch hunts began against President Trump, Dr. Zelenko and hydroxychloroquine. Dr. Zelenko doubled down and said withholding the cure he had developed was a crime against humanity. When members of Trump’s staff tested positive for coronavirus, Trump’s doctor prescribed hydroxychloroquine for Trump to take with zinc, to prevent Trump catching coronavirus.


The FDA director, whom Trump had appointed, granted emergency permission to treat coronavirus with hydroxychloroquine. Time passed, the witch hunts continued. The FDA Director removed hydroxychloroquine from the approved emergency use list. Trump, who had fired every appointee who displeased him, did not fire his FDA director. Dr. Zelenko announced that 1000 mg quercetinc a day could be used instead of quercetin to transport zinc into body cells.


During the Republican National Convention, Trump said he still liked hydroxychloroquine with zinc. His base understood they should use that cure regardless of what the Democrats, Dr. Fauci, FDA, CDC, NIH, WHO, Big Pharma, Facebook, Twitter, Google and the liberal news media were saying.


It looks to me that Trump winked to his base that Trump Derangement Syndrome has so poisoned Democrats against hydroxychloroquine and Dr. Zelenko, who was inspired by God to develop his early stage cure, that many Democrats prefer to die than use Dr. Zelenko’s cure.


It looks to me that many Democrats prefer to cede the country to Trump and his base, who are using Dr. Zelenko’s cure and do not fear the coronavirus. Perhaps that’s why Trump and his base are so against face masks. Perhaps that's why they and President Trump are so adamant that America should reopen in all ways. Perhaps they hope a lot of Democrats catch coronavirus and die and go to hell. Based on what I see daily on Facebook, that's how many Trump backers feel about Democrats.


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